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Le monde ne tourne plus rond, la planète et les gens qui y vivent deviennent fou, ou inconscient ce qui est pire !


  yeah, it's a crazy world, right?

This site was very interesting when it was just a place to read someones thoughts, in an otherwise corporate cluttered, porn infested,money based internet. But with your new additions i can no longer tell your site from the rest. You have just blended in with the background. I hope the new additions work well for you. **Goodbye** D. Silverstone 





Yeah, those were the good old days, eh?

help me out on drugs plzzz i ll pay u back-josh knight   


  Ummm.  No.

duuuude the colorsssss!!!!!  *squee!* a childs garden of grass...reasons not to smoke pot: getting caught hehe  


  Yeah, like you're not going to get caught.

Good heavens! I do believe the hemorrhoids have reached critical mass! -Tarmaque the Magnificent     


  She's gonna blow!

School's out.  No more hell.  I miss my friends.  ~Stevie B. Crazy         


  Wow, talk about your time compression.

hush...Do you hear that curious noise? Life is more fun when you have a library care.    


  Card?  A reader?  You sure you're in the right site?

My thing died    Love, bob       


  My love died, thing.

What would Dard Do? Love Dard       


  Dard would do just about anything, that's why we love Dard.

Pie isn't all that good u know. Try Skittles. Insane Monkey       


  Skittles stick to our teeth. 

Why cant the all the poop humour and the sick chicken jokes be united so then we can have chiken poop humor?-chorbalan           


  We think you just did.

.-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / -... --- .-. . -.. / .. / .- -- --..-- / .. / .-- --- -. -.. . .-. / .... --- .-- / -- .- -. -.-- / .--. . --- .--. .-.. . / -.-. .- -. / --. . - / - .... .. ...    .--- .- -.-. -.- / .-. -.-- .- -.     


  .-- .   --. . -   .. - --..--   -... ..- -   - .... . -.   -.-- --- ..-   . -..- .--. . -.-. - . -..   - .... .- -   .-. .. --. .... - ..--.. 

 guys and slikies are alot alike their both fun to watch fall down stairs...*LOU* 


  Yeah, it's all very funny until someone breaks a neck.

You don't belong here, creep.  


  Oh, sorry, but.. hey, wait a minute!

Metalica RULE, st.anger ROCKS       


  We didn't really need to be convinced.  Did you really need to say it?

hey stephen. i really really hate you. how could you do this to me you evil son of a bitch. Tina Teano     


  Hmmm.  Again, Stephen isn't here.  And you're kind of a dumb bitch.

i was just kidding. i don't hate you. but you are an evil bastard. Tina Teano       


  Well, you're still a dumb bitch.

death is a release...not a punishment...........when will the hurting stop?...Jonas Sketch Valerio   


  It will stop in about 15 minutes.  But it starts up again in 17 minutes. We're not miracle workers.

"Interesting.... Very Interesting"  S. Holmes      


  Quote or delusion?

I don't get it! I don't get it! You know what, flamingos like croutons and croutons are good. Yes. - Haroldi J. Bishop    


  Don't!  The average flamingo will choke on a crouton.  Don't ask how we know.

Laughter is what keeps me sane or is it my sanity making me laugh......but i like it      Graham Cook UK



Am I really your/ little handbasket of doom/oh joy, oh rapture -Imalegna Jones 


  IJ, you're in a slasher mood today (/).

 Perhaps Miss Jones already has her own website, she just enjoys visiting yours and seeing how you reply.  Like a rat hitting the feeder bar.             


  Our rats are named Funky and Spunky by the way.

I am very bored. Pie rule. No pie sucks. You die.-Cherry Eyeliner does not have a flavor it is simply a color. ok?          


  It's tasteless then, right?

hey: ever since i put the bong down, this question has been burning a hole in my mind: who would win in a fight between bozo and jesus? and how would the victor of that do against mothra? or steven hawkings? Gene Bailey, the methhead to end all methheads.  


  The burning hole is in your jeans.   The bongs broke.

Why won't you go away?         


  We're not sure either.

.-- .... --- /  .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. /  .-- .. -. /  .. -. /  .- /  ..-. .. --. .... - /  .-- .- .-. ..-. /  --- .-. /  ... .--. --- -.-. -.- /  .. -. /  .... .. ... /  .--. .-. .. -- . ..--.. /  .-. .. -.-. .... /  .--- .- -. -.. -         


  ... .--. --- -.-. -.-
u suck!... major,pamela gonders    


  We were no where near major pamela

evil so cool i name my cat after it          


  That's nice.  Hopefully it won't get lost so you'll have to walk around the neighborhood calling out "Here Evil! Good Pussy!"

Just when I think I've become sufficiently twisted, someone comes along and cuts me down... jerks :) - J. Bolduc          


  Maybe they're jealous.  Yeah, right.

This site primarily uses primary colors in the text...reason being?? - Hedda Neelsen       


  We tried black on black but people had even more problems with that.

i agree you guys are like the coolest um uh trees are fun i like trees-keith hickman-perfetti(godfather)     


  We like folks with a little attention deficit in them because... hey, let's play basketball!

hey this site rocks! i was in a bad mood but now im all right! keep updating!- lisa richards         


  We're all about the healing.

Raul! Would you preferr to rock my right ventricle or my aorta?-Nikki 


  Aorta.  We're up to our asses in venticles.

OK, special question there is a boarding house with 32 windows 1 window per house if you know that the owners grandma died yesterday how many people are in the boarding house?-chorbalan 


  We think you screwed that one up a little C.

 - Note to self--Raul you are a dumbass! -Neil 


  Wouldn't that be a note to Raul?  And wouldn't that kind of prove you're not as smart as Raul?

this site sucks major!!!!! refugee, fugee 


  We were no where near PAMELA!

Contemplate the "cool guy" with the Miata who does'nt  come to turn off his alarm at three in the morning.....- NYPHAI QUENDI        


  You have permission to trash the Miata.

If a person's brain were transplanted into someone elses head, who would the original person be? The brain or the body???? Morgana Laninopally   


  It doesn't sound all that original to us.

grr.. to you.. i have a question for you...  why is the world so jacked up and why do i have to heard about everyone elses problems, i have enough of my own.. why else would they put me on effexor!?!?! --- the tantric temptress         


  Wow, not really sure.  Maybe because you're NUTS?

Do you have good recipe for hemorrhoids, yes? Alex Boris      


  Anyway, like I was sayin', hemorrhoids is the fruit of the seat. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, hemorrhoids-kabobs, hemorrhoids creole, hemorrhoids gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple hemorrhoids, lemon hemorrhoids, coconut hemorrhoids, pepper hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids soup, hemorrhoids stew, hemorrhoids salad, hemorrhoids and potatoes, hemorrhoids burger, hemorrhoids sandwich. That- that's about it.

- .... . .-. . /  .. ... /  -. --- /  .. /  .. -. /  - . .- -- .-.-.- /  -... ..- - /  -.. .. -.. /  -.-- --- ..- /  .-. . .- .-.. .. --.. . /  - .... .- - /  - .... . .-. . /  .-- .- ... /  .- /  -- . /  .. -. /  - . .- -- ..--.. /  - .... .- -. - ... /            


  - .... . .-. .   .. ...   .- -.   .- --   .. -.   - . .- -- --..--   -... ..- -   - .... .- -   .. ...   .- -... --- ..- -   .. - .-.-.- 

 you are driving in your car at the speed of light. you turn your head lights on. where does the light go??--lilly     


  Check your batteries.

Should entropy be regarded as the ultimate form of chaos or order? - Dante Marx        



At the store, can you buy a new frying pan? I'm a little squeamish about using the one we use to kill people.       


  Your cooking must really suck.

but if there really was one ring to rule them all you guys would update this site! annonmoose the wonder moose 


  Yes, that would...no, it wouldn't.

Whats with you guys and my evil twin?! seesh! you don't have to put Kevin Jones on every day do ou?!-Mark Jones    


  No, but we know it bothers you.

Oh I get it it know your a race of highly trained super monkeys that are bred with goldfish so you can fly!!! I am an to you meryll Streep!!! YAR!!! the jolly rodger           


  Yeah, that's it.  You figured it out.

I don't get it (sob) I put in 50 different thingies but it keeps saying the same thing... Why are you tormenting me with omnipotency?! curse you evil.com curse you i say evil bob the builder   


  Um, maybe because it only updates when we actually take time off to answer them?

Tonight Tonight is a great song but Led Zepplin's "Stairway to Heaven" is better... Exodus        


  Yeah, but he's got a very feminine voice. 

I rave on Pamela Anderson's hoo-hoos. they big and stiffy. Lick them I must! Feel the force... Luke... breathe   


  Yeah, keep reminding yourself to breathe.

Im sick of white homies who hate me for wearing black and spikes.i hate them for being BATTY TITRATS. Oh and i have a shirt that says "FUBU sucks". bondages rules \m/ -random chick        


  No such thing as a white hommie.  Sorry.

I like cheese cause its orange, mommy also lets me ride the yellow bus because im special   -Val Xayveor         


  Just don't get them mixed up.

When the hair in your armpit turns bright orange, the only thing you can do is dye it the original color or shave it off. I mean that's just all you can do because, well ...you know it's just "unfasionable" to have orange strands of hair in your pits and besides then your BOs won't even smell like BOs anymore they'll smell something like Marg Simpson and Jack Osbourne with a faint whiff of dead children not a pleasent smell I promise. So Just take care of that orange hue in your pits next time. Okay? .....Anyone got pie?     Morgan Landerson          


  Wait until it turns green, then the fun really starts.

If God is dead, and no one cares, then why the hell is there a song along those lines?-- Rev. Wolfcat Moonchylde         


  Who cares.

This site is has no purpose what-so-ever.  It is just freaks and weirdos trying to sound like there somthing when they are not.  There people like me thats why I love it.  You guys are geniuses._Lord Anarch_           



I love you! Ditch Ashley and take me. Wait... I'm comitted to Kaioshin, the small purple supreme god in Dragonball Z. Damnation! I'll go back to making my web shrine then. - Jiyu Tanaka    


  Damn, those little purple guys get all the hot chicks.

If Kurt Kobain hadn't killed himself, I would fuck hisbrains out. -Emily Hamil    



  Maybe Kurt saw it coming.

hang on, are you saying you're not my mother? sorry, I'm in the wrong place then          


  No, wait! We lied... oh they grow up so fast!

Another confucius quote Confucius say: If life gives you lemons masturbate if life gives you porn make lemon pie-chorbalan           


  Oh, we get it.  Confuscius is confused!  Wow, that's like a play on his name from an ignorant white American point of view. 

Why is it that this site is the only one I have ever saw without advertisments... and does so awesome without them. craig chambers         


  Because unlike all those other sites, we're fine on the whole money thing.

I feel pretty -oh  yes so very pretty-no im not gay ---another haiku by chorbalan           


  We never knew Feel  and I'm were two syllables...

If E.C wanted something clever to be posted, He wouldn't post the idiotic feedback. Unless of course, he was trying for reverse psychology.  -- Adam Wang    


  Maybe we're the one's who aren't realy clever!  Ever think about that Mr Reverse Psychologoogly?

Could anyone else go for a big chicken patty right now?-Noodle          


  No thanks, just got back. 

A chicken patty is a beautiful thing in the eyes of a fat person. You see, fat people can see things in food that skinny people cannot, and can also believe a serving of food could possibly be a friend. When fat people look at a chicken patty, they don't just see a big juicy slab of meat sandwiched between two soft, pillowy pieces of mouth-watering bread, oh no, they see so much more, they see something beyond this. They see a friendly invite from the tasty sandwich, telling them it's ok to sink his teeth into his supposed friend and gnaw off a huge piece for his own fat-filled pleasure. Think of this comment the next time you eat a chicken patty, you'll know what I'm talking about-Noodle      


  Still not hungry.  Thanks.

Well I don't think this is genuinely clever but if it's not then you can just delete it.  Now would you like fries with that? Jazz Lessard           


  Again, we couldn't eat another bite.  Really.

Programming gives you complete control over an innocent, vulnerable machine, which will do your evil bidding with a loyalty not even your pet dog can rival 


  You haven't met our dogs.  Zachary and Zemo are both fluent in c# dude.  But they're a little slow with the whole typing thing.

That rash sounds horrible...Perhaps you should disguise yourself as a bear and seek medical attention from a national park ranger -Stabulicious     


  Turned out to be one of those fabric softener things that gets stuck inside your clothes every now and then. 

"scream yell and bash your head off the walls" this is the advice to someone devestated by loss? i wonder what he'll say when his fuckin' dog rips my heart out. scream, yell, and bash my head off the walls, really men, my faith in you is brought even lower.      


  How much lower.  There's only so far, then you're on the floor.  But the nice thing about the floor is you can't fall off it.  Mix us another round of drinks Raul...

evil.com - we get it.........daily, me too hahahahah! evil, muahahahahahahahaha - trakmarx         


  Dude, any ellipses with more than three periods is just a cry for help. 

Evil, my darlings, I shall do my best to live up to being your "little handbasket of doom." -Imalegna Jones           


  IJ, we think you're starting to repeat yourself.

 do you have any relation to www.hell.com?? because its a scary place. are you scary too? akiva_hilton@yahoo.com   


  We're warm and fuzzy... kind of like mold.

 hey you fuckin fucker your so fuckin twisted you sick fuckin bitch!! im going to fuckin laugh when you die in a fuckin mosh pit!!! (actually that would be pretty fuckin fun) -KEllY  


  Um, really.  If you'd only give it the effort of adding the G to it you'd look semi-literate.  Still with that whole inbred thing going for you, but maybe like you could make out the difference between the Red and Green signals.

You guys must get really bored to put up a retarded site like this, there is no point and it is not funny.     


  Yeah, that must be it.  So what does it say about the people who send us quotes?

"buy XBOX - made in america, by americans" ...I was just wondering if that is why it isnt very good? - Arthur, Chocolate Bunny of Death


  Another LameCube owner heard from.  Run along with your Mario and Pokemon little LameCube owner...

Hi. You're hot. I wouldn't mind doing you.        


  Now this is one we don't really understand.  Doing us?  Like an impersonation?

this site is pretty kewl...r u guyz sexi??? ~ F'inK           


  wee r rokin, n wee r def sexi.

