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Concepts and Constants

Insights into the workings of E.C

Truth and lies We lie to you.  Get used to it.  Of course, we're in good company.  Your parents lie to you to protect you.  Your school lies to you to help you conform.  Your employer lies to you to make you feel appreciated and have good productivity. Your government lies to you so you'll keep them in power. Your friends lie to you so you will like them.  Your lovers lie to you so you won't leave them. 

We only lie to you to entertain you.  And of course, because you want us to.

Linking to Evil.Com
Evil.com is a private endeavor, done for our own amusement.  We do not solicit links, we do not register with search engines, we do not advertise our existence.  You are here on your own accord, for whatever reason, and have invited yourself to listen to our ramblings.  You were not invited, you have no right or sway over our content.  If you don't like it here, go away.  We won't give permission to link to us, you must take it on your own to do so without our blessing.
Links We don't show you our links everywhere, only a very few of them.  We hate those ugly blue text runs.  Yes, we know we could make them different colors, but they still stand out against readability.  So we hide them.  And you like it. Because it makes it all like some magical treasure hunt, right? OK, maybe not. But you should know by now that E.C isn't about accessibility or pandering to the stupid.  Pandering... hah!  We're pleased when stupid people walk in and bump their heads and then whine about it.  Maybe they'll get tired and go away.

On Flash and other "snazzy" web technologies...

Evil.Com is engineered for two things; quick and universal access.  We regularly test e.c on any number of Internet devices, from weird Mac browsers to hand held wireless browsers.  We want Evil accessible to anyone at any time. Flash is slow and not universal. And frankly, we're sick to death of all the pierced and tattoo'd "web designers" who charge Mr. Dumass big bucks to jam Flash into web pages for dumb stuff like menus and pointless flying animations.  Gag us with a hamster dance.  If you want that kind of crap, head over to disney.com with the rest of your ilk. 

On Updates

The front page gets updated daily.  Except when we forget.  But when we forget, we make up the date so you'll have to pay attention to catch us forgetting, and when you do we won't really care because we already told you the "truth".

We update the drooling pages whenever the bucket gets full.  That's usually after a hundred or so "meaningful" entries. OK, maybe after a couple thousand or so entries that we get down to a couple hundred.  Numbers keep going up, we keep getting behind.  It's kid of like the National debt.  Yeah, we answer the drools one at a time, taking no more time to compose our answers than it takes to read the comments.  Oh, you could tell that already?  Good.

We update the lies when we feel like it.

We don't update the static much.  That's why it's called static. Well, kinda... there's lots of reasons why it's called static, but we're not going to tell you all of them.

On law

If you tell us you're doing something illegal and vile, we'll probably forward everything to the FBI.  What could be more evil than that?  Seriously, do you think we're your friends you twisted freak?


We're not political.  Really.  We believe that the worst thing you can be is be identified as a member of one party or the other.  It stratifies you, sets expectations, really diminishes you as a person.  Those who throw themselves into it, Rush comes to mind, are henceforth lessened by association.  So we're sincere when we say that the Republicans are usually hateful, poor spellers and speakers, narrow minded, selfish and judgmental.  But Democrats are reactionary, overly protective, oversexed, whimsical, and generally poor leaders.  The important thing to think about is "who would you rather party with?"  Hey, they're called parties after all!

Do remember to vote!

why "we get it"

Many sites coddle their visitors, because the bulk of humanity is "not too swift." By now you know this site isn't about coddling anyone. We're happy if you're confused, because dumb folks will get tired and go away.  We get the joke, if you don't get the joke you don't belong here so go away.  Much love, E.

Apple Vs. Windows

Get over it.  We will ridicule who and what we want because it deserves it, not because we're fawning fans of Steve or Bill.  Apple folks, you set yourselves up by being ridiculous.  Windows is less exciting than the Mac, but more dependable.  Apple is definitely more sexy, if we're still allowed to say that about technology.   However, defending one or the other like it's some kind of sports team, or worse religion, is simply fodder for our cannon.

is there more to come on this page? yup

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