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I hope this isn't too much - Buddha   you can never have enough Buddha.  Soft, like Buddah
HELLO. i would like to point out the obvious intelligence of psychopathic people. thankyou. by the way, Zoe andrews is the biggest slut in the united kingdom.  --Midionic_Dweller.   come now, this is useless information without Zoe's phone number
i would also like to point out the obvious intelligence of russian people, even though they appear braindead. --Midionic_dweller    dweller, you do like to make your point
How young is too young for porn?How about chicken? -Pooperman   we think we're still to young for porn about chickens
I love this site it's awesome but why is it not full of salty goodness WHY! sniff -Radostin   sad story.  we used to be full of salty goodness, then this girl zoe came along and licked it all out of us
Gee, and i thought i said some funny stuff. I guess i wouldnt be in this situation if i just pulled the trigger after i found out i wasnt really married. J.F. Baker   and the funny stuff would stop then, right?
hey you're so damn cool, if only i was like you guys / kris clar   we were just this morning discussing why we weren't like kris clar.  what a strange coincidence
Is a pigs pussy pork? Just curious.   yes.  you just have to think about it.
Moss only grows on the north side of trees, now you know, now you can live your lives correctly - Penguin of death   we spent last summer gluing moss on the southwest sides of trees.  then we sat back and watched as hilarity ensued
Whatever, Whatever.  Y'all don't know me, Y'all just haters - Jenny Jones   y'all just so damn white jenny
i will kill and eat every single chicken on  the earth -- midionic dweller's associate   and the chickens have some interesting plans for you as well!
Ah, wuz lookin' fer sum jiggery-pokery (i'm interested in badminton) an' ah came across this site, but i wasn't playing 'silly buggers' with myself, (I lost all the peices) but i'm senile. I'm a writer. Peace. Jander Man (James Anderson) I'm afraid of my rabbit!    what does "interested in badminton" really mean?  "I'm checking out the equipment and the rule books but just can't bring myself to make the commitment to actually play"?
I happened upon this site 3 years ago...   And it has taken this long for it to change.   Bout damn time!   --Moduz   resistance to change is an evil thing.  ya gotta go with it
SIMPLE POETRY:  The idea that smegma is puss that grows on an unwashed dick...  well that just makes me sick    -(V)oduz   good think you didn't try "epic" poetry first, right?
i agree, our president sucks - red   that sounds so much better than the complicated reality
what did one man with a monkey say to another man with a monkey "lets go round up jerry garcia wanna bes and cut there monkeys off" - signed sik since less humor   we suspect you meant "cut their monkeys off".  not because that makes more sense, but it does read better
Something really witty to which you have no comeback! Put that in your couldron and boil it -  Al Cohol   everyone must have figured out that we don't correct spelling when these things are posted.  rigth?
 You guys are a bunch of nazi feminist tree-huggers with a sympathy for midget luddites. Any openings? - Carl Marks   just the usual nine
Hey Why dont Bush and Blair Just Duke it out with Sadam in a celeb death match Johnie Kay   we asked them.  bush said he's not tall enough.  blair said british are wimps.  sadam said he's waiting until the last minute to surrender and buy a krispy kreme franchise in New Jersey
I come here everyday to read the shouts.  Great job!  Never would've thought I'd find this on a search engine while searching for religious terms!!!!     (shhh, don't tell him that the shouts only change every few weeks.)
I come here everyday to read the shouts.  Great job!  Never would've thought I'd find this on a search engine while searching for religious terms!!!!     we've heard that before.  where?  where?
You suck dick.   not yet.  or did you mean that metaphorically?  you little guys always write short things
Where do you guys reside?  And are you crazy enought screem chicken in a church during mass and scream the devil is your friend and run down the isle naked?  Because if so we got something in common.  BTW, if you live near LA then I'd like to party.  Mike Demon   we're right here...now we're over here...now here! we keep bobbin and weaving.  sorry, not near la, but we love it
Check out what my friend sent me.  We are both male: I'm feeling lonely lately so I just dropped by to say "hi!". What have you been up to latley.  Do you miss me as much as I miss you? I know it's been a while but I would like another chance with you.  If you take the time to get to know me you'll see what a great guy I am.  We could have lots of fun with each other, you just need to give me some time to get comfortable with you and open up.  So if you don't want to I understand.  But if you change your mind that would be great!  If not then I'll just have to come over to your house when you are asleep and smash your face with a hammer.   Mike Demon   hide the hammer
old people smell wierd gal zeira   yes, we've heard several old folks claim to have smelled you lately zeira
sex-   pretty sure this was premature
Youz guyz rool! And Kick ass! (I Cant choose whitch!) - Lyell   no need to choose, we kick rool too
I WANT PICTURES OF DEVIL PICTURES   think about it, she wants pictures of pictures.  pretty cool escher reference we think
I WANT PICTURES OF DEVIL karthi   keeps demanding instead of going out and doing it herself
This site is sooooooooooo cool!~i was looking for some stuff and i found it! Rock On!!!  Miranda Stormz   rock on miranda.  is stormz your maden name?