Did you know there is an evil.org, it is locked by a password though... I WANNA KNOW WHAT GOES ON THERE!!! Gimme the password damn it! -Frodo  


  No, you don't want to know.  Its kind of like you don't want to know what your parents look like having sex.  Not a good memory.

What the hell is wrong with Opera Web Browser. I use it all the time and I found it is the fastest, better than IE and Netscape. -Frodo... again        


  Well there you have it.  Fictional characters everywhere prefer Opera.  The real world... well we'll keep IE around because we go to real web sites.

Nalani Jolly is my girlfriend's sister... isn't that so cool!? -Frodo 


  OK bigfoot. You're done now.  Move along and let someone else drool for a while.

A guy said "I want to be more like Christ" I said, "Oh you want people to go out on crusades and kill hundreds of thousands in your name? All hail Leon, accept Leon or die!"  Some people's ego!  Jeffrey D. Dean, Sr.     


  Thought that was Bush?

so how does one apply to write for e.c? who do i talk to? who do i email? who's leg do i have to hump to get more than a half-assed response on the shouts page?----------------------------------------------------------------------------daily wisdom: none. i ran out. Gene Bailey, bringer of noise and harbinger of occasional idiocy.         


  You forgot "late" half-assed response on the shouts page.

 you ARE the missing link... Good Bye (angelnsofla) Darlene Dean       



Hi, im Jake. I heart Evil people. but, i've gotta kno, wats w/ the flashing countries on the world map?     


  That's been discussed.  Read the pages.  At least one person has gotten it right.

Hey, what's a hormone? Is it like something in you'r body that just comes out when you have sex? Candy Matson         


  No that's sperm.  And it's not good for your complexion.  It just makes you immortal.

what made you choose the side of evil? were you just made at you bose for firing you because of a cirtain "Cheese" insident or was it the one with the "Cow in the bothroom".............? i should just shut up now... yea... ok... bye... goodbye... i said bye! goodbye! BYE!!!!!!         


  Made, bose, cirtain, insident, bothroom... these are the people who are with us in traffic every day. It all makes sense now.

i once bought a teapot at an oriental market that had this warning label on the box:  WARNING: may cause the seamy side volitation.  - david earle


  The label used to be on the bottom of the pot.

i just found this site today and ive been all over it but what exactly is the purpose.. there doesnt need to be a purpsoe its totaly awsome so keep up the good work!!!  I Love Chris !!!!!


  We're working on a purpose.  Right now, we're here to balance order in the cosmos.  Someday, we hope to be a rocking great site for Girls Gone Wild audiobooks.

If you had to have sex with a realy ugly chick or have sex with a realy hot chick who would you choose?How about if the hot chick was your grandma and the ugly chick had chicken?-chorbalan


  OK, first off, "had to?"  Do you mean, really need it, or like had a gun to our heads.

Hooray for the 4th of July!  I hate almost everything about it.  My dumb-ass neighbors shoot fireworks from 9:00 p.m. 'till 2:00 a.m. for five or six days straight**the streets are all blocked off for "parades"**the air national guard does high-speed-high-noise fly bys for any small town that asks for one**I get invited to three or four excruciations called "picnics" to which I must accept at least one or I will have to go to one of the others**one word: relatives**I probably have to work, but if I don't you can be sure my boss will call me in (or, see "picnics" above)**Hot weather and/or rain**Fireworks stands taking up 60% of every spare parking lot in the county**It's enough to make you want to strap a row of firecrackers to your head and dive head first into a burning barrel.  I'm going back to bed.  Evil Twin Douglas      


  The patriotism is just inspiring here.  Can't wait for the "Fucking Christmas" follow-up.

How old are you guys anyway? I mean,  you seem to be extremely ingenious, at least brighter than anyone I know. How do you come up with this stuff? It's pretty damn funny if you ask me(which you didn't),but anyway, I hope you respond .....  ^.~  Keyne Day, NY  ^.^   


  Old enough to be extremely ingenious. 

If I come up with something genuinely clever, that will be the day pigs fly(which they can't, at least i don't think they can, can they?) .....  ^.~  Keyne Day  ^.^          


  Depends on how hard you throw them.

I need more shout pages or I WILL in fact release the llama conspiracy. And although no one would know what that is.... I asure you it is nothing to your liking so I strongly suggest that you put more shout pages. They're very wonderful indeed. Espeacially since I am a loser with nothing to do than read the latest up dates on evil.com and create llama conspiracies. - lucas fillman-    


  OK, we'll do more shouts then.  If there's one thing we don't need it's more llamas.

This is a tight ass site! y didn't i find it before? It kicks the shit out of my usual nsync.com routine! (he he you cant stop me from sending in stupid feedback now!) elsie howard     


  We think everyone can get behind kicking the shit out of nsysc.  Or at least beating the crap out of that whiney Timberlake. 

i just thought you guys would like 2 know that the oriental guy w/ the glasses is oh so fine and only HE can make me play with myself... -elsie howard      


  Glasses guy says, "Do you have Playstation or XBOX?"

All ye young sailors come listen to me- I'M WEARING A DIAPER AND I LOVE IT!! LMAO!! I live in aplace where the sky is orange-even at night! And the mountains are jagged and there are Grues. Yes Grues. You have moved into a dark place It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. Grues??!?!  What the heck is a Grue?!?! Damnit, make sense, Grue! Explane yourself! HERE THEN HERE GO HERE! http://www.blurty.com/users/fairmontgrue/ And maybe just maby you can find the singing sea and come to me tell me what you see. Life ain't a garden so quit being a hoe. How can you be happy if yo' whig be nappy? Fo' Shizzle! NARF!!        


  It's a good thing we aren't in this for the money.

And here I thought that that little blurb "We get it daily" was some sort of arrogant commentary on the sirs' sex-life.  Forgive my crassness.  -Imalegna Jones


  And it isn't because...?

you guys got me thinking - 'nuff said   Ben Herman       


  Whoops!  Sorry!  Our bad.

Hey, can you guess what nationality my name is? If u get it right I will send you five dollars ^.~ Well my name is KEYNE           


  Your nationality is Hungarian.  This may differ from what your parents told you, but they had a reason to lie.

Do you guys do anything constructive with your lives? Or is this it, by the way what do you think of Racoons? -Laurie Bell           


  Did boys kid you about your name in school?  Yeah, we thought so.  And so many sexual jokes too, eh?

I finally get the blinking map on the static page! The blinking countries are ones which have major hunger problems, and when it turns to the light map those countries don't have much power either. I get it -Chris Rougier       


  Could be... or maybe it's all about people who think Carrot Top is funny.

You forgot the most important lie of all.  Sure, everyone else lies to us.  We're used to that, we live in a sceptical world because of it.  But you forgot that we all lie to ourselves to stave off despair, insanity, boredom.  And really, what's more evil -- your lover lying to you about your assive stamina, or your telling it to yourself every night you sleep alone after she gets rid of you?  We lie to ourselves so blackly and subtley that even you at Evil can't come close.  So sorry.  -Ahab's Apotheosis           


  In the end, you only lie to yourself. 

hey you've got that loading screen off fallout in static, that's pretty cool. Fallout 2 the only sequel better than the original. Sexy Tom        


  Not following you on the whole "loading screen" thing. With only a couple of small exceptions, all the art is ours or scanned by us.

The goth chick with the Fuck me i'm famous T-shirt is a man she's got a weiner!!!!-Mister slippy fist      


  Yeah, sure, she's got a wiener.  You're single, right?

Like your little coner of the web a lot.  Keep spinning.  --Don Delmonico         


  Just for you Don.

the shouts are getting lame...... you read a couple hundred then you've read them all..... and yes including this one.... from ciara    


  That one does sound familiar.

Which is werse sum1 useing Money Python Quotes in there work, or the fact that I notice? (B4 u say it I no I cant spell, we aint all as wise as U, 4 !)          


  Actually, its the people who use the word "literally."

momma dont like this wicked clown i mite come from the dark side of town.. when shes gone n ur alone again.. 50 bucks sez ull let me in... hehehehe i miss my icp!!        


  Sounds like a good use of 50 dollars.

i have the need to rape random objects.. i dunno its like a sickness...  ~the wasted juggalette    "mmm yummy!" 


  Try the light socket next.

There will come a day when all mankind bows doen, and only one will stand amongst-  Biy Intel           


  Really, are you folks doing this just to make us laugh... or cry?

wow i gotta say this is one cool site finally something that really is funny!! keep it up-chelsea      


  Another sexual reference from undoubtedly an under age female...

"Insufferable sting, that sanity should ground arms on such a field!"  It's your field, perhaps, but you understand little of what it takes to ground the arms of sanity.  Your viewpoint on lies comes closest, running concentric circles about the human conceptions of social convienience and purpose.  But no matter -- it's just a bit sad that your sanity chose this field rather than one more dignified, or at the very least more interesting.  As for evil, " that horror's out of me, and with the soft feeling of the human in me, yet will I try to fight ye, ye grim, phantom futures!" And as that esteemed personage continued, "Stand by me, hold me, bind me, O ye blessed influences!".  Perhaps you can gain a little more respect if you can tell me who said my quotes, and where they said them.        


  You know that line where Ash says "Good, bad, I'm the one with the gun"?

You're reading one too many big fish stories guy.  Is there a Starbucks near by?  We want a latte.

Durandana, the fruitcake and the cutter.  Joyeouse, the valorous and unfaithfully weilded.  Cortana, the gift that was lost.  You have none of their temper, but you ought to know who made them.  Enlighten thyself!  -The Swordsmith (Mr Smith, to you.)   


  Cortana is the hot little AI chick from Halo too.

so much time has passed and this is what we have to show     -lifer       


  Be thankful you've got this much.

You guys are french arn't you? Cause "The Final Programme by Michael Moorcock " (Which is apparently your offical book) in actually only in french "La Programme Final". So I just figured you might be french - Jean Chretein      


  Nah, we're not French.  We win our wars.

What a waste of a perfectly good domain name...Jon Davis      


  This we get from the brother of the lameass who draws Garfield.

What's green and brown and that's stinking deep in the wood ?                                          French Guy 


  Yup, French guy sounds like the right answer to us too.
out of all the websites you've snuck in on us http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=idiotshirts was my favorite


  We're in favor of most of our fans wearing clothes.
Wow, I came to this site thinking it would be "evil"...it wasn't, but it was suprisingly filled with salty goodness...one question...whats with "fuck me im famous" girl...??-Kallie Morgan         


  The question is more "who's" with fuck me I'm famous girl... or who want's to be.
whats with all the people with the chicken porno fetish is it just me or do they need professional help-liz.a


  They certainly could use some advice from chicken porno fetish professionals, as they're pretty amaturish at the moment.
Ha! Im eating pie this very minute! I would give you guys some but i'm afraid i dont know you. here, i'll put it through the computer. OMG! thats not good. My mom's gonna kill me!


  Maybe if you suck, real hard.  Or just suck a lot.
I'm the princes of the darkness


  Multiple personality problems are a bitch, especially when you're princes.
i like how u all talk about pie so much...i call my boyfriend pie because he's tasty...im serious really...did u know that i have spots?? im serious really -marshmewwos rayne


  If you check, we're not the ones talking all that much about pie.  It's you folks who have the problem.  We do like pie, and... hey, it's breaktime!
This is the first web site I actually understand. I love you Evil -Malorie Noble


  It's a curse.  That's the real reason we don't talk to women, they fall in love with us and the next thing you know, boiled pet rabbit.
poem by me: roses sre red violates are blue I'm going to lick my toe and put it in your shoe. = Malorie Noble


  Quick... hide the bunny.
why do you want apple pie? i think peach pie is a lot better, but dont get me wrong apples good too. and am i missing something about all the chicken porn? and why the hell did i not get that email about it? Chibi Zoku


  OK, we officially want to say we're not purveyors of chicken porn.  And they're all over 18, we promise.
The only thing ur site is missing, besides a point, is dumb blonde jokes -Nicki 


  Damn, the secret project was all about dumb blonde jokes.  Now we have to start over because the surprise is ruined.
I saw these 2 quote and thought of you """If you make people think that they are thinking, they will love you; but if you really make them think, they will hate you."-Aristotle & "The fact that a believer is happier than a sceptic is no more to the point than the fact than a drunken man is happier than a sober one." Sloogigan          


  Think about it.
there you are! - Ed Mactell


  Nope, we're over here.
if you close your eyes and wish real hard, I'll still be here... - Ed Mactell


  Beleave us, we're trying everything Ed.
uh........*drool*...............................................soooooooooooo, the internet sends you to another dimension? But that's what it sounded like you said!...................How do you talk to people through a bunch of wires?.......*drool*




You know, I can't be bothered being clever, there's a fucking big helicopter starting it's engines outside my window. Arses. This post brought to you by the word "smurf", for no apparent reason at all.  


  Very clever.
So I walk into the bar...Damn that hurts.-- Peter Jennisis


  Every comic we know has tried to make that one work so don't feel too bad.
I am taking over your website someday hee hee hee hee hee hee - the children from down the lane


  Was it last Tuesday?  That would explain a lot.
Are you guys are like a bunch of zombie masters or what?!! -Gleason Rogers


  Yeah, it's kind of like that.  Now SIT!
The rock said this- Do you want pootain pie? or an ass kicking- The Rock  ps: If you smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ! What the rock is cooking    


  We used to like the Rock.  Then we got body hair and our voices got deep and we forgot all about him and our toys and the giving tree too.
Is boring my friends with geek speak terribly interesting? -BriaGuya      


Your links arent hidden on pocket pc's! -BriaGuya  


  Yes, we know.  See the notes.  We love the PPC by the way, and try to make most of this readable there.
Your Website has the date from two days ago on it. -BriaGuya




Nah, we just checked. That's today's date.
You sould get a picture on the front page of a pracing yard nome. JOY! - Justin McPharison   


  Nome?  Our Gnome is pretty upset by your racial slur.
 Has anyone seen my cow named Bush? I think the Mini-Kevins took him. It's driving me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. It was cold. I died. They buried me. There were worms. They drove me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. It was cold. I died. They buried me. There were worms. They drove me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. It was cold. I died. They buried me. There were worms. They drove me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once... (twiddles fingers in evil way, opens eyes really wide). -Spaz Queso     P.S. Kevin likes spam!!!      


