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Im so clever, look what I did!  What is the serious significance to the world map?  Im confused.  This is a real good site, jst so u know.  -Damien Turner, age 15, Damien is my name and please, no son of De-vil stuff.   yes folks, it's Damien, son of Mink De-Vil   (nobody else is going to get that but it cracks us up.)
I started to read House of Leaves and im at the part where Navidson went in the Hallway and the penny, and i think the book is really cool! I think that book should so be the offical book of this site!--Maigan   HoL is indeed cool, but the official book of evil.com is The Final Programme by Michael Moorcock - JC RULES!
I want pie (prefiribley apple) -the generic man more proof that we don't mess with your spelling at evil.com
No I will not come up with something clever, I will say what has been said many a time before: O'doyle rules   very clever
I was lost but now i found this site im in bliss bless you. Thomas Belanger   bliss bless you too
You rock, mister funny evil.com guy!!!! hee hee, we love it when you use all those !'s
 - tell me how to be evilSelect this text - Type something - Add your name - Press Submit -   ok, first step: ignore the written instructions in web page forms...
this site rocks!!! any assholes out there who think it's not you can lick my imaginary cholatey balls!!!! ........and like it!!!! don't worry i shave!!!!!:) i'm so evil!!!:)  chels   chels, chill
The Prince of darkness would like to inform you all that thanks to the miricle of modern Surgery he/she is now the "Queen" of Darkness cause lets face it women get to be way more evil :P Hans Own (germany)   you really didn't have to tell us you were from Germany, we would have guessed
i'm not crazy, it is the people in my head who hear voices   OK
i'm not crazy, it is the people in my head who hear voices- sik since lis humor   is there an echo in here?
if you will all please be quiet the voices are calling roll- sik since lis humor   OK, enough of this guy...
“Sure, a woman can fake an orgasm, but it takes a man to fake a whole relationship.”   Danny Hagan   plenty of women can fake a relationship.  hell, plenty of them do it better than they fake the orgasm
Berry-locusts, infesting my brain! yep MARS we're pretty sure this is not really from Mars
Life is something that everyone should try at least once.- Danny Lockhart   Danny is profound.  Danny is still working up the courage on that life thing...
Sometimes I wonder if perhapse literacy is soon to be considered terrorist activity by the Bush administraion and thusly punishable by imprisonment without representaion.  -A boy named Cheese   if you want to look like you're a deep thinker, spell perhaps with an "e"
The windmills of my mind our infested with the plagues of my reality - Danny   Danny was trying out a new restraining harness that day and unfortunately was just able to reach the keyboard
 If hell was a garden, would I find a rose? -Mars now you're just kissing up
I had this hemroid once, I could barely walk for days...I always wanted to pop it so I did, and it bled for days. -Perry Gilmore   whew.  if that's anything like a hemorrhoid then you better have been wearing black jeans
Yo! (ur right, no one says 'yo' anymore, did they ever?) anyways, all i wanted to say is u lot are a bunch of purple-salivating, vermin infested, politically ambiguous, cave-dwelling, camels of arabian priests, so ner. but seriously, u must be either washed up old people who are bored out of their minds in retirement or whatever, or a bunch of supernerds (really bad word), like the geeks u say go to boardgames.com. oh well, u get that. now im interested, what are u going to come back to that with? if ur game enough to put this on ur 'evil.com', let's see shall we? - Seth Mazza P.S. cool site...   yo!
Anyone can do anything, they just need a push in the right direction... or a shove in the wrong - Lord Stark -    don't shove in the wrong
This site isn't nearly as evil as the OS I'm running it on... (That's right, Windows - what else?)  Steven Ceulemans   XP rocks.  if you want evil, how about that penguin OS?  Now that's an OS for losers.
