we get it... daily


More shouting in the corner...

Still more drooling messages...

It's a wonder they've mastered typing!

do you like smashing pumpkins or is it just me? YEE HAW    Ashley Hestand, Leander,  TX

  nah, lots of people like the pumpkins



what do you get?

  what we want.  But we understand that you can't always get what you want



This web site kicks ass! -Laurie Herold

  only the ass that needs kicking



Laughter can cure all illnesses.......except asthma-Sara Johnson




good clean sick humor_gotta love it!   -madpig

  sick clean good humor...why doesn't it work when you mix it up?



More evil than a hamster in a microwave! (and I have experience of both thanks to a psychotic 7-year-old) - Iain Wright

  we don't think its wise to advertise that you have the experience of a hamster Iain, looks bad on the resume



we do not see things the way they are. We see them as we are.




 Why are there directions on the fucking pop-tart box?-matt fewtrell

  we asked Post matt and they said your mom asked for them.  apparently you needed them at one time



hello i am god!




I AM JEBUS!!!!!! Xaku

  if you're Jebus, why sign Xaku's name?  Someone is lying here...



Everything is always ok in the end, if it's not ok.....  it's not the end.   Simone McCann - Perth Western Australia

  was that another bizarre sex reference?



I don't get it.  -Joe Bob

  you aren't supposed to



What a load of crap-I love it! Catherine Gates

  thanks, but we learned a little too much about you there...



All humans in the end will die slow painful deaths inflicted by tiny monkeys-The MadHacker

  another "end" reference.  will you guys stop with the sex talk?



 - Select this text - I didn't select anything, my finger slipped - the devil made me do it - Angelo Innocente

  good thing it was a keyboard and not a food processor, eh?



You put "repetive" twice in the archives thing that has a link to the moving brain.  -Laurie Herold

  nope, you're wrong there laurie
What is the point of this site? Just want to know, so I don't get banned from it like I have from so many others-The Scary Child   no point child, just a lot of child-friendly soft edges and blunted ends



You put "repetive" twice in the archives thing that has a link to the moving brain.  -Laurie Herold

  nope, you're wrong there laurie



This site defies imagination, it curdles my milk and fries my eggs. -Arthur Johnson

  pass the eggs when you're done...



ok, so there's two pretzels walkin down the street, and one of them was a-SALT-ed!  eh? -tyler theofilos

  your mother is calling Tyler...



You guys are awesome!  Somebody needs to give you a Webby...  -Dr. Evil Wannabe

  is a webbie like a wedgie?



Hey! I think I know you, Kevin Jones! Kevin? Is that you? Its your most favoritist person in the whole wide world! :evil laughter:- Sarah Chandler

  (sarah didn't know she said that out loud.)



Its weird how I found this place, I just typed in evil.com for the hell of it to see what would come up and it sent me to y'all.  Y'all are sick, sadistic, and twisted...I LOVE IT!!!

  we find so much that same way



Are you the secret rulers or the world? I swear, I'm not going through with another cold war! - Davis Smithicks

  nah, we quit those losers



On the contrary, you don't "GET" squat! Ultimately, you have nothing to say. And, I wonder if you even understand a single word in the introduction to first half of one part of anything to do with anything. Do you? -Grazelda Pound

  we certainly didn't get that.  english as a second language problems?



Hello! My name is Charlie. and I am just wondering why the hell you have this website??? Please let me know TODAY at my e-mail :angel_babe1st@hotmail.com

  TODAY? how about TOMORROW?



hey i love you guys ashley is worth shit ~nicole

  you're going up on our list too nicole



overly cautious you should be because i own your souls and will never set them free with love nicole all your hearts desire ___i like it rough...

  yoda?  is that you guy?



WE GET WHAT, I sure a h(e)ll don't! Geat site anyway!  Alexander Gillette AKA Mach 3

  geat post!



If those Star Wars movies are true, then why can't I have more donuts?  - Shi Thead

  because you're getting fat.  sorry, someone had to say it



Woh? You guys have two Archives pages?! now, call me silly but wouldn't it be more evil to have thirteen? or maybe 666? or am I just not looking hard enough-Keith

  ok, you're silly. (where is the 2nd archive page?)



Those who stand for nothing often fall for anything... So I'm scared... Don't touch me... Leave my kitten alone... - Joe Montgomery

  he's just trying to get attention folks, go ahead and touch him.



Your site makes me wet in the pants.  I masturbate over this kind of shit!  -Jen Wallace

  visual image won't form... nope...still won't



If you had a choice, would you rather be violently whipped by bondage monkeys or eat the moon?  Would the moon taste good??  Aren't coherent sentences oh so hard to make fhqwgads???  --Joseph Stalin

  damn, now we're going to be thinking that over all day long



 Tipper Gore is quite evil

  yes, but luckily we don't have to look at here any more...



Hey man I`m like really stoned, and need a place to like crash, so like if theres any stoner out there who has a couch I can make use of, well let me know, cause I`m comming down and need a nap, Am I rambling, Oh shit, well did I mention I was stoned? Well my rides here,  Damn the motors smokin` or is it just a doober being toked? Fuckin` A cool I`m outa here Later.  The Lone Stoner AKA Tommy Chong

  didn't you teach a creative writing course in 1989?