  Parents, it's important to carefully supervise the use of airplane glue. 
-.-- . .- .... /  - .... .- - ... /  - .... . /  ... ..- .--. . .-. -... ..- -. -. .. . ... /  .-.. .. -. -.- /  .. /  .-- .- ... /  .-.. --- --- -.- .. -. --. /  ..-. --- .-. .-.-.- /  .-. .. -.-. .... /  .--- .- -. -.. -         


  --. .-.. .- -..    - ---    .... . .-.. .--. .-.-.-    .-- .    .-- . .-. .    .... --- .--. .. -. --.    ..-. --- .-.    .-    .-- .... --- .-.. .    -.. .. ..-. ..-. . .-. . -. -    -.- .. -. -..    --- ..-.    -... ..- -. -. -.--    - .... --- ..- --. .... .-.-.- 
I shall make a whore house:it's name evil.com its ho's are you you and you-chorbalan    


  Can we watch?
Your all just a bunch of foolish... child-like... fool child.... type people... things... yea... thought so...


  It's not type people. It's Typists.  Lots of immigrants get that wrong, so don't feel too retarded.
Even funnier than American white guys in do-rags talking "gangsta" is German guys in do-rags talking what they think is American-English "gangsta" ...I love it when they misspell "fuck" in their grafitti. -Imalegna Jones


  You must send us some examples IG.
what the hell is up with all these people who say "your site is f***ed up but i like it"? that is just stupid.end of message no wait now. no no now. no now? argh NOW. END OF MESSAGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Ryukami 


  That's fucked up.
Hey, recently found this site, donno HOW bored I had to be to find it. but hey, it's interesting none the less. Love the rants, guys. Keep the sarcasm up.


  Hurry, it's getting very heavy.

Well, since I need to get back to playing with myself, i'll just say that I have found nothing "Evil" about this web site at all, I think you just got bored with playing with yourselves and made this site for something to do, or maybe, just maybe there is some hidden meaning that I havent found yet.  But be assured I will keep looking.-Ben  



  Keep looking. It's there.  Very disturbing we can assure you.
Wow, I never knew how many people had nothing better to do with there time than write this ignorant shit on these pages, wait.............I just wrote something. DAMNIT!  I'm useless just like all these other asshole.  I might as well kill myslef now.  Good bye cruel world.- BJ      


QUOTE "I'm going to lay in bed, stare at the cieling, and slip slowly into maddness!"     


  It's better if you don't go slow.
July 17, 2003 (sort of) you cocks give away the ending to Terminator 3. You go to hell, you go to hell and you die!


  And Rosebud, that was Kane's sled from the early scene of him getting called in from the snow.
You give Evil a bad name. -Marilyn Manson    


  Kind of like the unfair rap cheap whore has gotten, right?
If i made a show about grandmas fighting and wrestling and playing chicken in wheel chairs everyone would whatch it because everyone like to see old ladies-chorbalan        


  Depends on whether you could work in the right product placement.
A broken heart is better than a shattered pelvis >>crazy lady<<


  But when you get both, wow that sucks.
a haiku (/s will have to do instead of lines):   Dialects of hate,    /    Spinning egregious stars;    /    Pointedly sheepish.   - miley


  three lines of nonsense
something all about weird stars
and now it's over
What's the Sub-Genius?-Ryan-1290


  Sorry Ryan, the actual question is WHO is the Sub-Genius.
nombre es Azul.  Leader of kings, found my way here, truly, merely by accident,  


  Sure you did.  Now find your way out by accident.  Not so easy is it tough guy with your foreign accent and everything?
Nombre es Azul, Leader of kings, Killer of dreams, now that I am here, I will never leave this place...


  See, we told you so.
People say I'm the life of the party, cos I tell a joke or two...but really, it's cos I spike the punch with Rohipnol. #An Admirer# 


  We're feeling kind of sleepy.  Can you drive us home?
This site is prejudiced against woodworm, we like our stuff leted. Kia   


  More Goth chicks to drink up all our good Romanian Absinth.  You're not fat ones are you?
hello, i would just like to say that origianally i found this sit quite... shall we say simple... but in time have found it almost comforting to know that there are more demented people out there than just myself, and the person who wrote on the bathroom stall "here i sit broken hearted, came to shit only farted", and ps all of you people out there in the world please learn how to use the english launuage- muhadeep@yahoo.com


  Yeah, listen to the guy who doesn't know how to spell language.
Sometimes I get an advertisement for penis enlargement and breast enlargement. I wonder if they're the same pill. I also get emails adverizing digital cameras-as seen in Playboy Magazine! I'm still trying to figure out how to buy a third mortgage when I don't have a first one. I wonder if mortgage comes from the Latin rott 'mort,' meaning death. Hmmm... *passes out* -Jiyu           


  Gee, we thought they'd never pass out.  Get the digital camera.
Those last two pictures on static are from the real old site....it was better. - Noah Kopcho   


  We thought so too. But it grew up and had to make it's own life.  If you love something set it free. 
 I selected - I typed - I didn't add my name yet but I'll get there - ditto for pressing Submit - and yet, strangely, i don't feel very satisfied with the result. Jake Eakle.   


  You need lotion.  Try it with lotion.
July 8 "we think most cell phones are fairly well managed in a car", July 24 "You're all a bunch of yammering idiots!...if you're driving while using your cell phone" WTF man?  


  Yeah, it's the idiots who are trying to do three or more things that scare us.
do people hit you up for the domain name?-domain name robber


  Oddly enough, yes.  They back down when we mention the price includes a personal body part on their part.
Now im not alone, i knew i was evil since the beginning, thank evilness, EVIL PEOPLE ARE SUPERIOR!! do u have any more pies for me your evil best friend? -Nancy Nifty    


  The pies are on a stack over there... wait... damn, they're gone.  Sorry.
.. /  ... .- -.-- /  .-.. . - /  .-. .- ..- .-.. /  - .- -.- . /  --- ...- . .-. --..-- /  .... . ... /  ..-. ..- -. -. -.-- /  .-- .... . -. /  .... . ... /  -.-. --- -. ..-. ..- ... . -.. .-.-.- /  .-. .. -.-. .... /  .--- .- -. -.. -  


  .... . .----. ...   ..-. ..- -. -. -.--   .-- .... . -.   .... . .----. ...   -. --- -   -.-. --- -. ..-. ..- ... . -.. .-.-.-   -... ..- -   .. - .----. ...   ..-. --- .-.   .-   -.. .. ..-. ..-. . .-. . -. -   .-. . .- ... --- -. .-.-.- 
have U seen my shoes?


  Yes. No. Maybe. How much is it worth to you?
I can hear them talk, can you hear them talking? there talking about me, protting, sceming, conspireing.... many minds at work, to hach the plan, you no the all no Im doomed if they find me, but there'll never find me I can find, help Im lost, Lost, LOST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has any one seem my shoes?     


  Oh, you had us going there for a bit.  We're still waiting for a cash offer though.
i have a huge crush on mr.'s e.... is it alright that i am a man???


  Providing you don't mind getting kicked in the nuts.
How many people are involved in evil.com and where are you based out of?  


  Evil.com is either the small arm of a larger publishing firm that you'd recognize immediately and gasp "my god, now it all makes sense!" with a staff or twelve Rhodes Scholar graduates who have written for Time, Newsweek and The National Lampoon, or it's the rambling drug-addled product of a single disheveled soul in a small apartment furnished with a stolen personal computer, table, chair, hotplate, and soiled mattress, the room littered with cut out paste up pictures of Janet Reno's head on Whitney Houston's body.  It is either based out of Silicon Valley California, or a small town in Maine featured in several H.P. Lovecraft short stories that ended very badly for the hero.

Thanks for asking.  We've been meaning to clear that up.

Are you bothered by double negatives?---Sara


  No, never.
Do you know the Stinky Cheese Man?


  The guy who replaced the Muffin Man?  Yeah.  And he owes us cash.
You guys wonder how you get stupid comments all the time? This was easy enough to find... try making the link a black picture and hide it on a page somewhere O_o I like how the whole evil.com thing has nothing to do with it's name tho... :D if you guys play ut2k3, my name i play with is to the right --> - StarMech_)]_><(


  We're playing UT2K4. But we're dumping it for H2 on 11/9.
The Mr.'s E are very mysterious. They go all vanish for a few days without saying stuff. They should be all less mean to Raul (Who's he?) and such. The Mr.'s E are going to be smitten by a large peice of roof shingling. Haha. Now they must live their lives in fear of roofs.     


  We're definitely less mean to Raul.  It's hard to be mean to him when he's locked in the cellar. 
Have you ever met the yummy lemming that jumped onto my head? he stole my brain. Please tell me if you do. Thank you. - The Yummy Rabbit  


  If a lemming stole your brain dude you need to start running towards the sea.  Do it now.
WTF?!?!?!?! YOU CALLED LINUX AN OS FOR LOSERS?! you must not be too l337, are you? Well! that sux for you then! - The Yummy Rabbit   
  This we get from a brainless guy.  Figures.
Why do people always associate evil with satan and t3h devil? And do you sp34k l337? I th1nk 1 sp33k l337. 1'm g0nn4 r4n7 1n l337 |_|n71l j00 l1573n 70 m3. -The Yummy Rabbit (again)    


  Guess we're all forgiven and stuff for the LINUX exposé eh?  1053|2.
Fantastisch, einfach wunderschön. Raul, du hast ja immer eine Antwort. Grüsse von John Smith MCXLVIII 


  Raul Dose nicht anser jetzt. Vielen Dank für die Bemerkung.
the world is fucked and it doesnt get much better- Nalani's boyfriend


  When you mention Nalani, the first part takes on a whole new meaning.
kill Marco he is tormenting my family anf tramatauzing me- Nalani's cousin


  We can't afford to be any more involved with your family.
what do you give to the woman who has everything? (dont say penicillin cause i did that last year) Mr. L         


Stuff is cool, because you can do stuff with it,... and stuff You Know?   


  Yeah, stuff it.
You always here of someone who believes something is true that isn't really true (*cough* religion *cough*. But you rarely see someone who believes something isn't true when it really is. How come the truths that are believed to be true but aren't true outnumber the truths that are true but believed not to be? Maybe the true thruth of a truth lies in the eye of the beholder. The truth is truely very confusing.-- Nick Fox   


  We like the new Budweiser "True" ads.  Man that's honesty in advertising.
when turkeys mate, do they think of swans?--eclipse  


  Obviously you need to do more field research.
do strippers make good guest speakers?---Mr L


  Yes, because they first capture the audience's attention, then nobody gives a flying fuck what they say.
The goth chick with the Fuck me i'm famous T-shirt is a man she's got a weiner!!!!-Mister slippy fist  


  Um, no fist, she doesn't.  That's a fold of leather.  Relax dude, you're obviously repressing something here.
Join the K.C.O. today! Telling couples everywhere to get a room since 1999.


  1999 was when that moon base blew up and sent the moon off into inter stellar space, right?  We miss the moon. Damn those scientists!
Y'know when i first typed evil.com i thought i get something evil but i didnt and now im hooked like cheese-Fox


  We use cheese on our hooks too.  Good for trout. Catch and release is for pussys.
If dr. Evil existed he would be running this webcite but since Mike Myers plays him Mike Myers should run the website-chorbalan


  Oh, behave.  (You just wanted to hear us say that, right?)
hey there! I finally found the shout page! You're right... I did click everything in sight. Weeeellll, Raul, this site is tres cool, gives me something to check out when I'm bored, something to laugh at when I'm feeling crazy, and something to contemplate (yes, that's right, I spend time contemplating this site)! Well, man, you are just like a mokey with no vantage point! I love it! Keep up the good work, babe!           ~Ivy (the big cheese) Anderson  


  Monkey with no vantage point.  Must remember that the next time we write his performance appraisal for immigration.
bitch- mandolyn 


U don't scare me .Do i scare U-Usman


  Were you the one in line today who didn't bathe?  Yeah, that was scary.  Get some soap kid.
Youre a pot smoking barf eating crackhead  


  You peeked!
Your ma is so stupid that she tripped over the cord of a cordless telephone  


  She does NOT like to be called "Ma." And she'll kick your ass if you keep it up.  Just thought you desrved a warning.

Isn't it strange that the amount of buns per pack is always different than the amount of hot dogs (or other meats stuffed into intestinal lining) per pack. These people are out to either A) waste our money on having an excess of one, or B) they want to bring everybody together to eat large feasts therefore selling more product. Well as of now I say let's stop eating pig anus, snout, and whatever else is in those hot dogs and drive these bastards out of business. Who's with me? - 2b the Bard    


  We always ruin the first couple of buns.  Guess we're too aggressive with our weiners.

  Loki is my God, To this i nod, i shout to you, you shout to me, can't we all be fucking free! ~~Katree Illeni       


  Fucking free sounds pretty boring.  Kind of like pain free or guilt free?

Ha Ha...Funny how i was just playing with myself isnt it?...grranyways..I like this...i like this alot, almost as much as i like swallowing rubber bands and letting birds next between my legs...anyways...-Lindsey   


  We saw a bird next in a tree once.  Then it was gone.

Hey, you guys fuckin rock. This is my number one, all time favorite website. SO, keep up the good work.... and btw, we should know this isn't porn... who even cares about porn in books and mags anymore? It's all about the web pages, huh?- La'Verta Taylor           


  Porn in web pages?  Wow, that might just work!

Mr's E, raul and the Z's-- It was disheartening not to have been put in the new dumb and silly section.  I guess i just don't keep in touch enough... but the loves still there.  I think I've come to terms with the concept that you are definitely smarter that I am... but do you know what omphaloskepsis means-- HAHA!  Sorry this must be closing in on a drool, even a slime, eh? Anyway I still would like a polo shirt and one day maybe even a shout... I'll work on the brevity thing, and I'l try to make it back before the month is out... if my wife, child, two dogs, cat, bird, and my landlords yard chores don't keep me too long.  Later Jeff Mills ( blah, blah, relative of, blah, blah ogre) 


  Sorry, can you repeat that?  We were busy staring at our navel.

why me? why? what have i ever done to deserve the eternal hate, suffering and jello without whipp cream? WHY? -drowning in self pity in the cheap part of the hamptons  


  Vampires, Mummies, Highlanders, they all have such whiney complaints.

repetitive first repetitve last name says something evil could come about it if given middle initial, Dick N. Bush    


  Nope, reading that backwards didn't make any sense either.

The August 5th page discussed Barnes and Noble and furniture and how you purchase from Amazon more and more - quite funny, I even told the wife about it. - John Stamm         


  Thanks, that helped.