When the tsunamis come rolling in i'll drag that lawn chair to the roof and laugh like a child, with lots of beer ~ Colin Berry    children usually dislike the taste of beer.  go figure
iknow where you live........   so do we, cool eh?
this site is real cool, but i think it needs something else.....   zen, it's just that simple
when one pisses, he feels good-Mr.Dumass   as long as one hasn't spent too much time with zoe apparently
Have you seen that episode of the Simpsons where... No wait, I would rather commit suicide by rubbing my bollocks on a rusty cheesegrater than hear another Simpsons quote.   just don't use the cheese grater for food afterwards
HaikuYour site is so cool,      Haiku is five syllables followed by seven, followed by five.  this is only the first line, we expect to see the other two when you work them up.
I fucked jesus this I know even though I was stoned we both drank too much wine now we have a kid thats nine   some guys will tell any girl they're "jesus" just to climb in the sack with them. please don't tell us you kept screaming "oh god, oh god!"
"Moo" is the answer to every question, and the question to every answer.  It is the falsehood to every truth, and the truth to every falsehood.  It is God.--Starfire Rose   Moo is also the bovine prayer
What has this got to do with the price of rice in China????? Roger Rip   amazingly enough, the price of rice in China is fixed by their government and has very little change.  better to say "rice in texas" where they're much harder to understand. 
 It's Very interesting to me how you morons say so much without saying anything at all, although this site is kind of interesting, if your dead...Eric god   Eric needs some time alone to sort things out for himself.  of course, he's well on the way now
Why haven't my 'shouts' or 'stupid remarks been posted? I'm so crushed....tear.~~Amanda E.~~   we'll look into it
Having stumbled on this site by accident, I'll quickly get up, dust myself off and continue on my way nowhere without looking back - Miles Finnegan   Mike wrote this at the eBay site too
I wouldn't call this site superficially empty like flat blackness; rather, it possess a kind of abyssal dimension like a tremendous expanse of empty space - Floyd Morgenstern   please, empty flattery will get you no where
Why do so many people talk about playing with themselves? Skyler Gould   just be thankful they just talk about it
"Stone Roses" - Beauty hardened by life  Submitted By Monic Martinez   dude, not so formal.  we're worried you're looking for a way to create a footnote here!
fuck u (x)   thank god you kept that small
thanks for mentioning house of leaves.  it is probably one of the best works of art i have seen in years.  so yeah now i think you are cool dammit.  after i held out for so long.  travis hays   it's a minotaur thing
Evil.com is awesome.  I wish you guys did have an e-mail service, cause the domain and contents are just so damn cool!   we had an e-mail address, but got too many mails about how we could have a larger penis.  who the hell wants a LARGER penis?  we mean, like, what would you do with it anyway?  it's hard finding clothes that fit, and women shrink away in fear! it's a curse damn it, and these idiots think we want a larger one! 
how much does pie cost on the moon?  - Ghost   there is no pie on the moon ghost, sorry
I'm eating 2 day old burger king fries that i just microwaved - Shawn   and they were good?
ok, lets be real, im an average looking man, with low standards, but all the way straight.  any woman thats not total stinky tunatown that lives in seattle can e-mail me at migitymitus@hotmail.com.  common evil.com, im just a squirrel trying to get a nut.   Hersel Mitus.   we have some e-mail you might be interested in
Almost Every Night I let my little 11 pound Boston Terrier eat me out... Is this wrong? - Asha Young   we know a guy in Seattle you might like
society is NOT in control...~~~~~S.I.N.I.C.   oh, its in control all right!  O.I.I.C.A.R.
what kind of pie do you want???-blade   apple, no... wait... apple


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