I found out that tofu gives people gas.  I'll never give a hippy a blowjob again.  Oh, just thought I'd warn you... and um. Yeah.  Sagaciously witty site(whatever the hell that means). So, do you hear the voices too?  They tell me that Strom Thurmond is Martha Stewart's lover.... -Char Kasser-

  didn't you used to go by Tommy Chong?



If i wasnt so bored i wouldnt be surfing the net and if i wasnt surfing the net i wouldnt have found this site and if i didnt find this site i would never have had so many laughs and if i didnt have so many laughs i would be bored and if i was bored i would surf the net............amenGRAEME

  and then?  and then?



You guys are sick, twisted, and demented....I LOVE IT!!!-Sarah Chandler

  don't you just love phone sex?



 - the foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions---Marc Lawrence

  don't ever change Marc



Who was the first person to say " hey! that's a cow, you can milk it!"  (this goes for everything....) - Fany Weda

  you can't milk 'everything'



And I have seen the Light ! Oh... the horror ! The site is terrible by all standards, but wonderfull in a strange way... The letters just seem to hang out of the page and you get sore eyes from staring too much, but I can live with is... Raw and untamed... I'm thinking of making a site similar to this for the people of my country. - Insane Warrior

  we're sure the people of your country deserve it



Well...You guys are HYPE!!  I love the stuff you put out. Im totally diggin' your articles. Anyway-Sarnia Ontario Loves you. Peace OUT!! Sage "NINO" Fetchanoli Khan A.K.A.-LiL'Soprano.. :o)

  we still want pie



You got to give 'em credit. They take something negative like "evil" and make it into something... well... um... nevermind. It's still hilarious, especially at 4 in the morning after a couple of Mind Erasers and a twelve pack. Keep up the mediocre work!  ---Wolfcat Moonchylde (the clams in your linguini)

  we were taking it pass/fail. do we still get credit too?



 The Iconoclastic Dog approves. Meanwhile John Ashcroft speaks in tongues, rolls on the floor of his Murrah building office, and vilifies your name. "Speak not of the evil one," he says to his staffers. They look knowingly at each other while trying not to appear to be looking knowingly at each other. (They have careers to look after.)  - from Iconoclastic Dog

  gotta respect a guy who signs both ends of his ravings



...Is this website somehow connected to the NRA or the Shadow government, didn't think so.... Rush Limbau

  Rush!  You're fat!



you know what???  i am not skinny anymore -- i eat too many skittles... and pickles too. i like pickles.... jaydyn mitchell

  Rush is after your pickles



Your mom is hot, but there is nothing evil here.  Everything seems . . . good! - Tong Chop

  Mom says she caught tong chop from a sailor on leave once.  real bad rash.



If I pretend to care, will you pretend to understand?




Does the word "screwball" make any sense to you? ~Lejus~




my friend chris has a swallon nob due to scabbies for 6 months... i ain't seen it but his dad has! anon

  are you in a double wide or just a single?



If you hate this country that much then I think you should stay in Canada -James McCarthy

  stay in Canada?  why? will we hate Canada more?



I finally understand what the big deal is here!!  - Jon Pringle




you have inspired me, i now associate your site with food -scott mcgrath

  good food?  or food that stands up on your plate and tells you you've got food all over your beard?



Can I still get into the facade?  I am lost without it.  It has been too long.  Gimp

  sorry Gimp...that was long ago in a dark consipiracy far away...



for the 11/29 I belive its ozzy

  next week, we're stating the bingo game, and then we'll start keeping score



well, red beans and cream cheese to you to!!! i have had a shit day - and when i came on to this site it became even shitter!!!  (you are supposed to laugh) keep up with fukin a chimney!! from Tigerlily (what a porno name!!)




 If I see one more white puke with a goatee and a FUBU shirt driving his piece of crap car with a "gangsta" lean I swear I'm going to eat a bullet. Jerry Baker

  don't jerry, it's exactly what they want you to do!



If the world didn't suck, we would all fall off..~acidtrip.com~  Chris Poignette

  but shouldn't it feel better?



i still can't figure out what the fuck you're attempting to do here, but i find it somewhat entertaining.  pls continue.   --bob shrader

  as long as you approve



The only true evil in the world is the fear of change, and the unwillingness to understand. But it is this evil that protects us from the dangers we must face.

  you ARE the Spanish Inquisition!



 This is awesome. Even my grandmother likes to read this....- mags

  yes, but tell grandma we don't need any more "special" pictures, OK?



hey hey hey kids its friday the thirteenth and im happy b/c you guys are the best and are so cool - and hey ure with me not ashley  he he he with love Nicole Davis =)

  hello nicole







this site is freakishly funny. you need more pics of that famous girl on static. damn shes hot. David Nasumi

  ok, how much are folks willing to pay for more pictures?



I try to avoid all of the white people running around blasting their rap music and trying to look like 'thugz.' It's really too bad they haven't found a cure for ebonic plague. - Not Billy

  we find libraries and book stores are a good place to hide



You know, I've been looking at this site for 5 years on and off, and it still doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.  Nicely done. -R

  try it off and on, or ffo and no. 



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