What in the world did you have for breakfast, beans with a truckload of port-a-john's? Ryan Jones       


  Just beans.

I once had a dream the giant giraffes were attacking all of man kind, and a guy and me were the only one's in the whole world who could stop them because we could buy eyes for the back of our heads. Needless to say, I no longer like giraffes!  *Amanda*      


  They're sneaky, and they have bad breath.  But extra eyes is kinda creepy too.

oooh. it took me a long time to figure out how to make one of these thingys after reading...them all....cuz i hav a life....really...somewhere. whered it go? it jumped out the second story window.wheeeeeeeee.that was fun.hmm. good sight..if you eat carrots...i meant good site too though, probably.boring stuff gets deleted.delete delete delete.this will break that delete button of yours.muhaha.oh,wait, i mean.damn..anyway, you're site made me laugh, or rather, the idiots that go to your site made me laugh, answers as well, so im laughing at myself, go me, ok then, i think i said "i" too many times, keep making fun of people, mucho easio and funE everytime. -tara shire        


  It's kind of a perpetual motion thing then.

I'm sorry, but Hellboy is going to suck.  Just like all the other comic book movies of late.  Problem being once you let the Hollywood Machine get ahold of an idea they aren't happy with it until they piss in it.  I will admit that X-men and it's sequel were, watchable but other than that the only comic based movie I've seen in YEARS was "The Cowboy Bebop Movie".  What?  You didn't know that Cowboy Bebop was Manga?  Losers.  --Evil Twin Douglas        


  See, you were WRONG.  Let's go over that one more time; You were WRONG. Gotta love it.

Please tell me what in the hell is hellboy!  I went to the website and saw a bunch of cool pictures and comic covers, but no goddamn storyline! Is he a devil, or a mutated little boy, or some kind of hobo?  WHY ARE THE NAZIS INVOLVED!!! -tyler     


  Do we still have to tell you?  You've got the whole damned internet.  Can't you figure it out?

I searched for the face of evil, they told me to look for Rush Limbaugh. I searched for Rush Limbaugh and I found you... Nasty. Bink Mariachi   


  We're hoping that the whole finding us thing was because we've dissed Rush.

Sometimes.... I try to factor myself :) You should try factoring yourself... it gives you such a rush. By the way, it is no longer considered pie. The new politically corect term for it is breaded stuff that was baked in a oven with safe home-style loving. WOOT!          


  Go factor yourself.

More vacations? Raul was great and I'm sure the next thing you through at is will be too, but come on, we miss you.   -kris           


  There is no such thing as too many vacations.

Those last two pictures in the static are from the old site....it was better. - Noah Kopcho           


  Seems like we've heard that somewhere before...

I would thing evil.com would be different......<Andrew Jefferson>         


  We would thing it too.

If a mime is in the middle of the forest, and there is no one around, and then a tree falls on him, does he make any sound? - Amida Butsu Lite         


  Yes.  It's kind of a squishy one.

Here's an idea for PETA. If they don't want us to kill animals, and we want meat, how about we just eat them? Everyone will be happy.        


  Oh please, don't hand us straight lines like that.

I found my friends...their in my head-Mr.Slippyfist        


  So long as they stay friends.

In the evil alphabet, why isn't E for Evil?           


  Because it's for Euthanasia.

I am a slave to chocolate pudding. Are you a aslave to vanilla pudding? if so, tell me so i can sic my chocolate minioun upon youuu. Neither are all the various permutations of anything with the words it's amazing what you can auto-delete with your inclination of writing something similar to that.   


  Somehow we liked it when you used "in" instead of "to" in the beginning.

This is chorbalans alphabet- A is for asshole cuz thats what you are B-is for bitch cuz thats what you are too C is for chorbalans because thats what i am...and now i will skip to F and you know what that is for-chorbalan  



da dumber peeple fink yu are, da mor suprized thhere gonna bee whence yu KILL them.... (Spelling mistakes intended.) -Chloe de LaGarde       


  It's even easier when you're as dumb as they think you are.

I'm sorry about my last little thing I submitted. It was completely uncalled for. I just thought you should know that Nicole, Ashley, and Zoe are sooo last year! Chloerz is here now! -Chloe, duh! 



If I could be any bird in the world, I'd be the flying purple people eater becuase then people would sing sounds about me, and I could fly down and eat them!  -Paula  (evil just like you if not eviler)         


  Just 'cause it flys, don't make it a bird.

im marika 14yrs old i cant get the attention of my fucking boyfriend. i dont know what he likes to me maybe he likes me because im the one he can always kissed when ever he like.      


  Yeah, that might do it.

The old definition of evil was: "exceeding normal boundaries." You guys are truly evil. Keep up the good work. Antonio Domenick        


  We're exceeding normal boundaries within reason now.

Ever consider how digusting eating is? You spear peices of hot, dead animal, stuff it in you mouth, were you proced to grind and break down with rock-like structures and emzyme filled liquids, then through a series of muscular contractions force it down into a flesh chamber were it is disolved by acid. Pretty, eh? - Darkcristal13@netscape.net           


  Hey, how late is Wendy's open any way?

A duck's quack dosen't echo and no one knows why. Tony      



Did y'all know that the definition of Evil is: Morally bad or wrong; wicked; depraved. Or also could mean: threatening or bringing misfortune; unlucky; disastrous. Kind of reminds me of my life, except without the fun stuff. Hope that was clever enough, or maybe I should just go back to wallowing in self pity. Wait... did I ever stop? ...Lexy           


  We thought it just meant damn sexy.  Learn something new every day...

what if my i told u my mind is stuck and there's nothing would come out my mouth except..WHAT THE HELL ALL THIS ABOUT?!!...Fajer..BH           


  We'd ask if you ever taught grade school.

Stuck between the worlds of indentured servent and self-determination is a nipple crusher. Thanks for being one of the "somewhat intiresting" places in my computer. Ariel Herman     


  Thanks for being one of the somewhat interesting droolers.

 Like tiny airborne particles that refract the light of the sun coming through the window on a cold winter's day, we too one day will come to rest upon and as an inanimate object.  That is until that object gets dusted.  Then we either wind up in the trash or flushed out with the sewage.  -Mundy  


  Watch out for the spray wax.

This site's kinda like wrestling a gorilla - You don't quit when you're tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.  -Stephanie Powell 


  No where near tired.

Being good or Evil is something you do on the weekend. This site is a great way to spend it.  Jeff Hood 


  Do you have to choose on Friday or Saturday?

be----leave........to "be" something then to "Leave" move away..............TRUTH!     i never understand.  I am Alan Jackson of England, welcome.   


  Wow, you mean we're in England now?  Are you magic?

heroin adicts are better for society than smokers... at least they usualy clean up after themselves and they die a whole lot quicker too - Ian Cudmore      


  And, no nicotine stained teeth!

genital warts. The gift that keeps on giving. Troy MacKay         


  Don't try to regift them. No amount of wrapping will help.

your site is nice but if i was on the moon with a duck, and i ordered pizza, would i share it with the duck? - Ian Cudmore           


  Yes, just before you both died of rapid decompression.

the sanity of your claims is questionable, but your site kicks ass! - chri j.           


  OK, more ass kicking to come.

Life is just the game of hours passed by you - Tanboy  


  The question is really, how do you score?



Yo mammas so fat... that... she... was walking... and... ummm... someone called her FAT! (Damn I'm good...) - Black Mage, king of Stab-ity Death   


  Good...um.. original probably.  Nobody else has used that line.
Ariel black, Jeffmarllon



Umm the government wouldnt spend money trying too stop the drug trady after all they ARE the fucking drug trade-Mr.SlippyFist  


  The problem is they don't admit it so they don't have a customer relations department.

Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you people are part of the un christian AXIS OF EVILLLLLLLL if you dont like this country you can geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt out YEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW *fart*-Jim Ross      


  Good to see the fart there.  It's nice that people share their nicknames.

It has been said that multiple exclamation marks are the signs of a diseased mind. Take that as you will, you poor spellers. I swear, the Internet has caused the death of proper spelling and punctuation in this country.  This, from Ross.     


  Hey, it's *fart* again!

...Interesting place you've got here. Was lucky enough to find it, in the process of having my career ended by the Sky nAAzis. Lots more evil out here than you guys have any idea about. I guess that just makes the whole deal interesting....Sorry, no name-too exposed.-      


  Please don't expose yourself here.  We get too much of that already.

What's better then winnig a gold medal in the Special Olympics???????       Not being retarded. Farron Tilly     


  And you know because you've tried both?

so!  you want me to come up with something clever, ay?  well, clever's my middle name, by golly!  i have an inclination, but not  one to write "those words" (and you know what they are, ass-clowns!!!).  my inclination is to write something that has ne'er been written before!  and i just did!  i'll bet you have ass-clown absolutely nowhere on this site!  and i just wrote it1  twice!  beat that, jackson 5!  that was NOT as easy as.. abc...  lalalalala 1.2.3....                                     -Julianna Faddler           


  Working on the whole ass-clown/jackson 5 that you're apparently hung up on.  Nope, still not getting it.

even samurai have teddy bears and even the teddy bears get drunk  -What?     


  Trying to picture Toshiro Mifumi cuddling a drunken Teddy Ruxspin. Toshiro keeps putting the wrong tape in?

"It's kid of like the national debt." A direct quote from you folks that I thought you might want to change. It's somewhere on the site, you'll have to find it yourself. I don't think it was intentional, then again maybe it's to show that like our gov't with the national debt you're willing to sell off anything  the people won't notice is gone. Anywho, back to the daily toil for others income- two b 


  And thanks for pointing that out.  But we must have fixed it already.  Now we both look a little foolish, eh Kid?

i am new to this .com my name is jesus but u can call me genius --god   


  Don't you hate those schitzos who aren't satisfied with just two names?

Those who do evil belive they are doing good. Those who are crazy do not think they are crazy. Therefore, anyone who says either of these things is lying and stupid. Fear the Catch-22. This, from Ross.         



How do I fit more food into my mouth?  -The Payless Shoestore Lady 



Shouts shouts let them all out shouts are the thing i cannot do without...and spanking my monkey too-chorbalan 



Funny site carry on man! Chad Von Maine       



What do the parents really do while we're in school? -Nicki      




I spoke to Harlan Ellison about you at his L.A. booksigning tonight.  He may be contacting you to claim the letter "E."  At the very least, his interest was piqued.  Thanks for turning me on to him. - Bec Ryan           


hmm...a slew of gothic nintendo characters, rampant violence and swearing versus one minute at evil.com ........i cant make up my mind - A. Stephen, MJ-12 undercover trooper  


Every day its no sharp objects,notalking to people in the paded room next to you, no threating the gaurds or you get tranqulizers in the ass or neck.But here Evil truly coquers. P.s. if you gussed i'm in Jackson Asylum your wrong.I'm in the Jackson Saniturium-Jared Brown         


No Satan or Devil, Huh? How about Lucifer? ps why can't we use Satan or Devil? I thought this is EVIL.com-Jared Brown           


today i got 2 cups for one blizzard, that makes me a sexy beast? No? Well tell siobahn i found her name when i stumbled across an elf burning it in a hole. then you may not look for bb. Lurve, Sahndkas           


sticks and stones may break my bones but i am going to kill you - Joshua ruebenson     


how evil is evil.com ? because if its too evil, its too evil for me - the curious cat  


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Whats with all the fancy scripts on the main page lately? I like when Evil.com is simple and to the point. Though, it is a still a most looked forward to part of my day. Thank you Evil.com - Paul DeAmicis Orlando FL.       


Santa doesn't have elves... he has monkeys, doesn't he! Haven't you seen them?           


hey u said i have to put something short and interesting here...well this isn't short or interesting is it?NO!?!Maybe i don't want to be interesting.By the way,what r ur guyses(or guy's)names?And 1 more question,do u like work for the cia or something,i mean,don't u have something better to do with ur life?  -Spalding          


the beatings will continue until morale improves...HAHAHAHAHA!!!    -Cristina          


I think the stupidest thing ever said by man is "That depends on what your definition of is is." firstname lastname 


I hope that you post this. To all the people who have to try to sound smart, You don't. Please stop. Thanks, Farron Tilly           


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Is the darkness in Man's heart really proof against the amazing light of our lord Jesus Christ? Yeah, probably - John Smith MCXLVIII     


When are you going to put the next page of drool back up? John.... you know who (sorry Schweppes) 


When are you going to put the next page of drool back up? John.... you know who (sorry Schweppes) 


When are you going to put the next page of drool back up? John.... you know who (sorry Schweppes) 


If you live like you'll be dead tomorrow, you may well turn out to be right - John Smith MCXLVIII       


well your page is fun to read when I'm bored -Tyler B. 


Mind, which sets man apart from the beasts, is nothing more than an emergent feature of the interaction between the neurons in the brain, developed and refined through participation in a community of similar minds. - John Smith MCXLVIII        


On the sixth day god made man, and on the seventh he realized what a big mistake he made, and "ahh CRAP!" where his words. -Blast-Femer   


 evil is an acquired taste; some like it and indulge, while others shun it and judge. Live. - Shane Sysonexay         


Wht the world needs is a good ole' fashioned natural disaster on a global scale. But we all know scales are tampered with right? If they weren't 'W' wouldnt have weighed in - Kaelan Vale          


One day, somewhere, somehow, a big potato is going to steal 12 guinea pigs and a hammer.     


Donkey 147    


Donkey 147    


Donkey 147    


Jesus is the King of all Kings    


Where can I get an evil-meter or evildar (name needs work) - Mr. Popadopolis


Check out the short movie "The Gamers" at www.deadgentlemen.com (it is just a trailer there) by DoctorB       


If a cow and a half and a calf and a half ate a bale and a half of hay in a day in a half, how many waffles does it take to shingle a doghouse?     


My monkey has five bananas...


I was sucking cock the other day when the door bell rang.I opened the door and there was this guy who asked whether he could borrow the cock for a couple of hours.Well,I wasn't finished with it yet so I punched him in the face, instead.I hate cocksuckers!! --Clark Kent     


Hmmm....lets see......um ok....how bout'......fuckcunthorsepissbitchassspelunkernazitreehugger...YO MOMMA....have a nice day...P.S. Like tha site-Zander Douglas-   


Where is the new Fucked up comments posted at? I can't find mine-Jared Brown         


I'm not going to call my self by my friend's name anymore{ Jared Brown} I am now Jeremy Burciaga   Ps If he sends something that curses me off just Can it OK.    