This site needs more poop humor.  All this sharp cynisicm about politics makes me feel that maybe there is something wrong with me for wanting to hide in my shiny peaceful white retreat when I hear people blather on about the way the world should be.  There is just too much evil in the world for your SUV-related jokes to do anything but make me sad.  If you really care, then go into politics.  If not, please consider aforementioned poop humor suggestion.  In fact, I'll even give you a little nudge in the right direction.  Euphimisms for pooping:  I gotta go:  Keep the cows in line.   Free Tibet.   Forever alter the course of life on this planet.  Do some business in the oval office.  Release my inner politician.  (Time to) make the donut holes.  Boy, I'm really packing a brown bag lunch today.  Etc.  I know I need spellcheck.  -poopoopeechoo   we thought the SUVs were poop humor
Hey...You know that you are awesome? Like...Thre TREES, right? -Darth Cheese......   why does it worry us when someone says we're "awesome" and then moves into unintelligible blather?
man, this site is awesom but theres one problem, the school blocked it b/c me and my friends got caught on it in the library - Amber Ruby   damn! another school punishing kids for being in the library.  no wonder we're a nation of illiterates!
We are not a nation of megalomaniacal tyrants. Anyone who says otherwise will be eliminated. Go USA!!!  Let's blow 'em ALL up!!!!   -Calico   you leave our auntie em alone
Llamas are very evil and they WILL take over the world some day and evil monkeys will help them. They will shrivel on your momma!!!!   no thumbs on lamas.  check it out.  all the evil monkeys in the world won't help them.
i find it kinda funny, and i find it kinda sad... the dreams in which I'm dying are the best i've ever had"-Danny   now Danny, that's plagiarism you know
 Dear Evil, this site needs more vegetables.  Sincerely, theturnipeatsthebroccolieatsthecarroteatsth...     we prefer our fiber in liquid form, that's why the official vegetable of evil.com is Guinness Extra Stout/
I like it when people like my balls.  PureKools so what's not to like?
I am no more or less then myself - The Morris    it's amazing how profound some of this would be if they still taught grammar in schools...
where's the evil?  -bill bowsen over there! ...oh, no over there ...wait a sec...there!
I don't want to click submit. Can I just hit the enter key?   HIT IT, HIT IT HARD... HARDER!  HARDER!  GET A HAMMER!  NOW SMASH IT!
Public Notice for Wynne, Arkansas. - Michelle Lynn White (Hicks?), Joshua Hicks, Barbara Mathis, and any of the 837 poor souls with whom barbara has slept, all carry the Herpes Simplex Virus in Type A & B forms. Thank me later.   interesting.  hope you're taking notes Arkansas...
Never act like a hippopotimus looking for a mumu in a bikini shop-Nalani Jolly   we've met her.  nice personality.
I just love you guys! I found this site when I was bored and i think it's awesome. You guys make want to sing the doomdong! - Cherry Eyeliner   we love the doomdong Cherry.  But Cherry Eyeliner must taste funny...don't the lashes get in the way of your tongue?
I want pie!!!!!! Nalani Jolly MORE PIE!
The Tao te Ching instructs us to "Work without effort," so I'm going on a cig break- Jon levy   Jon, your boss says that he'd fire Lao Tzu too if he caught him goofing off as much as you.  Thought you should know.
I thought you had her, NO, I thought you did!! Brandon Pane   don't get us started
I used to think Microsoft Sam was a MATH GOD!!!!! but now i know he is but a mere mortal that will die when my computer gets a virus.  Or maybe an STD from my friend's printer...  But me... I never thought math god was sexy.  That was my friend.  -kt-   wasn't it Microsoft Bob?
 - Select this penis again, with the small bragging
under weasy moose in oven hossman magen underweasy now i want a drink now ush ush ush arrgh silly don't give my a booper snooper cummwizzle   how do these people find unattended computers?
If this site didn't already exist, someone would have created it. You twisted freaks! -- Aio Niko   um... we did create it.  duh.
Hey you guys have a great site....I can't wait foe more update....Kevin Porter, Atlanta, GA.   we can't wait foe it either
 im greg, im crazy, and this is the only site i can realate to, (im 12, or is it 21.) gre whetstone    realate sounds so much more real than relate, don't you think?
How many more pages of "Shouts" are you going to make? P.S. Will you EVER put me in them? - Danny   no more.  no.
