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December 7, 2007

Evil Xmas List #10...

We were as doubtful as the next overly doubtful person when we started reading about "yet another e-book reader" this time from Amazon themselves. The Kindle, weird name; to start a fire?  It's time to burn some books?  A little creepy.  But we kinda like creepy.

And yeah, like folks really want to spend $400 to read a book they could have bought for $20, and have their reading interrupted when the device runs out of power while they're sitting in the middle of some pastoral meadow drinking wine and eating bread with thou...  but we digress.  We were doubtful.

However, we want one now.

Here's the deal.  The thing has pretty amazing power specs.  It's light and has gotten great reviews on readability.  But what sold us was this.

It's the fucking Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in disguise.  (How's that for a foreshadowing self-referential link?  Irony, we love it.)

Along with all that book stuff, you get a free, persistent internet connection (through our favorite provider, Verizon) so you can call up Wikipedia any time of the day or night. 

Let's repeat that.  The connection is baked into the price of the device.  Connection is free, no limits, no download maximums.  Free.

Hope someone out there is listening!  We'd like one under our tree.


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