I'm not going to call my self by my friend's name anymore{ Jared Brown} I am now Jeremy Burciaga   Ps If he sends something that curses me off just Can it OK.    


I'm not going to call my self by my friend's name anymore{ Jared Brown} I am now Jeremy Burciaga   Ps If he sends something that curses me off just Can it OK.    


 - You can love your pet , but don't LOVE your pet...- Aleph Mahakala           


What is considered genuinely clever?  Most people find writing full senteces clever.  Gordon Simpson   


Will there ever be a clataclysmic battle between you and www.good.com? - DoctorB   


i am sir spoon and you guys have the most awsome site name! and that part about calling them liars untill they give it to you... it doesnt work!


What is better, pie or 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862?          


u guys officially suck as. linux rocks and i dont give a rats ass about msft           


does ths website have big black dicks? 


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"The essence of every good bear is in the hypotenuse." - Neil Vice quoting a tired friend           


i am made of shamrocks i am made of stern stuff and i bleed for me and mine    


you guys are like.. dante's poetry, but sexyer. like the white stripes without meg. like johnny depp minus twenty years. like rudolph's nose on acid. like nothing i've ever imagined.  


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You tell us what evil.com is not.  So what is it then?  -Jared Ulmer        


Hi, it's me agian.  -Jared Ulmer


Why is it that you get IN a car but you have to get ON a bus?  


If a persons feelings are connected directly with their life, and how their life is lived, wouldn't that make life itself an emotion?           


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Just a shout to say the I hope that Warren Zevon is out there somewhere partying with "Roland the Headless Thompson  Gunner".  I heard three of his songs today in rapid succession and wondered if it was his birthday.  Sadly I was wrong.  -Evil Twin Douglas  


This is definately the coolest site i have ever been to!!-sara       


One by one the penguins steal my sanity...        


rush lembal .. scum, right wing scum. - ashley hestand   


 basically my friends the 9/11 situation is just a warm up, the war is not over you have won the battle but most definitly not the war, you see we know we are going be victorious it is a matter of time till that day comes, the youth is perparing something on a unprecedented scale,msg to those you are stationed in please wait for the order, anyway why is the crusade so naive, have they not learned from previous attempts? to manipulate the young minds, just wait           


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It's amazing what people put up here to sound smart...            anyone catching on yet? - Neil Vice        


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I want project X now Dammit! NOW!!!!!!      


pig tast like chicken right???  -pig   (hailong)     


i want waffles. the only problem is that i ahve no batter nor nothing to make it with. its 3am and the stores are closed. to top it off my waffle iron was stolen! now i realise that that was more than one problem but the general heading i was refering to as my only problem is the inability to have waffles at this time. a truely EVIL night. - must be your fault  - Ian Cudmore  


if the chocolate moose crows at midnight, does the dolphin bark? - Ian Cudmore          


if the chocolate moose crows at midnight, does the dolphin bark? - Ian Cudmore          


if the chocolate moose crows at midnight, does the dolphin bark? - Ian Cudmore          


Eminem is gay! marilyn manson is the guy i'd die to have sex with and you are a donkey


Fuck you asshole. I'm a big badass. Satan or devil.       


Fuck you asshole. I'm a big badass. Satan or devil, which ever you prefer.        


one by one the penguins steal my sanity-Sara    


Call you butter because your on a roll!!!           


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Phununamaphobia - the irrational fear of peanutbutter sticking to the roof of your mouth


Phununamaphobia - the irrational fear of peanutbutter sticking to the roof of your mouth


i know this message isn't particularly interesting in and of itself, however it was me who posted that last little tidbit of uselessness. i thought i would let you know. - Ian Cudmore      


i believe that souls rub off on objects... thats why your old jeans the ones that are totaly butalized are the most comfortable peice of clothing you own - Ian Cudmore         


What is the Theory of Perfect Absolution...??? 


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I think my cow needs a good licking. Can you lick it? Please say yes.   Jason    


ooooohhh I get it now. you fucks like fucking with other fucking fucks.  Jay(from Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back)       


I just found this fucking site, and I'm writing to tell all the fucking pie fucks in the world who love fucking pie so much to go get get some damn pussy and stop submitting all this pie shit. That goes for the bitches too.  Jay(Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back). 


why is this not but so funny to me? i mean its funny but only but so, understand?


This is for that fucking canadian fuck who keeps apologizing on behalf of all the canadian fucks out there: Get money, buy som dro, smoke that dro, get some pussy, and stop apologizing for that sorry fuck Bush and that sorry fucking hockey team. Jay(and Silent Bob too. Yeah, he talks).           


What Exactly do you mean by pie? -Jason Biggs          


Hey Lana Kay, I'm 6'0, 200 pounds(all muscle) and fine as fuck. so lets fuck unprotected. then you can suck till you start throwin up cum. Does that turn you on?   Jay(from Jay and silent bob strikes back)     note:ain't nobody as sick as me   


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You know what's amusing and a barrel of fun for all evolved? Calling an Anorexic chick fat, its funny because an Anorexic thinks they are actually fat. Sure to get a great laugh out of it. - James    


Nothing good ever came out of you, so I am not looking forward to Project X.  Bring back Raul!         


Dammit you fucking fucks. Project X   


say i was a super model who was fired for callen J.Lo { J.Ho} a bitch, would you give me your #. -      


say i was a super model who was fired for callen J.Lo { J.Ho} a bitch, would you give me your #. -      


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How did you know i play pool by my self. Someone's lying here. Jeff Rabbit     


Is it right to hate all people who have messed with America? My uncle Tomas says peole who don't like Americans are dumb.  


You guys actually hve NO clue what "evil" is and u are a far way from finding out.  -me myself and i      


Now you know, i know, that you know. got it? good! Droz      


nobody's perfect, i'm nobody, therefore i'm perfect!      


 I keep checking this site because the name suggests that sooner or later you might be doing something interesting with it.  So far this suggestion has been entirely misleading.  However, the way you've managed to organize relentless boredom under different topics with spiraling links is indeed worthy of a split second's appreciation, which is more than I can say for Fat Girls In Party Hats. - Hogarth Frampton           


what if there is nothing to get?  


what if this all there is to get?  Andoginous Monkey      


Well this is interesting , that much we know. However is it entertaining , that remains to be seen. Pat Johnson     


wtf interestinzite boyz less pinball more evil _skywolf    


Well, although it is true nothing I say is truly interesting I somehow still manage to gain the interest, maybe I should stop throwing rubber chickens at cats... Anyway, I have made a list of ten funny words. 1.) Soliloquy, always a big hit with Shakespeare; 2.) Shrewd, why does that sound like a rat or something?; 3.) Predicament, why is it funny? Say it slowly; 4.) Obituary, isn't death a bitch?; 5.) Curb; how can it not be funny?; 6.) Xylitol, if you're wondering, it's a crystalline alcohol made from the elemental formula CH2OH3CH2OH, it's a sweetener; 7.) Xingu, heh heh heh, goo, heh heh heh; 8.) Koodoo, yep, it's a real word, it's an antelope thingy; 9.) Cheong-Sam, not a name, but a dress thing; 10.) Bibliography; heh, bibly. That's the list, now shut up, from, Matt Gill   


hey. you guys are funny.    Tina Teano.  (P.S.   Stephen, call me. You know my dads number.) 


Stephen, my dad is checking out your website. He says there better not be any cuss words in it. sry to tell you this on your website. but he's doing it soon.     Tina Teano   


You guys are like French fried Venus fly traps, dead and brown... What the hell does that mean? No, seriously, what the hell does that mean? I can't figure it out and I wrote it... Yes well anyway, I think Nicole and Ashley should get together sometime and record the entire session, I think that would be an interesting game of chess... I like the horsy thing... I just saw a stupid commercial, it was for an insurance company, it had bad acting and bad costumes... Yes, well, I have a question for everyone out there, but I can't remember it... I think it had something to do with a popular board game... Since you guys like rambling I will give you rambling with better spelling that most of the people on this site... Except for my next sentence... Shmulfignuginshnabinookie, arbidoobergoser, fuberetoosey nakarakamakalaka! I'm done now... What the hell is up with chicken anyway? Hmm... I remember my question now... Why is it that there is no sword in the game Clue... I want the fucking sword, I don't care how big it is, just give me the fucking sword... I have to write a seventy-two page essay on the word poop for social studies class... How the hell do I write that long of an essay on one word? What the color six?!? What does the word poop have to do with social studies anyway? As for everyone else who has sent some feedback, I have to wonder, how did they get to the website? I'm amazed they know how to turn on their computers, not to mention actually spelling the word evil correctly. I don't even know how I got here, I just woke up with a computer on me opened to this website, and I don't do drugs! Well, I am on Claritin or something like that, it's wearing off though... It's for my attention span... I love to ramble... I wrote the list of funny words. Anyway, I'm about to be attacked by some kind of extinct panther type worm thing, I'm still not sure what it's called. It's kind of cool looking. There are a few things that I would like to say before my attention span medication wears off. First of all, that guy with the band called The Yogurt Vandals, you fucking suck. You suck! You are like the letter q without an x, you fucking suck, you copy from Tool and your own lyrics are too short. The only adjective you know is fucking... The worst thing about that is that fucking is an adverb. Your lyrics don't even rhyme, why do you suck so much, how is it possible? If you think you'll ever go anywhere with your band you need a bass guitarist, too. You were wrong anyway, I've never seen anything of yours anywhere. If you think I'm all talk, feel free to e-mail me at Psychonatrix@Hotmail.com or also at Blackpanthers777@aol.com. You can choose. I would also like everyone to try to send me words that they would like a rhyme to, I haven't been stumped yet. I even found a rhyme for the word orange... Longe... Forlornge... Forage... One or the other,,, I forget which one it was... Next, I would like to say that my name is Xir0n, pronounced like Kairon, not Ziron, it's like the word axe, the X makes a sound like a K. Got it? Huh? Now I will close by quoting myself and saying Shmulfignuginshnabinookie, arbidoobergoser, fuberetoosey nakarakamakalaka! Shmulfignuginshnabinookie, arbidoobergoser, fuberetoosey nakarakamakalaka! Shmulfignuginshnabinookie, arbidoobergoser, fuberetoosey nakarakamakalaka! Shmulfignuginshnabinookie, arbidoobergoser, fuberetoosey nakarakamakalaka! Shmulfignuginshnabinookie, arbidoobergoser, fuberetoosey nakarakamakalaka! Yay! My hands hurt now... Too much typing...        


While running around in a circle around my secret stash of georgia peaches, i tripped on my silk cape and banged my gold fronts on my lego model of yoda. After smoking a pack of bubbleyum to ease the pain, i suddenly realized that evil.com might be a cool site. I was right.           


ricky yang is the gayest person i know do you know anyone that is gayer then ricky-Hailong     


"why do they always take the good ones?" ... wouldn't you? M. Burgess           


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asshole shit fuckingass-doomsday        


Lots of psychotic fits of rambling, rock on and rock out with your cock out.  Kate Montrella     


hey. um... tell the one kid that was asking for stephen that he doesn't own this site anymore. thanx.    Tina          


you guys are evil          


you guys are evil          


Starburst...taste the juiciness...mmm...keep sucking.  -....umm...yeah.    


you guys are evil.  Terri Teano 


hey i thought i would mention this... its a realy cool website www.dugg.ca/        


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Feedback is evil, Evil... HPD   


whats with normal people and them never wanting to get caught when they do something bad?well i always wanna get caught its just there so stupid they can never figure out who did it. When they come up to me one day and ask me ill tell the truth i did it i did it i did it you asshole and scence its taken them so long im gonna run my ass off trying to get away but then i stop and relize i have a gun so who is gonna win?     


Where are all the secret monkeys with the latest shouts.. Myyyyy Biiiiiiiiiig Pie is calling you, come unto me all ye faithfulll.....Religious McLoony 


Taylor Esformes. Evil.com is one of the best sites on the web. Too bad I'm too sexy for this site, too sexy for this site, too sexy alright?     


we read it in a book.  try this one:  i occur once in a minute, twice in every moment, but not once in a hundred thousand years... (I have nothing to say so i'll answer this. It's M) -willow j          


I believe that paintballing is a great way to get kids today prepared for gruesome battle at the hands of war - Bob Smith


Death never hurts, it's the dying before hand that's painful. -= Migueleto Loveless =-     


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Evil! You suck!  The messages saying to wait for project X have stopped and I still can't find project X no matter how hard I click the refresh button!  Unless it's all a trick, designed to lure people into voting for the unknown "    


Evil Dead!       


I Trust Evil.com more than I trust Entertainment Tonight-Pokey Penguin


DUDE i have guys boxers, and they are only semi clean!!!! and i stole them from a friend...hmm...-shadow poohead     


What do you think of techno rock?      


 If I don't see this here comment right here in one of them there shouts pages right there in the next two days, I'll come over there and shove a pineapple up your ass with a broomstick. And don't think I don't know exactly where you live. I'm telling you, deleting this will be the last thing you ever do. Oh, and I'm smart. I didn't mispell one word.           


Bitch jump in the air, stay there, 'till I tell you to come down, and when you do you shut the fuck up.      


Wait a minit hold the fuckin' fone. U meen to tell me that that ugly ass bitch in the fuck me I'm famous shirt is your fuckin' momma. I wouldn't fuck that bitch If she was the last bitch on the planet and gave me 2 trillion dollars. Yeah,     


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I'm kind of new to Evil.com, so I was wondering, just what is "Project X?" Taylor         


i once dated a chick who was paranoid that I would leave her and every once in a while I'd explain that only strangers travel and I had everything that I'd ever need in her....days later she left and attempted to take my love with her, I'm sorry she didn't.                  Miles  Harper           


Is it the Chaaaaad. -(da muthafucka)    


If you had twenty-four hours to live, just think: where would you go, what would you do, who would you screw?          


If you had twenty-four hours to live, just think: where would you go, what would you do, who would you screw? And who would you want to notify? Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die!?-(Da Muthafucka returns to kick the asses of all the bitch muthafuckas in the E-dot(.)C(Evil dot com ya goofs)  








I'M YELLING I'M SCREAMING I'M HOLLERING YEAH YEAH FUCK THE WORLD GET PUSSY BUT DON'T EAT IT YEAH YEAH WHOOOAH!!!!!!!     uuumm, excuse me, sorry about that. kinda lost my head there with the caps lock button, but i mean who can blame me. the thought of being able to scream at the top of my lungs to my hearts content without saying a word is just so utterly fascinating. you strange humans with your strange protein based bodies and digital internet. i must bring the rest of my species here for a little 'friendly takeover' party. indeed....  (da alien?)           