If evil.com isnt evil then why are you so cynical. - ethos daath (the name my mother never gave me)   evil isn't cynical, we're cynical.  don't anthropomorphize a web site daath
Do you really need more then one person to run this web page or are you schizophrenic? -ethos daath    

we're not schizophrenic

we are


I AM EVIL mr CAPS LOCK strikes fear in our hearts again!
 just as interesting as the name.....do you like to watch?..........quikchik   quikchick, we're always watching
 BDLB is a transvestite and he likes men.  NOT THAT THAT IS A BAD THING!!!  but he is.  Sort of like "The sky is blue."  it's not necessarily bad or good that is is blue, but we say it because it IS.  Like, i AM a genius.  not bad or good.  just there.  like your bum.  there.  kt   kinda sums things up in a NUTshell.
 Eating foil is not good for you.  Trust me.  I would know.  So would my friend Andrew.  but then again, Andrew is not even a real human being in the first place.... only a figment of the imaginations of some of us dumb ones.  And yes, andrew that's why I dumped you... you suck and you aren't even REAL!!!   Andrew says you're the figment.  And you're dumb (says Andrew)
dead stuff rocks rocks are dead stuff
If I include certain words in this, my message will be automatically ignored. What if I misspell them and say 'Satn' or 'Devol'? Wait, then you'll make fun of my spelling...It's all a vast lying conspiracy! Tice Smith   if you misspell them you'll just look silly.  Hi Tice!
 and why do we have an idiot for a president? oh a thats right, another dumbass is the governor of florida -- angry kris clar -- A + plan, full of crap   coincidence, you be the judge... but only if you're appointed judge by a family member
Birdman- Drive a red range! (birdcall!) ok... why do you like nicole and ashley? you should love ME!!! i am short, sexy, my name is lexy, and i do what i can for the guys!!! LOVE ME! -Lexy Tittiebiggles   we're working hard on this one, but it still sounds like water boiling
For claiming to not be full of salty goodness, you sure are tasty.  -Bobby Kannal but we're not good for you!
look closely in their eye, you make sence their nightmare--Forsaken one   is it a conspiracy folks?  do you all get together and concoct these pseudo satanic stuff and then decide where to put the humorous spelling error?  it can't be just one guy at a time...right?
May roaches infest your mouth, nats in your ears, worms in your eyes, and flees in your hair. In other words, cool site. Crystle Tewler   gnats.  why did it have to be nats?
I never knew I had a penis until somebody told me. - Tyler Gonlag   and we hope they mentioned the whole hygiene thing at the same time, right?
Well put! Your statement on the space shuttle was a touch of class that added to an already great site. –Jonny Gage   thank you
I sit here looking at my screen and realize that I have finally gone insane...                     The Smurf that sits on my head agrees. Wow, he never agrees. Something must be wrong, or maybe just evil. Tell me if you find out, (By the way, the Smurf's name is Kaos if that helps.) -Death Himself-    did we ever solve the whole 99 male smurfs to 1 smurfette thing? 
This website has lied!!!!! Ichecked back yesterday...and it said, "Look back tomorrow" And when I do, it still has yesterday's date and yesterdays message's....I'm so bored. ~~Amanda E.~~(Reply to my messages!!!!!"   look again
I said: You guys are awesome!  Somebody needs to give you a Webby...  -Dr. Evil Wannabe  You responded: is a webbie like a wedgie?  my answer: just writing again to tell you that The Webby Awards correctly describes itself as being "the leading international honor for the worlds best web sites".  I sincerely think that evil.com deserves such an award.  Not sarcasm, I mean it!  -Dr. Evil Wannabe   we provide the sarcasm, no charge.

and we don't want an award, because then all kinds of geeks would come here and write stuff to us and ask for stuff and make...uh...damn

Just seeing if i can sneak in my site www.cheatmanual.com  ~ Otto M.   no, don't even think about it!
No one answers the question of life because no one knows the question itself...Do you get tired of this Confucious says shit too?-chorbalan   Confucius says "man who misspell Confucius, never gets answer."
with the right vitamin pills, you could probably live off that spray cream. - Tom Eager   cheese whiz?
oh, and gay guys rock, i don't see why you're taking such offense at being associated with them :-)   we've got all their albums... not that that's a bad thing.
 when hell is full, the dead walk the earth..this site kicks ass, so do you     samantha   can't we kick ass before the whole dead thing?
uhhaaahhh!!!! flying John Kennedy is chasing me! or should I say Flying George Bush!!! duh... people are trying to made an interesting lines but they just get deleted -Ronald Lecitona   you're sniffing a few too many interesting lines
I don't get the penis enlargment email.........................I feel so left out. Nalani Jolly   we'll make sure you get on the list Nalani
Europe is a f*cked up place. And I need to leave ... Henrik Moznye   that's why the Beatles invaded America, it's true, look it up
If family.org was more like this site, I'ld go there weekly for guidance ... - Henry Denmark   if Denmark was more like this site, Henrik would be able to save on airfare
It has just come to my attention that there are more.~*X   don't you hate it when the escaped convict kills them mid-sentence?
