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June 19, 2008

Correcting a misapprehension...

We know there are folks out there who wonder where we are, like it matters.  But recently a link in one of our posts gave some folks the impression we're in Portland. 


Sorry, not in Portland.  While we love the city, Typhoon is terrific,  (Hi Bo!)  Powells is the best, we're not in Portland.  Too little sun for our tastes. Seriously, we'd love to drop by for coffee, but we have currently have no trips to planned to "Stumptown."


Similarly we're not in Australia, California, New York, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Great Brittan, France, New Mexico, Japan, or other places we've linked to over the years. 


Although, we may be lying about one of those.  Or not.  All we're saying is... we're not in Portland.



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