I'll make this brief. Will Reidy   


If I wanted to change my domain name, can I do like you did and cry and call them liars til I get it?The tigress    


Red and yellow text over a black background. Add flashing text for pure epilectic evilness. -Cedric Rymms      


what would YOU do for a klondike bar? ---love mommy         


Does your ass ever get that itchy burning feeling?          


I'd like to diddle a fiddle playin' one legged midget rodeo clown.           


I'd like to diddle a fiddle playin' one legged midget rodeo clown. -godslefttesticle          


nothin' spells luvin' like a kitty in the oven. - godslefttesticle       


There's nothing more refreshing than a newly shorn scotum...it;s absolutely breathtaking. - godslefttesticle          


It would be interesting if you included....Why you belive in Evil..... Many people Don't.     Don Quixote 


It would be interesting if you included....Why you belive in Evil..... Many people Don't.     Don Quixote 


It would be interesting if you included....Why you belive in Evil..... Many people Don't.     Don Quixote 


You guys are so cool.I've been able to start an uprise in my school for you guys.Joe Whitfield.  


You ARE God evil.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Joe Whitfield.           


i like to make porno movies     


i like to make porno movies         :) malorie      


Pie, pie, and more pie; everyone should know that the ultimate Evil Pie is Pecan Pie, wouldn't you agree? So for all of you out there, take your hands off your gonads, and grab some Pie to eat! Make sure it's Pecan Pie.... - David Lozano        


Life is screwed up. The world is screwed up. Is that what everyone thinks or AM I just screwed up?    




Wow for beeing 1 in the morning im glad i found this site its fucking awsome exept now i have to go to the bathroom  -Staticmonkey- aka aj   




 Every year, an averge of 4,000 people get injured by a teapot.  What does that say about humanity?  To tell the truth, a teapot isn't all that dangerous.  [IcyRose]          


Why does everyone go on about either chickens or monkeys?  Has anyone ever mentioned an elk?  Or a meer cat?  Be original people!!  -WinterRose 


"Emptiness is lonliness, and lonliness is cleanliness, and cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty just like me!" (Smashing Pumpkins)  [IcyRose]  


I refuse to select this text!- Type something -There's no way that I'm typing anything for you! - Add your name -You think that I'm going to add that my name is Rose just for you?!? Press Submit -Likely!!         


cheesy cheesballs batman. cheeeeeese. thats right pricks, the cheeseman is here. from now on, you will stop talking about pie and chicken. you will only talk about cheeeeeese. YOU HEAR ME DAMMIT!!! frickin' pie freaks! -the eclectic cheese           


hay bart yer epadurmis is showin'. hea hea(ha ha)         


seriously though,are you shemales on the other side of the world or something. today is NOT    


seriously though,are you shemales on the other side of the world or something. today is NOT the 18th, it is the 19th. i think i know where you are. you're one of those proper speaking english people from, where else, england. i can tell by the way you respond to the shouts. its very cynical, something that i find to be one of the charactetistics of british folk. that's why your dates are always a day behind us. i know this is boring but just post this in the shouts somewhere and find a way to make it funny while also telling me if i'm right or wrong. i promise i won't come looking for you with a machete and a hockey mask.-Jason Vorhees


Happy Friday says Super Cow as he eats blue cheese in his cloud castle with the care bears.    


What is this notevil.com? IS THAT REALLY YOU?!! or is it something else...?           


Re: Tom McClintock's scariness...He's a candidate for governor, and you're questioning the idea that he's a soulless golem? ~Alpha~          


How do I get a Email address? sorry,I do not know.    


How do I get a Email address? sorry,I do not know. Jason Bradford    


Who thinks Hilary Duff Roxs? Does any one? Only me? If you say/type/write one sillabell bad about her I will Personal hunt you down and FORCE YOU TO APLOGIZE. - Jeremy Burciaga . Ps i live in plano ,texas if you have the balls to talk shit about her So say it to my face,My face.


Hilary Duff Roxs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is totally #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1        


I am dareing people no no Praying for people to talk badly about Hilary Duff so i can go on a hunt,except for the good oll folks at Evil.com. For the smart ass who laves a dis on her put your address your stste and your steets,and your Real Name.    I'll find you,I WILL   jeremy Burciaga  


I am dareing people no no Praying for people to talk badly about Hilary Duff so i can go on a hunt,except for the good oll folks at Evil.com. For the smart ass who laves a dis on her put your address your state and your streets,and your Real Name.    I'll find you,I WILL   jeremy Burciaga


The old librarians looking over my shoulder to see what I am up to are really wondering what I am up to right now. Joseph Oswald           


My hair looked really good, than I feel asleep. Ashley M. Walker         


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u guy suck...officially  ---- amaka, okechuks.   


u guy suck...officially  ---- amaka, okechuks.   


 - Select bitch i hope i fucking make your insane archives and mispell a lot of shit by the way what the fuck is the shit the onion and as for your sence of humor is like that crappy english style were its not relly funny it just makes no sence and as for the truth who the fuck belives you anay way hey whio the fuck cares and what the fuck weres the substance? o ya fuuuuuuk you and yes i did take my meds and no im not ten and 1 more thing are you just a failed reporter with a little money and no life,please talk as much shit as possible patrick  


 - Select bitch i hope i fucking make your insane archives and mispell a lot of shit by the way what the fuck is the shit the onion and as for your sence of humor is like that crappy english style were its not relly funny it just makes no sence and as for the truth who the fuck belives you anay way hey whio the fuck cares and what the fuck weres the substance? o ya fuuuuuuk you and yes i did take my meds and no im not ten and 1 more thing are you just a failed reporter with a little money and no life,please talk as much shit as possible patrick  


Why do things always seem a bit duller once you get back home from Venice Beach?   


Wouldnt it be funny if your car was struck by lightning whilst driving and your wheels were melted to the road? - Smiling twin brother of that bloke from staind          


I'm glad evil.com is not repetitive, espically since you have somethings twice.     


Ever heard the expression about life being a cruel game? What kind of game? A board game? In that case, is it  Monopoly? Monopoly can be cruel. Especially that one song on the Monopoly computer game...and unusual. Now, if someone listens to that song, do the people who made the game get arrested? Because cruel and unusual punishment is a no-no-V.A.A.    


Oh yeah....did you guys ever figure out the whole 99 smurfs and 1 smurfette thing?-V.A.A.       


THERES NO SALAD BAR HERE?!?-- master shake


ARE YOU MY MOMMY!? HUH?!! HUH?!!!!! HUH?!!!!!!!!!!(da bitch in da fook mi shirt)  


I'S GONNA EAT YOU, BOY!  -squee's half-mech grandpa   


 If i were a man my name would be Bob. However thanks to my parents genes i am not a man and my name is not Bob (damn them) my real name is Lauren Cook i am bored weirdo who clicks on anything for a laugh *ha ha clicking keyboard* that is damn funny. I am gunna shut up now BYE *insane waving at computer screen*  


Hey,can you take money orders?Joe Whitfield.


Good old E.C surprising us every step of the way.  The book list is great.  They all seem so interesting, I don't know which to buy first  - Kris        


you should add cheech and chong stuff to the evil media thing. someone


I'm Dalton Trigger, and I am not stupid! And I don't have a short attention spa  


Once again, you have let us all down.   


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 my life stinks. everybody hates me. i have no momey, no friends, no family,no car and no hope. evil.com is all that i have left. this is my farewell letter, and yeah, i'm righting-err, excuse me-writing it on e.c. with the hopes that you evil people will post it. well anyway, i have here in my hand a rope that i got from home depot. i am going to fashion it around my neck, tie it to something high and unbreakable, and hang from it in such a way that the rope cuts off my oxygen supply. why am i doing this? i just want to see how long i can last . if i  last more than forty-five seconds, i will cut the rope with the knife that i will have in my hand while hanging. expect to hear back from me, alive or dead, in the near future. oh, and just in case you were wondering, this is a real suicide note. toodles! - shad moss        


shad moss here, yeah i told you you would here back from me. i lasted seventy-two seconds, but i accidentally put a butter knife in my pocket instead of the machete. then, while trying to cut the rope, the butter knife(the butter knife!!!!) slipped and i accidentally slashed myself in the throat. what have i learned from this experience? don't play with butter knifes, they're sharper than you think. oh, and hell is quite relaxing. - shad moss          


There once was a man from peru, Who fell fast asleep in a canoe. He dreamt about Venis, and played with his P-Hrmph... And woke up all covered with goo.      


There once was a man from peru, Who fell fast asleep in a canoe. He dreamt about Venis, and played with his P-Hrmph... And woke up all covered with goo. - Anti-Blaze          


       m7mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuhjbbbbbbbbbbbbbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbvgfbbbbbbbbbbbbuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuihj       Hrmph... sorry, my cat walked on the keyboard... Can i try again? - Anti-Blaze          



 - kill all bush osama bin           


 - kill all bush     signed :osama bin        


I am at school and it is gay- Lauren Cook        


I am a big piece of lemon meringue pie-Becky cola       


the darkness rule! i lurv them!!!!!!! hav they got 2 the states yet? if not, look for a group fronted by a sexy gimp in spandex cat suits. mmmmmmm my  favourite! luv Sinner


i have tits- serleena johnson      


Yeah, I don't really get it but I think I'll stick around a while before I go beat off to the Disney page.  Jage Reznor          


Yeah, I don't really get it but I think I'll stick around a while before I go beat off to the Disney page.  Jage Reznor          


I thought this was going to be some homosexualy satanistic site, but kool's even better, Jay Nowell        


*cough* just testing     


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all hail the glory of all glories, E.C goes the step ahead in rendering all efforts for amusement futile, thanks forever, Nimajneb Trebla 


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jkhjklhgg;l uioyhgu uihlgljhkjlhj 


jkhjklhgg;l uioyhgu uihlgljhkjlhj 




if you believe in me like I believe in you


I see you are going to start printing your own t-shirts, If you do there is only a hand ful of places to buy quality shirts at a low price, and usually you start getting the price break if your purchase is larger than 75 shirts, So if you need help getting started on where to find the shirts, and where to get the screens and press at a low cost you can email me and i will send you the info, beware there are alot of places that make it seem like you are getting a good deal! so if you need help.....silverstone77_1@juno.com      


The House of Easter is in the westside.. think about it ;)


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i live in a box on the outskirts of LA. My monkey escaped and came back with a pc which i then hooked up to a neighbours electric supply. I LIKE PIE. John John 


I'll make you a deal.  If you provide the judge's phone number I'll make the calls.  I"m sure others will too.  When I did the flash mob thing my teacher ran out of the room screaming for help.  Sleeping Beauty erotica isn't evil so much as disturbing.  Now Beauty and the Beast erotica would be evil.  If you know of any, let me know.   --Thomas Coor  


Am I evil? Yes I am. Am I evil? I am man, yes I am.     


do u feel the call of the wild? if so insert money into my hand and ill let you camp out im my back yeard for a few hours.   KaR    


janie........ welcome to the world of air............. KaR    


toes turn me on   KaR  


why is this site called evil.com when there is no evil in it and u delete anything with the name of the underworld ruler in it? isnt he the definition of evil?


sandy is a mexican prostitute   KaR      


Hiya pardner. I'm writing this just to fuckin' make your life suck worse by giving you just one more freakin' shout. I'm even helpin' ya out by making sure I spell everythiing correctly, slang terms and all. Don't even bother to post this, you'l give people ideas, 'cause I'm influencial like that, bitch.         


Why is it we feel the need to make fun of the less fortunate? Because, dammit, it's hilarious! ~Clayton Sachs     


Why does that photo in the Static...you know, the one with just the forehead of that guy...kind of resemble the photo on the back of Neil Gaiman    


You know, the one photo in Static kind of resembles the photos on the back of Neil Gaiman     


You know, the one photo in Static kind of resembles the photos on the back of Neil Gaiman's books.  What is it with mad geniuses and bad haircuts?  -Imalegna Jones     


www.distefano.com...thank me later...or not at all...  -Imalegna Jones   


whats with the blue links now that you've brought in the financials? you've crossed over to the money side like George Lucas too? and here we thought this was a place we could go without all this ultra consumerisim bullshit - Guess not. ~Ian Cudmore         


Your site is dark like my soul, i like it a lot - Fredrick West       


I love people that recommend music.  Even if they have their head up their ass and can't hear shit.         


if i talked as much as i thought, i'd be brain dead. if i talked as much as i thought, they'd sew my mouth shut. which would be funE,cuz then i could stick a knife in my mouth, with a legitamite reason this time! sure.  tara.s.   


Well not sure what this is about but i have somethin to say-life is nothing. you are dying from the day you are born, so why should i make an effort? this world is in hell as it is. J     


Where's my messages? [IcyRose]        


Where's my messages? [IcyRose]        


Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how i wonder what you're at, up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky [IcyRose]


I lost track of my thoughts agian.  Does this quilify as a rant or a rave.  Maybe i'm both ranting and raving.   What a strange idea, hmm... - I'll tell you who i am just as so as i figure it out    


why do you keep touching me?- elf      


After much painstaking research (mostly being boring and delving on it in math) I have descovered what you get.  But i'm not going to tell the ignorant masses


So when do you guys/girls acutally put the shouts in the shout index?  I've been shouting all week and still cant even get next to the droolers.  Yeah I know you probably wont write me but it'd be cool if you did.  Phatyjj@aol.com  and yeah I know aol sucks my left tit. . . and no I'm not a chick I just have really large bitch tits.   


People tell me hearing voices is bad, but I can't tell a difference - him    


"programming is a race agianst nature.  Programmers making the better fool proof program.  nature making better fools so far nature is winning."  So you may as well stop fighting it.         