I have no clue what this site is about but,since there are hidden things,when you're on drugs you tend to click alot...on accident or on purpose,so you tend to find alot of unadvertised shit!!!:)LenOre Graves   yes you do.  we're working on getting some actual advertised shit, but so far it's just us and the occasional Pennis Enlargement ad
Whatever happened to the Weird Pages?  Sluggy was better back then . . .        - Jim   Sluggy says you were better back then too Jim.  you guys are going to have to work this whole relationship thing out for yourselves.
 This is a kick-ass site keep up the good work!  By the way, is playing with yourself addictive? John Weed (this is my real name so dont laugh at it).   yes, it's addictive, and there are side effects.  well, they're more like front effects, but you get the picture...
hi miranda! i am satan! from el diablo infernus 666 we hate personal notes
 - i came to this site with a single dorito, and left with  a box of pringles-thanking u p jackson   careful, because if they're the fat free ones they cause diarrhea
I SEE you guys think the british are wimps.Well im english and i would be happy to come to your ....ing smelly country.i will rip your  head of your yankee shoulders and .... in your yankee throat.i hate your stupid accents and your .... mcdonald's you inbred pig ....ers..brittainia rules the waves son.;-uk junglist p.s. DRUM AND BASS RULZ FOREVER  AND I DO NOT HAVE A POSH ACCENT   kinda proves the whole point, don't it?
I selected the text so now... I can type something... Woop-dee-fucking-doo !! Aw that's so goddamn funny I think I'll shit my pants and go back playing with myself... no wait ! I didn't write Say-Tan yet so now that it's done I suppose life is good and... and... duh... - Samuel B. B.   thanks for selecting the text first, otherwise it would have been too long and not made as much sense
Are you really not full of salty goodness ? - Blaise Bailey Finnegan III   really
You...want to...eat.....CHOCOLATE! and....I....can't...read this.....paper...probably-no-properly....so....go....tooo. helll   ladies and gentlemen, William Shatner.
STOP THE VOICES!!!!! STOP THEM!  I WON'T LISTEN!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! - lovingly,  Chongy Chong   so don't listen...huh, what's the shouting for?
I wonder how many photographs of strangers I'm in the background of.  -Steve Slominski   we checked Steve, only four, and in one of them you've got those red eyes from the flashbulb
 - Select this text -  I think I just figured you out you people you....  I have been sending a whole bunch of sick shit but it wasn't getting through.  I hope this one works because I have a whole bunch of new dark shit my friends....  Muahahahhahaa   if the shit is dark it might signify a colon problem.  you should see a doctor.  ask for the cold colonoscopy scope.
The sheep are lieing!!!! - Big bad Wolf. the sheep say they are tired of your lack of foreplay
My goal.........To not set any more chickens on fire.~Amanda E.~   the sheep don't want any of you either
Satans minions crowd around, the darknes follows with every footstep. A faint voice crys out in the wind, saying "I shall not bow down to you or your master. Nor will i die without a fight! If im going to hell im taking you with me!!!"   Satans, darknes, crys, im, im... we're rolling here! 
on the Feb. 5 article shouldn't the heading be  cultural illiteracy. John Reed   (i also wrote the one about the person sourounded by minions)   nope, the title is correct.
i here voices, they say bend over.  The Gay Man here?  is that the real danger of homosexual sex?  illiteracy?
i will sommon the blue screen of death on YOU!!!!!  The author of Hackers Weekly   sommon away!
evivrus ton lliw uoy  Ed Brown reniaG airolG - !evivruS lliW I
Considering the menthality of the ordinary people every second person on this planet should be called 'meat'.  Ms Meat Spears. Mr Meat Schroeder.  - Tristan   Menthality or Spearmintality?
