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June 10, 2004


When we order a Martini, don't you lameass bartenders or waiters  dare ask "vodka or gin?" You're only going to get a pissy lecture in return. Listen cause we're only going to say this once. The Martini is a gin drink, regardless of all the wussy morons who try to convince themselves that using that tasteless vodka (or worse, flavored vodka!) with vermouth still means they're drinking a Martini. If you want a vodka Martini, you ask for a vodka Martini because it's not a Martini.  Is that simple enough for you?

And don't even get us started on Olives vs. Lemon Twists or we're going to have to come over there and get physical.

  And no, you don't shake the damn drink, no matter what James Bond says.  It's stirred, unless you're using crap gin, because shaking adds bubbles that spoil the flavor of good gin.

There, another thing they didn't teach you in school. Certainly more useful than all that isosceles triangles stuff.


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