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November 15, 2006


One for the PS3 Fanboys today.  Apparently there's problems in compatibility-ville.  After a year or so of hooting from PlayStation fans about XBOX 360 incompatibility with standard XBOX games (which keeps getting better due to MS development efforts and updates to the system) Sony's promise for the PS3 to be fully compatible with PS2 games seems about as solid as their promise not to fuck you over with a CD-installed root-kit on your PC.  In other words - it's the Japan that Can Say No.

This new statement from Sony:

Not all games for the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 are compatible with the new machine.

Wow, imagine that.

  We wouldn't rag on this if Sony hadn't been so damned arrogant about promising 100% backwards compatibility for the PS3, and the shots they've taken at Microsoft about the same (although MS was up front about the fact that not all games would work, and that they're still working on making more work.) 

That and we're still fuming about the whole root-kit thing, so like any chance to kick them is good with us. 


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