Ah... Jan 14th was X(AN)thian, the 16th sounds like you know the well-fare line a little bit too well, 19th-zen is a lot older than buddhism... it's like asking the "all that is and expecting it not to bow to the softer attempt, the 22nd that's pandering... ask Heidi Fliess, and jan 24th- the birthright lotteries... nice Niven reference...just trying to keep it short Jeff Mills-king of the ogres.. last living relative of Crunch Ogre   well, Jeff has been paying attention.  wrong here and there, but still paying attention.  careful Jeff, the slower children will wait for you outside and beat you up.
My reality suddenly doesn't seem so empty now. - H.E Raschid   we're lots fuller now too.  must have been the tamales.
You should use better design for your website...it looks like horse shit...   ha!  so sad when that's all they can think of to say.  probably one of those out of work Flash programmers....
what the hell i write this place all the time but i never read my shit in here...........................what the fuck i just want to be heard!   try reading aloud
Well if you not full of salty goodness are you full of sweet yummie goodness?? - me   no
Evil.com has the morals of a cigarette vendor, and the honesty of a used car salesman.   don't you hate it when girls you dumped years ago just won't let it rest?
Dyslexia for cure found.stalakos yes, but apparently it mixes up your words, terrible side effect
fuck me if you can you bitch by:ranndy,gian,rambu don't you hate it when girls you dumped years ago just won't let it rest?
I can do anything, but I can't do everything.- Mario Malacara   we heard you can't do everything anyway.
Well then this is just another lame post which I can guarantee will be deleted.  Of course this just may be me rambling on for no apparent reason what so ever.  Well then I'm done my blurb on nothing.   you can't guarantee jack
never conect an A.R.C. light if you are 4 or less feet away from the source. if you are that close please tess me what 20,000 degrees worth of liquid plasma tastes like John Reed   tastes like chicken
In life there are many paradoxes, and I think I just found one - LebraWolf   the paradox here is that there are only four paradoxes, that's eight total
Yes!  We have no goats!  Fatty sending more over
hey i just wanted to say i like this site and are you a male or female ? dosent mater much to me etherway im bi and a female - gothic daymares   yes, we're definitely male or female
I spend my life trying to correct my mistakes and becoming a better person... Why is it as time goes on the irony of life kicks in and it sucks every good thing i try and do? Domnic   keep trying Dom, it doesn't get any better, but as you get older it matters less and less to you...
hey ! whats with that waterfall....it's kind'a strange ....illusion??????? (nihar mudgal ,delhi,india)   yes, it is... now put the sharp thing down and sit where we can see your hands...
nicole is cheating on you guys.  and we still have no goats.  i kick cats.  Fatty   Nicole doesn't cheat.  She's just free with her affections.
I was thinking . . . . . . yeah that's all - Kodi Smth keep us posted
At first none of it made sense, but after 2 weeks of fasting and meditation in the deep recesses of my room...i have discovered the Evil.com is quite amusing..kinda like watching jello giggle.  - John   there's always room for evil.com
you guys are always talking about shit . i  love it  keep it coming (bob parker)   did we mention the colonoscopy scope?
i wish i was an ocsar myer weiner, cause everyone would be in love with meeeee.......-oscar myer weiner fan   we want you sizzling in a pan
It's a unique style on how you read this and take a week to make a comeback for it, smart  Masiah Fisher   we had a comeback for yours immediately
I read that someone wanted pictures od devil pictures. So to get them one would have to take a picture of the devil and take a picture of that picture? Is there really a point???? - ~*_Me_*~   we tend to not ask too many questions.  we get answers that way.
When will you meet me? Well when the earth blows up and we all live on mars, you will find my hut north of the big rock.   by the Solomon's?  OK, we know that rock.
Cats- they bite and scratch you when you try to pick them up or pet them, they cost you money cuz you have to buy them food and clean up their hairballs why keep them as pets????     ~=Holly Montgomry=~   in case there's a real bad food shortage
I dont use bananas for eating...... (Jenna Giddens)   must...block...visual...image...damn too late.  Jenna!  Put that banana back and come to the checkout counter with the rest of us!
