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August 22, 2003

Ten Commandments and Art

We saw a picture of Cathy Culpepper crying when the Alabama Supreme court ruled to remove the stone statue of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama courthouse rotunda.  We listened to Chief Justice Roy Moore's rhetorical defensive diatribe:

  "I will not violate my oath, I cannot forsake my conscience, I will not neglect my duty and I will never, never deny the God upon whom our nation's laws and country depend."  

Uh, yeah, right. Nice little way of sounding pretentious and essentially saying nothing.  Did the man acually swell up with each word, like some breed of pufferfish?  Hmm, guess we're neglecting that whole "separation of church and state" thang. Not terribly surprising - your target audience has a 5th grade education and is just impressed by the words they recognize.

It does get funny when you get religious zealots in politics - listening to them trying to use one to reinforce their views on the other is a lot like listening to six year olds explain how the lamp probably got broken.

And Cathy... you just need to get a life hon. It was a statue, not the actual commandments. We suggest working through this by throwing a Tupperware party or maybe needle pointing a new homily pillow for the settin' room.

Alabama, whose motto might as well be "Laugh at us, we're stuck this way!"

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