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January 1, 2004

New Years Day

Raul is answering questions. 

Dear Raul, Do you have any Christmas traditions? For example, do you drink eggnog until you pass out? Do you leave cookies and tea for Santa? Or do you just work until reaching exhaustion, knowing you'll get nothing but coal in your stocking? Beck Ryan

I do like the Christmas traditions about food.  These are the samples they give out in the food stores mostly. I also like the TV with all of the little people made out of clay. They are on late so I can watch them.

Raul, I was wondering: do acapnotic people scare you? I am a devout acapnotic, as well as a philologer and professional accubator, so this question has special significance. Angel Ofdark

I am starting to be getting afraid.

Dear Raul: A pirate walks into a bar, and he's got a steering wheel attached to his crotch. The bartender asks "Gee, Mr. Pirate sir, why do you have a steering wheel attached to your crotch?" and the pirate says "ARRRRR it's driving me nuts!!" hahahaha get it?

Yes I can see how that would bother someone.

Dear Raul, How has Japan evolved and utilized capitolism in the past century? Eben

Can we talk more about the pirates with car parts?

Raul, who are you going to kiss at midnight for New Year's??? Nicci

I was alone with the corgi dogs and they were sleeping. 

"Ok... I have a question... I have a girlfriend, and my friend
Jessica wants me to also have a boyfriend. I think it is kind of wrong to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend. But she says it isn't. Do you also think I should have a boyfriend, or do you think it is wrong?" Britney McDonald

I did not understand the question, it made me cross eyes again.

Darkness fills my sight, Darkness becomes my fear, in the Darkness I am called to live, and in the Darkness shall I die. Crown

Buy a flashlight?  Was that a riddle?  It sounded like a riddle.

hello raul, how old are you? AceGT09

My mother said she was older than her teeth.  That always made me laugh.  I am that. And I am older than my shoes.  Ha ha.

Raul how was your x-mas? You never told me why Nalani wanted to put you in jail, so if you could pleas tell me that would be great. It would also be great if you could tell me how to get in touch with this carzy person Nalani so that we can mack sweet monky love together Nick

The Misters E said I should not let Nalani know anything about me because the police would come and take me away.  Last time they told me that the police did come and we had to talk.  That is not a good way to spend your afternoon.

That is all for today.  I am up late with the Clark man who never gets any older. There is also a Jessica girl who smiles too much. I think she is not a nice person in real.



Note: Raul will be managing the site on the 30th through the 3rd or there abouts. He'll be answering SOME questions while we're gone, but not all.  So you can go to his feedback page and enter it now and he'll answer a few each day while we're out.  

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