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December 5, 2005

Sony's Viral XMAS Gift to You

Rootkits are the gift that keeps on giving from Sony to you.  Sony is recalling 5 million albums that willfully install rootkit driven software onto PCs used to play or rip said albums. What's the software supposed to do?  It's supposed to prevent you from copying the CD to MP3 unless you're using Sony's software to do it. And we all know how crappy Sony's prior attempts at rights managed music copying have been... pure unadulterated shit. There's a reason ATRAC sounds like 8 Track boys and girls...

But we digress, we're talking about their newest technology - the Sony-decided-to-fuck-over-your-computer-because-you-played-their-CD software. This creepy invasion into media resuse can in turn be used by virus writers to further screw you over. Even Sony's initial attempts to provide a program to remove their crappy little rights management programs ended up attracting viruses.  Can you spell class action suit?  Go get'em dawgs.

But today they're apparently close to another attempt at removing their mistake from your computer. We'll have to see on this one.  So far, unimpressed with Sony overall.

If you want to see the list of rootkit infected Sony BMG CDs.  It's right >HERE<.

We got lucky.  None of this crap made it into casa de evil. 

But go to this page for a laugh.  Sony gives you the choice.  Install a fixed version of their rootkit crap, or uninstall it all together.  It's kind of an intelligence test...

  Then get yourself some decent spyware protection.  Most are protecting against rootkits now.  Repeat after us: Fuck You Sony.  Fuck your crappy software, your paranoid protection schemes, your whole fucking attitude towards your customers!  Fuck your Playstation Three too!  You are so OUTTA HERE!  

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