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August 5, 2003

Barnes & Noble

OK, Barnes & Noble, we're not really getting the strategy with the comfy furniture in your stores.  Apparently you're now selling to the hygiene-challenged flocks of grubby claim-staking squatter families, whose favorite pastime seems to be mutilating the last copy of the book we came here to buy! Don't try to take their chair while they're off hunting and gathering new supplies - the feral growl of the remaining tribe should be warning enough.

Still, there's lots to be said for going to B&N these days, particularly if you want to check out the snoring guys too cheap to pop for a room at Motel 6, or the ranting guys whose bizarre conspiracy theories are only topped by the fact that they feel they must "discuss" them so that folks three isles over can hear every word. (Must admit, we did take some notes there.)

It's a freak show in the faux living room of commercial book sales. No wonder we're buying more and more on Amazon these days...

  Yeah, this is version 2.0, composed for the archive due to an unfortunate accident with the delete key.  We think it's better than the original, don't you?



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