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January 11, 2005

Worst and Best evil.com of 2004

We'll hit the worst first, it seems right.  Credit is given to the first person who made an entry for the page. Promptness counts kids.

Worst Post for 2004

Raul's Covering for Us While We're Out - First suggested by Ronnie

Raul's posts are the most controversial.  You'll note he made honorable mention on the best list as well. While we're not sure what to do with the little guy all the time ourselves, many of you really hate his taking over for us.  We're going to have to figure this one out before Spring break. 

Dis-Honorable Mention

Tech Rants

    Again a split vote, no pleasing some folks.

Late Rants  

What do you know.  We hate these too.  But sometimes, life gets in the way.

Best Post for 2004

Support our Troops - Jeromy (Loopy)

Late in the year this post was one of the most popular, and really was just filler that got out of control (kind of like the whole site really.) A summing up of a lot of things we had been thinking. We like to think it you chose it because it really was good, but fear it might be that most of our readers are too lazy to look much further back in the archives.

Honorable Mention


Insane pseudo-hottie makes news when she spits. We couldn't write fiction this good.

Job Growth

Bush needs a math tutor (and a reading tutor, and an ethics tutor...)

HP Printer Rant

    Arrrgggghhh!  We still burn.

The Bush Rants

 Many different pages, too much to ignore so we just picked one.  In general the guy just feeds The Daily Show with every public appearance. 

12 days of Christmas

    You guys really like the hidden lists things...

Daylight savings

    We feed on the gullibility of others.

The Corrupted Martini

    Life is too short for things done improperly.

Fear and Ignorance Wins

    Four more years.  Counting the days...



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