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April 15, 2005

Our Favorites #5: Hot August and September...

We tried to narrow down August and September 2003 to one choice, but came up with 5:

  1. The feral Barnes and Noble patrons.  This has not gotten any better since our first written observation.

  2. Everyone riffs on The Govenator, but we wonder how many people got the "no fate..." line.  Well, most of these jokes are for our own amusement anyway.

  3. The Ten Commandments - we still have it on our list to go ahead and make up those bumper stickers.

  4. Another valid safety idea for the DMV, still actionable years later.  We really should consult more.

  5. You'd probably be surprised that this still happens to us...


A take it easy day:
Bagels and novy lox on 45th St.
Back downtown for some shopping
Lunch - NYC generally knows good food, but Mexican is not one of their specialties
Watching Oxygen film Fabio crown Mr. Romance (hey, it was out in the middle of the street)
TKTS $159 (cheapest this week!)
Harvey Fierstein rip up the whole Tevye role...

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