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October 9, 2007

No PS2?

Ok, our favorite whipping company has decided to make another "bold move."  Sony configured the original PS3 to be very high-end, with more USB ports than you could possibly use, a 60gb hard disk with no real way to fill up all that space (Sure, you're gonna keep your MP3s on the PS3.  More power to you fanboy.)   There's more, but not really worth our time to drill down.

Today we find Sony announcing a "stripped down" PS3, aimed at increasing their market share.  OK, so what did they lose?  20gb of hard disk, their memory card slot, all but two of the USB ports, and the (somewhat lamely implemented) ability to play PS2 games. 

What's interesting here is the idea that the PS2 emulation has that much value.  Certainly the slightly smaller hard disk and a couple USB ports don't add up to much of a cut in cost to manufacture. What we expect is that the new model is actually expected to cause fewer customer support calls about bad or non-existent emulation capability for PS2 games.  Funny, it's probably the smartest thing they've done in a while.

  And remember kids, it's only been 2 months since Sony dropped the price on the full-kit PS3.  Yeah, can you spell panic move?   

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