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February 24, 2004

Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World...

It's tough being an insane woman in a relatively sane man's world. That flavor of logic seems to rule the fantasy life (oh, the twists in that phrase) of Anne Coulter. We've already commented on her web site, where she "spits out the word treason like a Tourettes victim yelling shit!" while parading around in vanity photos that feature skimpy black vinyl outfits. Yes, this is one credible... nope, sorry, she's not credible. Just another right-wing wet dream. But we digress.

Today, we want to talk about this doll. Nah, we skipped the whole Barbie dumps Ken story, too easy.  But in rambling around right-wing web land, we came across a screamer. Anne has her own little Barbie figure. And it talks! That's about all we're going to say about this one, the phrases are hillarious. Follow the hidden links and have a laugh riot on us!  Talk about your plastic vanity enhancements.


While you're there, check out the links to the line of Bush and Rumsfeld action figures.  Yes, yes, there's even a "Top Gun George" figure in flight suit. And the right wing's newest todie doll, Dennis Miller.  While you're there, pick up, we kid you not, some "Talking President's Replacement Batteries."  We're thinking it's already on one first lady's wish list!  

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