Are you still able to breast feed after you get implants?  -Kayla Ingram   us in particular?
Seven Out of five people dont understand Fractions    -Chrisie talmage)   can you convert that to decimals?
Words and sticks can break my stones but Bones can never hurt me......    -Kaye Mahony_-+^&*(()   since you capitalized Bones we're assuming you're referring to Dr. Leonard McCoy.  He's dead Jim.
][)) (()) (()) ][\\//][          - - - - looks kewl dont it eh?   \\/\\// (()) \\/\\//
I use my hands for everything but the stearing wheel    - - - -(caitling Wrren)))))      yep, we're beginning to believe in the conspiracy where you all get together and plan at least one funny spelling error per message...
This is exactly what I was lookign for, something funny with absolutely no fuking piont. I love the insanity. I am insane my self and love it when I can read others insanities. Claudia Marie L`Espangea   glad to help
hhmm why are you so obsessed with playing with yourself?? playing with other people is much more fun. wanna try it? Leanne    we get all tingly when you talk ambiguous like that Leanne...
I fucked your Mother with a christmas hat on............-BigB   Dad, shut the fuck up!  You're embarrassing us in front of all the freaks!
I like staring at the sun...  -Dark Mist don't let blindness stop you
 you are craaaaaaazy! and i like it! -blingblong and the aaaaa's make it all the wilder!
I like to push the buttons next to crosswalks so people have more of a chance of getting a red light.-Andrea, lover of everything evil.   get back in your car...there's a call coming through on your cell phone.
 - Select this text - I hope this fucking workded.  I want to get my fucking opinion in on this whole bullshit thing, the War.  MY ASS HURTS  Mikey   oh it workded all right. 
Did you guys see that show last night about Hey, chips!  Man, I'm so hungry I could eat my arm.  I know you think I'm stoned, but actually I'm just  Is that apple pie!?  I love apple pie!  I had it this one year for my birthday  Hey, my birthday's comming up.  You guys should give me something.   damn, now we're hungry
I CANT BELIVE ITS NOT BUTTER!!!!!!!!! BUT ITS NOT!!!!!!!!! ^^Leigha^^   we can't believe you didn't use the old "it's snot" joke there.
I,ve only been on this site for 10 min and I already love it! I espically like the idiots that write to you in the shouts.... Like I am now.   tell us how minute eleven went
 Hey, this site is fucking awesome, but what the hell is up with everyone and chicken? Damn, chicken is good but fuck man nobody gives a damn! On the other hand, I like pussy, but not porn...people these days need a life (and so do  I, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this) so yeah any way its a great site.-charlie smith   so how'd you like the site?
I like my women like my coffee as well. only my coffee is hot and keeps me up all night. Your coffee isn't so good. Stevie   more sugar?
CAPS LOCK - Isn't that the button for idiots to push in order to enter text? Jesus Fucking Christ   guess so
Finally, someone who gets it  Kyle Stevenson so, us or you Kyle?
wake up and smell the fried turkey wait no chicken i like chicken u lot r chicken mad on this site...... any wayz cause it aint funny and it aint clever. this iz but thing im talking about isnt bet u would like 2 know what it was wouldnt ya  bet u would but im not going 2 tell u. ... im going 2 Italy wiv ma school 2 moz in Italy wanna come if u do give me a call sumtime im sure i could sort another trip out. ho hu uh hu sure i want jelly dont bother wiv da namby pamby cooking ill eat it raw!!!!!!!!!!! yeah man im a reble!!! raw jelly man!   we're still waiting to try a Turducken. 
genuinely clever. LouDog nope, we're faking the clever part.  sorry.
This site has less of a point, than Seinfield has plot -Me The ultimate athority on all that is funny, Edmond Dontes   you can be the athority if you want to be.  no one else wants the title.
Who are you ? And how did you ever beat the domain mongers to "evil.com" ?   see previous note on this
cold weak and bitter? so you mean you like all women? justin banks.   we love all women.  we have low standards.
Fine, I try like 50 times to be put on your feedback page and you never update. So screw you guys! lol   Danny   keep trying.  someday.  someday.
