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History of Site Changes

6/18/2008 We decided to fix a problem with Firefox rendering of standard tables in the main page.  Two odd little vertical lines that didn't show up for any other browser.  But FF 3.0 is kind of neat so there you have it.  Not going back through the older postings to fix this, but it will be gone henceforth.  Take that all you little suckers who call us MS fanboiz. 


We skipped updating this for quite a while.  Or maybe we just haven't done anything noteworthy.  Maybe both.  Anyway, we finally sat down and created the Archive Browser today.  Seems like one of the most altruistic things we've done on this site for quite a while.  Maybe we're getting soft.  Maybe we just did it for ourselves!  Anyway, here it is.



We try to remember to document the changes, really we do.  But hey, if we're going to concentrate on one thing its timely updates.  And we have trouble enough with that. So today we're announcing a new section of maps, lifted from various sources, each one meaningful in it's own ability to enlighten, delight, anger, enrich, or just get you into Fantasyland. Watch the compass, keep your feet on the path.
3/5/2005 We finally open the doors on Conspiracy Theory 101.  Not what you expected?  Us neither.  Sometimes things just work out that way.  We're way more excited about it now than we were when Lovecraft's relatives were involved.  Talk about a bunch of stiffs.  Anyway the end result is more open to interpretation and open ended.  We like that.
November 2004 - February 2005 Man-o-man, our slide into forgetfulness continues.  A few hidden edits here and there, posting of unedited shouts... yeah, that was a lame thing to do, but people loved it!  And then there was the whole exercise with off-shoring link construction.  We'll never, ever, do that again.  We're still cleaning the curry out off the lawn furniture.  Maybe it was our whole approach there, but whatever; the end result was not pretty.
10/31/2004 Some change, we kind of forget what, but it had to do with nearly everything...
10/15/2004 Felt guilty about having let the shouts go for so long.  Then, we got distracted by something shiny and forgot all about it...
6/28/2004 Updated the logowear section of Finances.  New apparel, new bags, etc.
6/8/2004 A couple of deep adjustments in the Financials (can't believe nobody caught those mistakes!) And a few backlogged URL fixes.  Is anyone reading this part? We expect not. And there's so much clever stuff here.  Well, we'll keep it up - it's for our own entertainment anyway.
5/29/2004 A few shouts updates sitting in a forum during Baycon listening to Justin Lloyd, Chris DiBona, Marshall Clevesy and Tim Crowley talk about games design.  It was better than listening to most of the same bunch talk about Privacy issues the hour before.  
5/18/2004 New work on the shouts.
5/15/2004 Linked in the latest set of drooling shouts.  See notes for the day.
5/3/2004 Man, we forgot all about updating the history of site changes.  That sucks.  Well, we changed a bunch of stuff since Halloween. 
10/31/2003 Removed "evil.com is back" banner from pages (still finding the buggers, will take some time to purge completely.)  Added Logo Store links and "Too Smart for Their Own Good" list.  Some update to the feedback pages.
10/26/2003 New "To Do" section in Lies.  Make of that what you will...
10/26/2003 Completed some fixes to the stupid link format for Netscape and Safari browsers.  Have not gone deep on this, just the top level stuff, because it's all special-case by hand junk.  If the users who live in denial and continue to use these... things... want to write someone, write Apple and AOL because they need to learn how to read the HTML standards papers more closely. 
10/25/2003 Added  More Quotes to Make You Feel Superior to the Shouts.  Everybody can relax now, there's drool for everyone.


Update to  Concepts - Addressing the Mac Vs. Windows nonsense.


Update to the Financials section.  Broke the store pages up into Books, CD, Movies, etc.  Was going to get crowded all on one page.  Looks a little lame at the moment because the new sections only have one thing in them.


Project X launches!  The send money and buy things part of the web site, actually the recommendation/suggestion of our faithful readership, is here.  Books and donation page are up.  Logo merchandise is still being worked out but the infrastructure is all there.  Now we're working on the massive backload of shouts.  Amazingly enough, getting the answers to these things is not that hard.  What is hard is editing out all the crap.

8/11/2003 - 8/19/2003

The Evil Alphabet.  We're on vacation, so it's the perfect time to let this thing write itself.  Every day the web site will update these pages, one new one, rewrites of the olders, new structures, changes, no tracking history.  All by itself.  Kind of spooky, you'll have to admit.  Blink and you'll miss it. Yeah, you read this too late, right. Well, you can still go back and read what's there now.

Sometime between

Yeah, the latest shouts are still not done.  No, we don't work on these constantly. Go ahead, whine about how it's been two months since you've had a good gulp of new drool. Yummy.


Update to Concepts. Yes, we're feeling a little pissy again. Also, a very subtle punctuation change that goes forward...you won't notice it.


Minor updates to the Lies.  Not worth checking out.


Started next update to the Shouts.  Editing almost 800 records down takes a little time.  And that's just formatting before we read and reply!  Thought we'd share a little with those who are apparently impatient about this kind of stuff.


Update to the shouts: Wandering with the stupefied is now available.


Concepts and Constants explains our policy on Linking to Evil.Com and how you weren't invited here and who the hell are you people anyway?  Can you tell we're feeling pissy today?  Love, E.C


Concepts and Constants explains blue links, why they're evil, and what to do if you don't like it.


Static got updated.  Fancy that. We're not telling what, you have to have been paying attention.

We updated Concepts and Constants too.  Of course, that's a lie.


Update to the Concepts and Constants about updates.  We also talk about the FBI and You.  We thought about posting the Conspiracy Theory pages, but the Illuminati thought it needed another editorial pass by the Greys and Hitler's brain. 

That's going to be a fun section if we ever get around to sharing it with you.


Update in Concepts and Constants about why Flash sucks ass.


Link to lies added, link to history added - Kinda disappointing if you were expecting a big blow-out right?  And what about those new links that talk about concepts and conspiracy?  What's that all about?  Did we promise this would all come at once?  Do you believe us when we promise?  Not our problem.


Lots of stuff. We weren't keeping track.  How damned nosey are you?

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