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You guys are like "the Onion" for people who don't like to read that much!


That's high praise indeed!

  WWJLD (What Would John Lennon Do?) - Barb Dwyer  

We're kind of fond of WWJCD
(What Would Johnny Carson Do?)

  You guys are either incrredibly awesome or incredibly sick either way is kool. - Dave Miller  

Can't we just be a big lump of salty goodness?
Is that too much to ask?

  You're a sick man…confused at best. - Kevin Jones  

Oh sure, like Jones is your real name...

  Reminds me of one of my favorite nutcase-ravings. - Bob Lagier  

Didn't you used to hang out
with Laura Palmer?


this site kicks ass and you r wicked for making it see you around nikki williamson (sexy bitch (kidding))


We knew a girl named nikki, who hung
out in hotels reading magazines?  Any relation?




Hey, the front page still has yesterday's date on it! -


Maybe in your time zone Jules...


This site is fuxin' funny as hell, why couldn't I have found it sooner? Sean Murphy


Fuxin' right Sean!


Congratulations, you made the school bookmark list. Twenty-four times.  Psi 'Sushi


Only 24?
  Oh, probably not the list we're thinking of...


Hey, the front page has tomorrow's date on it! -


Maybe in your time zone Vern...


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