Why do I feel so tierd this morning ???? - Nicholas you'll keep feeling tierd until you get more slep
fuck those people who pretend that they know whats right and whats wrong! its hard to understand whats the true meaning of life. youll never know what or when will it fucking happen.. life sucks specially when you fuck-up!!! thats the way life goes on.. so its a Mother Fucking Free World! -vhin-   right on.  you want right from wrong, come here and ask.  we know.  and we're not afraid to mislead you.
nice.... i want a picture of me on the static..... kris clar   like we said, you're the guy with the glasses and the hair.  you're welcome.
What the hell?-Simone Lyditch indeed
your site isn't nearly even enough!!!! I know who you are (EVIL!!!) I've seen you before i've tlked to you and knowing you I  would expect your site to be a little more evil. ~~~ You  aint gettin my real name so FUCK OFF!!!   a little conflicted there.  can we get your fake name then?
something short and interesting -Ronny Miner Ronny is both short and interesting.  chicks dig that short thing.
I still say the penguins are going to take over the world....And since you are affiliated with Ashley more than me, you will be the first to go!~Amanda E.~   hmmm.  how do you mean affiliated?
Evil.com, not what I expected, but then I never expect much out of anything. Anyways, I like the site, pretty cool that you have it up, and was a good laugh to read. Later - Snake Plissken   we heard you were dead.
Nice site.  You deserve a high five. -Sara we deserve a low five too
 - i saw sometin u said.....peoples do say yo.....chicken used to be my favorite food...then i came to this site....and saw all da chicken porn.........im never touchin an uncooked chikcen......but i still luv dis place.....its tight- Lana Kay .....Pe@ce -   so long as peoples say "yo"
You guys aren't just a lump of salty goodness, you're a lump of salty goodness with PIE!!!  And onion sprinkles.  Yes.- Kathryn   hold the pie
 - -i thought i my friends sista had issues..........then i came to dis site......thinkin i would find a bunch of evil things and stuff........ but i just found a bunch of insane people.......im surprised u dont all talk about coming form the planet flafluga......but i still think this place is cool...........now i have no idea what im talkin bout - Lana Kay - Press Submit -   no kidding, you have no idea what you're talking about?  imagine that...
 - what kinda pie do u want?......u always talkin bout u want pie ......but what kind....apple.....blueberry.....somethin?- Lana Kay- heard enought from me yet'? pe@ce -   Lana, you've got to find someone your own age.  or at least nearby...
This site is about nothing, so I expect nothing, but if something does happen I'm always pleasently surprised.   it's not about nothing... it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not... well... OK... it is.
You guys are quite possibly more intelligent than the combined IQ's of anyone I see on a daily basis.  I love you.-Kelley Cusick   see guys, its the brain, not just the large...ah hem.
 This page asks for feedback. Let me ask you something: feedback on what? Morgan Fenerton   very astute question.  next?
you guys or whoever the hell you r , you r a genious or something like that right? well what do you think about the after death shit and the every body has a time crap?? and i will go back to playing with myself thank you. bye - sami melendez   yup, we're geniouses alrigth.  but the idea of everyone having a time crap scares the shit out of us.
we are all anamales out of control........so just drop yhe fuckig bomb by jesus christ the super star   hey, we like Anna Malle.  now that's a woman who enjoys her work!
Just wanted to say to you guys, i get it. Thanks. Marty   Marty gets it guys.  we can all go home now.
Seeing as  how you suck so much dick can you tell me what its like cos i wont go down on a  guy cos theres this wierd salty liquid that comes out the end - PunkBitch   pretty strong talk for a gal with a name like Punk Bitch. 
i have my wrist pierced and its gone all gacky - any advice? Leanne    styptic pencil
I have nothing to say... nothing at all -Jared Ulmer that kind of says it all
All hail mr, becuase I am just so dang cool well not really actually I'm kind pathetic oh forget I siad anything - the generic man   it's forgotten
Impressive!  People with the same ability to intelligently insult the feeble minded as well as I do! I salute you!Chris Arnold   the secret is out.  evil.com is modeled after Chis Arnold.  hope he doesn't have lawyers.
argh-what does the map with the blinking countries mean, there is no logical order they go in, and, oh help, what does it mean, please tell me, Chris   hungry for the truth eh?  starve then.


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