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July 3, 2008

Sony PS3's worst enemy...

Is apparently Sony.

Stories today about how their latest downloadable system update keeps crashing systems. They've removed the patch from circulation, but in the meantime you have to wonder about this company.  It's somewhat understandable when Microsoft patches have trouble; they're working against an infinite number of computer hardware configurations, 3rd party driver versions (up to date and otherwise), it's pretty much impossible to directly test every configuration.

But Sony has what, a half-dozen configurations of PS3 to test against?  And we're being magnanimous in that estimation because most of those differ only in hard disk size?  Come on, well trained simians could test this shit.

So we're assuming no alpha/beta/internal testing here.  The highly caffeinated developer announces "I'm done!" and they roll it out the door. There are better testing practices in freeware emulators.

Wow, good thing Sony won the HD video format wars, huh? 

  The solution to the bad patch?  Mind-wipe your PS3.  Say good-bye to all your saved games, configurations, media downloads, game downloads... you get the picture.  Oh wait, you loose your stored pictures too...  

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