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October 25, 2008

Oprah is giving you $50...

We kid.  But we did have a consumer tip today.  Oprah is actually giving you $50 off on a new Kindle.  Yeah she likes you that much.

Kindle is the Amazon Books e-Book reader. Have we mentioned that we've had one for months?  Yeah, we did. Makes traveling with 100 books in your bag so much easier.

Anyway, $50 is a pretty good discount.  All you have to do is order one and put OPRAHWINFREY in the checkout code box.  The code is good through November 1st.

Yeah, here's a link, go there now, thank us later.

And yeah, it's a bit of a shill, but given we bought ours for full price, we're wishing she'd caught the Kindle bug a bit earlier...

  Plus, any chance to snake $50 out of Oprah's wallet... yeah, that's always fun.  

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