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June 3, 2008

General Morons...

Long time loser in the brain trust that is American automobile manufacturers, GM this morning is considering it's options.  Such weighty questions as whether to start producing smaller, more fuel efficient cars.


An alternative might be to produce a car propelled by squirting gasoline directly out the back of the car.


Struggling with the potential dropping of it's 8 mpg Hummer line? Really? Can we introduce you to a financial consultant recently graduated from third grade class to help you with that one?


We've always contended that the Hummer was a wild mistake, an out of control reaction to comments from a focus group that didn't quite understand what was being offered when asked "Would you like a Hummer?"

And providing the focus group were run by a reasonably healthy person of the opposite sex, we would not pass on the potential that she was concerned about our health and anxious to help. 

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