Suggestion for Evil Music: Anything by the Misfits  M. Burgess 


 Note: "Fuck You Asshole" isn't terribly interesting.  Neither are all the various permutations of  "I'm a big badass".  Anything with the words Satan or Devil in it is ignored. It's amazing what you can auto-delete with the right scripts. If your inclination is to write something similar to that, you might as well go back to playing with yourself.- Select this text - Type something - Add your name - Press Submit -          


it's my B-day, im three hands and two pinkys and a penis old- the inevitable return of the great white ghost        


I had a girlfriend but she sprung a leak- the inevitable return of the great white ghost      


mommy mommy what are you doing on top of daddy ......wait your not hurting daddy your loving daddy-the inevitable return of the great white ghost


The eyeballs are looking at meee!  Say-Tan      


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Fuck u asholes! And suck of your mums dicks 


Fuck u asholes! And suck of your mums dicks - from the one and only xsingh   


after seeing this site i feel better about myself - jared     


you need more Haiku - jared   


I like food, but not the spicy kind -jared           


Mooma always said life is like a box of penguins, you never know when one will jump out and peck your eyes out -jared           


Do the mario,swing your arms from side to side lets do the mario all together now!!!! -jared      


Aleister Crowley ate my hamster! which wasnt very nice was it?  Dave in England         


Just thought you, er, "guys" might like this.     http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&e=4&u=/nm/britain_dogging_dc       crashmasterd    


I liked Diplomacy.Joe Whitfeld.           


Love of God? That IS evil.Joe Whitfield.          


Wait for what? Joe Whitfield.   


rarrr--eeeevilllllllll woooooooo.............Shadow is my name but I like to go by Gir. hahahahahahaha. rar.           


Are there any humble geniouses...?     ~Cassandra Gardner      


 ...the way you bash idiots is poetry! To me, you have to be the most attractive people in the world. And...for all I know...I might have just fed your schizophrenia... -- Casey Gardner       




Aids started with a  yellow monkey?    


where's the evil logo merchandice? i want my evil hat! and waffles. i want waffles too - Ian Cudmore     


God help me.....I need my  meds!        


all your stuff is set up for march?          


if you had donations who would you buy?  meg


Aleister Crowley ate my hamster!         


... and then i says to him  if ... you.............................................................and he said.....,funny huh? Were you listening?!           


Give into the Evil. You can't win.You will lose very losely like.  


some poeple say that im Evil and satanistikcal but the truth is the sacrifs jump into the fire on it's own accord. Are you judgeing me? You are aren't you?Ok fine be like that... I told it i was sorry.Mom Evil.com is blameing me for something i did not do!!!! Ha she said to be nice or go home.   


you people must really hate the people who make total asses of themselves huh? Peter Godzo  , South Dakota.


Rebels must conform in order to succeed in a revolt....right? -RGM      


This site is the dogs bollocks !     says Dave still in England       




How come only Robert Shea is listed as author of the Illuminatus trilogy? That other guy has written some really cool stuff and deserves to be mentioned as well. Oh, and by the way. Is there like a prize, or something for knowing who that girl with the fuck me I'm famous t-shirt is? Her name is Lene Nyström, and she's from Norway. So...what did I win? -Hårek Helsfyr           


Evil.com over the period of about a year has become a Meca to me, thank you for creating a hellatious site worth seeing.   ~Wesa Whitfield          


the world is forsaken by God   


Life is a feild of daniloins, once you get attached to one it burns to a cinder. Samantha McGrath


HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eVILeVILeVIL! We like pie too! Come to Maine someday and visit us lobster eating hicks!-Clarisse+Rea    


 Evil.com rules all the other puny little sites! Disturbed rules too. from fateamber


evil.com loves the cock!           


Evil is a point of view, and all you people have it wrong. I can show you things you would never dream possible. 'Machiavellian' - ever heard of that? Mallory     


DON'T DRINK THE WATER !... FISH FUCK IN IT ! Well I guess you heard that before and if not you must have already spat  on your monitor. Anyway  I came to this looking for evil in all its forms but  all I found were cynical comments (that were funny)  , I'm still searching...-Valentin Hurdubaie       


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah    U GUYS RULE POST THIS OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reaper of the lost souls           


f to the u tothe c to thek to the you mother fucker         


errmmm..... fock you obese anus morning star. does that get deleted? Kevin Kircus      


 No matter what country you come from:  No more "Patriots" - No more War!  Pat Murray     


An interresting site, this. I'll certainly be reading up on it more. I've had twenty new idea's for a Son Of Ether allready ! Guus Pot. (and yes. that's -really- my last name.)       


Yesterday I played a blank Tape on full blast, the mime next boor went crazy! ~daria~ 


did you know that if you have a monkey on your shoulder then guys named John wont fuck with you, and if you have a guy named John on your shoulder then..................well, you've got problems- sik since lis humor     


Hi. You want short and interesting? I've got your short and interesting. Why don't you ever put MY stuff in the shouts. Do you even read these? You reply to other people, but not to me. I checked out your purchase junk and I am going to buy Lullaby, The Illuminatus, and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. I loved Fight Club. By the way, did you know you guys are the BEST friggin website out there. I recommend it to all the people who love to waste time. Like me. Which is why I'm doing this and not my schoolwork. Bye, reply, this is Verta Taylor!-- Chewbacca Morgendorffer-Schmidt!!!!!! love yaz! MUAHZ!        


I hate people. Can you help? I have to get rid of them. -Oran Gutan     


I hate people. Can you help? I have to get rid of them. -Oran Gutan     


 Re: Arnie-  I think we should use the term "Govenator"      Miram Lotte           


The thought of a site that isn't all soft and cozy to its vistors shows that this world still contains realistic people who are not into all that superficial stuff. So I bow down to you! -Chaz Brugh          


metal is my religion & judas is my preist- an Ellie          


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evil.com is awesome    


but the lump of salty goodness got stuck in my throat    


Bugs Mr.  Rico!  Giant bugs!  Commander Zim


http://www.goarmy.com/jobs/mos/search.asp?fulltime=Y&keywords=kill+people+for+oil  20 Job offerings for "Kill people for oil" if you join the US Army!  Go army go!  -Duke, G.I. JOE Commander   


The new 20s suck ass. They look like some french piece of crap, not like cold hard cash. It goes against all america stands for. Cold hard cash is what gets us our food, clothing and other needs. Its how our representitives get elected to congress and how presidential apointees get apoited. Cold hard cash does that, not some french piece of crap. signed moneylover           


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information is power and control ... or control is power and information .. either way power seems to be eternal ... Matt Sanders           


I have twenty three sheep living in my pants!-Mr.Slippyfist        


In response to the October 11th post ... oh yes, I'm definitely going "Bah."  I'm sick and tired of all my fellow Americans following W's every command. They remind me of Lemmings... - Jim R Klein   




What's with the long-running front-page link to the phallic symbols guide?  Is it forgetfulness or something more sinister?


Ever thought of catering to the Australian public? we got some really stupid people leading our country, I mean comon they belived bush didnt they?  Phillip


Right Mr and Mrs I want to ignore this girl, I am a poor young man who has no pie but the truth is i am actually a woman who has many pies in a freezer which lives with my mother. SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!! i am now insane i came onto your site i sed hi hoped that it wud be posted but NO i'm not good enough to be replied to. Please reply my shrink can't cope i need reassurance that i am not the only insane man/woman (i am a teenager so i have a right to be worried about my sexuality OK) in this world who had said something worthwhile and never got a reply. I would also like to warn you my friend has a big nose who can sniff pie from 900 km away then it ran away and i only have the pies which are in my mothers freezer. I will marry you if you reply PLEASE *insane rocking*


im just curious...how did you find out about us? - Aaron Stephen, MJ-12 agent


 your recommended reading list was good . . . might a "drooler" suggest a book for you EC?  Although written at the dawn of the nuclear age, George Orwell's "1984" still pertains and send shivers up the spine.  Orwell's understanding of the ways in which government manipulates the masses through economics is amazing, and so basic that the sheep will be able to comprehend it.  One of the best of the conspiracy theory genre ever.   


Okay, so this site helps us upchuck the angst we've accumulated by witnessing the evil convortings of rich and corrupt.  Humor helps us purge.  But I'm back to the same question I had 20 years ago.  Isn't just spreading the word through our opinions just plain ineffectual?    az       


In other words, now that you get it, what are you going to do about it besides rant, rave and ramble?  az           


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we are unexpectedly entrenched in the ongoing war between using big words and making sense. am i making any sense right now? probably not because i am using to many big words.        


your site change will be a new color scheme - PaT       


Is it that the sites anniversary is in 17 days and that the archives will be washed away for a new year? Maybe you'll organize the archives into yearly sections? Whatever the case is, keep it up fellas... or the ladies will leave.          


Is it that the sites anniversary is in 17 days and that the archives will be washed away for a new year? Maybe you'll organize the archives into yearly sections? Whatever the case is, keep it up fellas... or the ladies will leave. - 2b (Brooks)


 are you going to stay in a little tank for 17 days & 17 nights with only nappies & lip balm 4 company?  


 are you going to stay in a little tank for 17 days & 17 nights with only nappies & lip balm 4 company?  


"heaven doesnt want me n hell is afraid i ll take over" - anup, anup_ss@yahoo.com       


it's got something to do with halloween, i know that. ---- Gene "not-too-terribly-bright" Bailey                                                                 !          


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Uh, something about halloween? That's on the 31st. Do I win anything? - thetuck          


Contest Entry - You're going to change the font to black and orange in honor of Halloween.  - John Stamm       


 will you be making it holloweeny - greg mills    


I bet you're going to make the background all orange and Halloween-ish. :3 -Jim R Klein.         


I have some spells for demon pie and I guess you could add apples to it. -Ashley's stalker. I live in her tree       


Ok, I absolutely love Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  It's just true. - Maya Marcus-Sells    


Ok, so every day I get these Penis Enlargement emails, and I always say "I like my penis just how it is!"  and they say "Fine, then we'll tell THAT to our friends who make the breast ENLARGEMENT pills from cow BLOOD that claim to increase your bust size by 5 INCHES without you gaining any WEIGHT and all this will happen in just TWO hours" and I just say "Oh holy fuckin' shit"    


What ever happened to the virtue of being normal ? Did you eat that, too? -Chelly-       


...the new month starts in 17 days...whoot        


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In 17 days, you're going to change the font color to orange.      


okay, here's what it could be, 17 days well thas halloween. you will be adding a picture to the static that has a halloween theme - Ian Cudmore   


We all live in a box... One giant box... ~ Sara Gulyas    


It's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on... Don't you agree?        


Wow... I'm really bored tonight... Does anyone know a cure for insomnia? Cause I've got it really bad... ~Sara Gulyas *Oh yeah... one more thing... a lot of people who view this site go to my school...     


I think you're just going to change from Yellow type to Orange.  I can't imagine it will be anything flashier than that.  -  Nicholas Ryan 


It will no longer say "evil.com is back" on the home page, as evil.com will have been back for a year on Oct 31. -Nick Jones           




Evil.com is going to go for a slight halloween look. Zach           


Did you know that 1 in 4 evil people arn't really that evil? They're just assholes. 


Duh.  The date at the top of the page will be Oct. 31, 2003.  Even if this isn't the answer you're looking for, it still will be correct.  - Douglas Patton        


What's the subtle change going to be? I'm thinking maybe the color scheme...Steve Collins        


OK, this may already be in the works - but I don't know. If it isn't, I think it would be a wonderful plan. I'm refering to "we get it" shirts. I know that many friends and I would proudly display our devotion to Evil with these. I realize we could just make them ourselves - but it's more exciting if they're official. Plus, you guys could make money on them. ~Steve Collins           


Change of text colour? Maybe a hidden link or two? - Psi Sushi           


In seventeen days, you will turn this site into a porn site, with pictures of naked 17 year old girls. Taylor 


I know what it is. It's whatever Nick said, right?           


The subtle change will be Evil.com will actually recongnize their 'talented readers.'  Wouldn't that be exciting?  Kristen   


The change will be .... maybe a wonderful halloween themed extravaganza.... travis h.   


i say that in 16 days, you're going to halloween up the place, like my house will be too! i am sir spoon... once again, are you a communist???           


FUNKY BUTTLOVING! The S'mores! The S'mores are here! GET THEM! EAT THEM! EEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THEM! -Lunatic On Acid           


Changing text color to orange for halloween?  -Samara 


OK, so I have a question. No one's been able to answer it for me yet so far. Here goes.... So the Little Mermaid, when she got her legs she was all "Yay! I have legs!" but she couldn't use them very well at first and needed some practice before she got the technique down. Right, my question... Did she have the same reaction and go through the same thing when she looked between her legs?---    


OK, so I have a question. No one's been able to answer it for me yet so far. Here goes.... So the Little Mermaid, when she got her legs she was all "Yay! I have legs!" but she couldn't use them very well at first and needed some practice before she got the technique down. Right, my question... Did she have the same reaction and go through the same thing when she looked between her legs?   --Snoo (Can't Snoo be my first and last name?)      


