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October 12, 2007

You Ignorant Slut...

We read with shock and awe that Anne Coulter is still being quoted in the media. 

Yes, she puts out her little books, the most recent red-necked love letter to ignorance and hypocrisy "If Democrats had any Brains They'd Be Republicans" hosts yet another skanky cover picture of this conservative whore (and we really don't want to meet the people who masturbate to her pictures...) 

This week she's been quoted as saying that Jewish people are unfinished, that they "need to be perfected."  This because they aren't Christians.  That's one step away from calling them "mud people" you ignorant whiney pasty-white trailer tramp wannabe. The smug and blatant racism here is what makes the rest of the world hate Americans.

Coulter apparently "apologized" later, typically, saying that she was sorry if people were too stupid to know what she was talking about.

Oh, we all know what you were talking about, you conservative suck-up racist


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