This change has something to do with Halloween. You crazy bastards are probably going to put some different background or stuff haha. You guys are awesome..Later - William Lou        


What happens to all the road kill? I mean is there like some guy whose job is to go around and pick up dead animals off the road? I've never seen him, have you? Or is this just some story my parents fed me, like the ones about Santa Claus and Elvis, when I was a child so that I would be good?  When do you think the Roadkill Guy comes out? Yeah, night I figure--wouldn't really want to be seen in the day doing shit like that. Maybe all the Roadkill Guys are vampires that just want to eat and get paid for it or maybe they're poor redneck hillbillies looking for tomorrow's supper.  Then again I could be wrong, the Roadkill Guy might not even exist. Maybe that squirrel out in the road was just taking a nap for the past few days and finally woke up and walked away last night. Hey I don't know.  --Snoo          


My shoulders hurt. I bet you care. -Puu


you're not making any changes..  julianna          


you're changing the font color to orange.. julianna         


you're changing the font color to orange.. julianna         


you're opening "conspiracy theory 101".....  julianna      


you will change the text color to "orange".  not subtle enough?  probably           


you will change the text color to "orange".  not subtle enough?  probably - pnunns         


 October 31 is the anniversary of when you both first met, and began something beautiful.- Beck Ryan  


Well seeing as i've been terribly absent... and i missed voting... oh how i love voting, none of the above please.  Nice to see you are getting to the polo shirt with the corgi's on the right front pocket lacking area.  Conratulations to Heman and skeletor, couldn't maria schriver atleast eat something, now there's an idea for a great political t-shirt. the halloween idea in seventeen days, or it a scary section in EC, you could place arnold in his speedo, a head shot of maria, george w's environmental policies,  our current obligation to iraq's well being, the economy, a unexpected cubs loss (ha ha, there's another one), no more Benifer, governor pumpkinhead's (Jeb) possible presidential run, and Carl Weathers ( the other actor from Predator) for the next available gubernatorial seat... now that's scary.  Jeff "Free" Mills, last living relative of crunch ogre, king of the wicker people,           


16 days from now, I predict you will add some kind of Halloween thingy on the home page - like a pumpkin or a Batman action figure or a decapitated cat. Dwight McGuire       


A Guess: You're going to change the color of the text to orange. -Wheeler Pryor          


this is BDS i am wiccan and i was just wondering how many is in america. BDS a.k.a. michelle miller from GA  


In my opinion you shouldn't care about other peoples opinion, but if you care about other peoples, thus including my opinion, then you wont care about other peoples opinions, thus you wont take my opinion and you will begin to worry about other peoples opinions thus worrying about my opinion, ad infinitum. - Yossarian       




I think that your going to change some of the sites colours (don't laugh at hat spelling, I'm Canadian, and thats how we spell colour) to orange or something like that - Chris Canuck


i am sir spoon and again, i say you are either going to halloween up the website, or strangely your birthday is in 16 days 


In 17 days, you will add "November" to your archive -Argo Weels       


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Are you the exhibit or are we? --Snoo 


I think you may be more evil than other people think. Come on, you guys have a website about nothing so what do you do to make it interesting? You post the thoughts(if you can call them actual thoughts) and words(if you can call them actual words) of morons. It's genius! You exploit the dumb. (I think this is pretty evil) Make stupid people do the work for you! I think this is how everything should be run. No, not everything, just the stuff that would work out right if it was run by idiots. The Bush administration would be the same but I'm not quite sure you can say that's working out.  --Snoo         


changing a text color to orange insead of the present red or yellow? - Ian Cudmore       


You might as well go back to playing with yourself.       


You're not changing anything, you're just lying like usual. Its what you do.  -Tony Domenick      


It's Your one year Aniversary. Don't know what you will do for it though. Change the color scheme?    


that's alot of words to read. and letters. greeks hav funner letters to write. maybe we should all start writing in greek, forget about the reading part. talking people get annoying. chikin? someone was complaining about the obssessive compulsive chikin lickers on one of these things, well maybe they werent licking chikins, but they were thinking about it. thats premeditated chikin molesting. is killing animals considered murder? they say thats a sign of a serial killer. cruelty to animals. may be time to go back to the shrink. oh well. your site is nice. alot of those word things get in the way though. like this one if you decided to post it. what about all the illiterates in the world? people just say give them a coloring book and theyll be hapE. maybe. what happens if theyre color blind? what do you call someone that cant smell? lucky. anyway. its now almost 8 in the morning time. outside is a cold place to sleep. cartoons are on! oh wait.no.it's friday. how rude of them. ok. that was short lived. goodbye. i think ive already sent a few of these. tara shire   


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does it have something to do with the financials?           


You are going to change the month in the date from "october" to "novermber".  -tai       


Hey!  What's your problem with Dolph?  I thought he was pretty good in "The Punisher".  Let's just forget about that "Masters of the Universe debacle.  Personally I thought he would have been a pretty good Batman.  He couldn't be worse than Val Kilmer or (Shudder!) George Clooney!  --Tarmaque the Magnificent  


Help me...I can't find myself. -Random Courtesan        


On 10/31 Conspiracy Theory 101 opens?     andy zap 


for the guess is it going to be a new layout? how about a realy big shouts update?-radostin zahariev       


You are finally going to update the shouts? thats my guess,bob medcalf 


 I noticed the archive page starts on oct. 31.  is that relative?  are you restarting the archives?    


I think that on the 31th of October, 14 days from now, the change on the web site will be... The date will change to october 31. - Jimmy Spears      


October 31st is the day that Evil.com was triumphantly restarted.  - Nicholas Ryan       


 - Hopefully this is the standard method. On the 31st, it's the second anniversary of the site, that's a given, so I think you guys are going to delete finally put something the it the Conspiracies 101 page, since it's been there for a while. That, or you're going to delete the whole first year, but that would be stupid, so whatever... -Ronnie-    


*clears throat* this is a shout to those who know what it means...you probably wont: adgp! ashdp! heebudugb! damn.  OK. and: why don't you have a niiiice biiiig steeeeeeeeaming bowl of SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! righto. name: Phil, the doorguy. aka Phil Pendelson.      


you will mention how its been a year since jam master jay died? - ian cudmore  


Are you guys going to update the shouts? - Angel Ofdark         


I heard somewhere that this site is best viewed with a computer, but would a typewriter work just as well? - Blaze Minus           


Guess what?! I'm a chickenfish! balubalubalubalubalu  -Greg Dracoulis 


so it's not scary fun, is it conspiracy fun, will we finally have jailbirds pillaging the seven seas for plunder type entertainment...? jeff mills         


Adding a new archive page/starting archives over? -Samara      


You're going to change the evil.com is back comment (removing it?) in honor of your one year anniversary - John Stamm           


Goddam... Update yo damn shouts..beathches...          


Hmm, a subtle change:  The evil.com footer will change from "evil.com is back" to a new evil.com phrase. - Beck Ryan 


Well, I think you're going to change the font/color/size of the text on the homepage.-Rea           


On the 31st your going to make a column along the side for your links instead of at the bottom of all the pages - Chris Canuck           


switch the colors? mitch           


Re: subtle change. Is it tht evil is having a birthday? Paul Heeley


you will put in one of your famous hidden links that will bring the reader to read last years entry for this day. since the 31st of october '02 is the earliest day left in your history           


you will put in one of your famous hidden links that will bring the reader to read last years entry for this day. since the 31st of october '02 is the earliest day left in your history that is the first day that it will be in use.  - ian cudmore 


Subtle eh? you could change the font a bit, or sizing, or a color link something, or go really wild and make a stylized logo for evil.com and put up in the corner, out of the way so its still subtle.  Okay, that was alot of guesses really, but thats what I think you're doing.  Chris England        


"sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell." - Alexa  


It's kid of like the National debt...... It's kid of like the pot calling the kettle black. Just thought I would give it a try. F. Tilly           


Message: I can make evil.com look way cooler than it does, for free, I am a bored artist. My website is http://drenatica.cjb.net , it has my work all throughout it, and you guys can email me from there.            From: FreaK     


It has something to do with your one year anniversary since you've restarted the page.  -- Billie Crow    


you are going to have the evil.com logo gear?      Pat Johnson   


are you giving us evil.com merchendise in eleven days?               kharmen         


Donnie Darko just became my new bible, Go to your local video shop and buy it!         


I predict that you are going to update the Conspiracy Theory 101 section.  signed, Tyler Theofilos.       


My prediction is that you will change the home page colors slightly.  Shteve Jackson     


prediction for hallow's eve:  Move the links at the bottom to the top.  Signed, Shteve Jackson III esq.   


A guess: You are going to start posting novel excerpts for NaNoWriMo.  -Wheeler Pryor        


I'm gonna guess that the change in 11 days is you are going to post the newest shouts.   


Sometimes, I lay in bed staring at the stars, and I wonder: WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ROOF?!?      


nights are never silent in NYC so y do the people that live there sing silent night? i dont get it...miss confused easily        


changing the color that the date is typed in to red. -Samara       


it'll be "Read last years post" right below  "Read the financials"  - Ian Cudmore  


i would reccomend adding Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon to your list of books in the financials there  - Ian Cudmore         


under todays date it will have last years date as a link - that brings you to last years post - Ian Cudmore


Jenni M- You're going to change your colour scheme!  


 - you are changing colour arent you,steady eddy          


 - you are changing colour arent you,steady eddy          


Righteousness is good morality, and wrongdoing is that which wavers in your heart and which you dislike people finding out about.    EvilDajjal       


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Eating a 4 egg omelet the night before makes the best part of waking up, not that damn folgers smell! BTFW, love the site!  L. Burleson      


I was just looking for paintballs, now im curiously dammed forever on this site, Can i livE.....Evil?     EvilDajjal  


Dyslexics against the Raw: Buck Fush  


Your going to get rid of the part that says "evil.com is back." - jared ulmer        


are you going to start selling evil.com merchandise, such as hats? -- Gene Bailey           


i am jerry anderson from us      


Hey, the archives start on october 31st, so are you starting them over? -Nicci Azucena 


Buck Fush -Dyslexics agains the raw    


Evil rides on every breath, it lives in every flower.... - Bobbie McGothlin           


Have you ever wondered why so many *cough* stupid *cough* people come here and some how magically find the link to the page where they can make a shout, and then waste their whole stupid shout on asking why this site is not a porn site, not evil, not satanic, no curses, nothing evil remotely, just full of the cold hard truth and good salty fun. If you found the link to the write-a-shout page then you probably took a bit of time to read the other ones and/or found out that this is not the kind of site you thought it was! If you are one of those stupid people, please, feel free to go ahead and admit it! We're all listening (sort of). - Keladry      


Yeah, whatever.  My copy of Safari renders this site just fine.  Perhaps those complaining are "steaming piles of crap" still using the Safari Public Beta.  Of course Netscape is (now) a "steaming pile of crap" because it's just a good browser (Mozilla) after AOL pissed all over it.  News flash:  Safari is FREE! just because you loser Wintell users can't use it doesn't make it cost anything.  At least it's not the buggy virusy pile of Republican Crap that Internet Exploder, er, Internet Explorer is was and forever more shall be. It's the biggest reason the internet in general is so non-standars compliant in the first place!  They keep changing the standards for code over there at Microshaft and you losers keep buying it.  PUSH FOR UNIVERSAL STANDARDS BY BOYCOTTING ANY SITE THAT DOESN'T FOLLOW THEM!   --Tarmaque the Magnificent      


Are u not posting my message just becuz i said i hate u???? y when i hate you, u have to hate me back??? ---- _a_l_n_  L_           


I have an invisible monkey named Java, and he speaks japanese, but he's Italian, however he only speaks with a british accent. Oh. and Our interpreter is a 1,000 year old-resurected- concubine to some dead guy. xoxo- Candy Smith        


U guys r fin crazy im in class wen i go on ur website its sick but lepercauns tell me not to watch it so does Bill Cosby and the JELLO brigade-SANDMAN  


Given that I'm quite the grammar "Nazi," I can't help but point out the dreadful mistake that has been made in your post for today (October 24, 2003). "He's was..." Need I say more? ~steve collins         


Are you guys a big lump of salami goodness? Matt Gill 


Haha! I found a secret link! But does it matter, really? Aww, now I feel bad... Stupid low self-esteem. (not the evil)Damien Marble


Why do you hate USA so much ? Not every one in The States are stupid , so why keep up this Forum ? - Jeff Dahmer 


It would be stupid to keep the "We're back" on forever, so i think your getting rid of it on the 31st.  - "Tyler the Fuzzy Penguin"          


There are people in my house, and they are vacuuming.  Please make them stop or give them wedgies.  Your assistance is much appropriated.  (Damn spell checker)  Tarmaque the Magnificent  


The bible says we're all going to die a terrible cataclysmic death. DUH! The Sun will grow to become a Red Giant in around 5 billion years and incinerate the planet. Damn bible... master of the obvious...   Mmmmm, Apples. - Tyler the Fuzzy Penguin           


I must admit that when Dubya first arrived on the scene I had that first great twitching in my loins that usually indicates the approach of an electrical storm.  Little did I know that the final revelation would be him being too dumb to turn on his Segway.  Pity he didn't crack his head on the concrete and let a little sense leak in.--Evil Twin Douglas  


Where did I go wrong?  I washed my feet, just like they said.  I trimmed my hair.  I even bought the iguana.  No matter what I try they just won't shut up and let me in.  I thought maybe if I brought them a present, but my knife is too dull.  I just never can get it through the spine.  Damn rosebushes.  -Crashmaster Dee       


Is the first "Shout" page ever going to be updated? Surely you have recieved at least one errr..... submit-ation... from a smart person worthy of being qualificated for the shout page. How dumb could the uhh... wuh-urld...-duh. be?           


This message is for James Springall. I love your evil sites (sic). The obvious rip off of these guys is pathetic, as well as your attempts at grammar and spelling. The punctuation errors alone would take an entire page to list!! Dude, before you write web pages you need to do a few things: First, learn to spell and use proper grammar; second, learn some basic html and write your own site. It's pretty lame to go to an "Evil" page and see a Britney Spears ad pop open because you are using Geocities as your host. In short, not to be a dick, but you suck. -Nick Jones (yes the same Nick Jones who figured out that the "evil.com is back" will be going away on Halloween.           


Can you move a little to the left? No, the other left. A little bit more... ok thats good. Why move? you ask. You were standing in my light. - Moochi   


A man was born in 1921. He is alive and well today at an age of 33. How is this possible? - Crazy Monkey Ducks       


Sure I'll define highly placed: It means you guys are a bunch of executives who sit in the board room,laughing your asses off at all of us. Your so highly placed that you can't tell us who you are cause the media will turn on you if they know the truth about YOU. So how about one of you goes out in to the hall, the first person that smiles at you, thats me. And I should now have your picture. - Rick Mercer         


I'm guessing the change to the homepage is either the "We Get It" tagline, or the "Evil.com is back. We get it. Check Back Daily" thing at the bottom. Also, being a new reader - I found you this afternoon - I'd like to note that going through your archives could be made much easier with a Previous and Next button, rather than having to either manually change the date in the address area or hit back and click on the next day. Thanks for your time. -Kyle Brackenbury       


I AM a cheap date.  You are right.  But I will take cow-tipping over the mindlessly boring "dinner and a movie" combo any day. -Imalegna Jones   


Broom sticks are kind of splintery.  If you like that kind of thing, cool, but if you don't, well, I recommend a well-scrubbed ripe cucumber.  If you set it out at room temperature, or in a warm-water bath for a little while, it is remarkably life-like.  Of course, if you have allergies to vegetable wax, that may not be such a good idea.  And for all you guys out there, check out www.realdoll.com  You will thank me later. -IJ


Oh, and by the way, the simple past tense of the verb "to smite" is "smote."  You cannot, in the present tense, smote anything.  And "thou" is the second person singular informal pronoun; the English equivalent of tu in French or du in German.  "You" is the second person singular and plural formal pronoun.  Fuck the spelling!  I would be happy with some coherent usage of grammar or punctuation! -Imalegna Jones       



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