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July 14, 2006

Five Reasons Why Music Piracy is Justified...

Every time we get a new CD we think about writing this list... and we just got back from shopping.

Note, we don't really advocate music piracy, but for obvious reasons we hate the fuckers who run the industry and don't mind suggesting they feel some pain.  Artists are another matter.  We only want them to feel pain when they dish out a platter for $14 and then fill it full of crap.  So here's the list.

Music Piracy is Justified Because:



You spend too much of your valuable time "unwrapping" and degunking the packaging from the CD case. Cellophane that can't be ripped off except in shreds.  Then a layer of adhesive labels, whose removal reminds us of peeling frozen shrimp.  And of course, there's that occasional second adhesive label that helps you crack the case when you try to open it...

  2. Even without damage due to the paranoid packaging, half the time the CD case is already broken, the spindle that fails to holds the CD in place, the "Hinge" that doesn't, or just a crack in the case.  And its a fucking pain in the ass taking it back and talking to the counter zombie about how no, you didn't break it and yes they should replace it.  (Grab their nose ring and run some adhesive through it, they like that.)
  3. If you do take it back, and get a replacement, you have the joy of going through #1 again!
  4. And if you scratch it, you get to buy it all over again!  Hey, even though the parts cost pennies, they make like you're actually buying all that plastic; as if there weren't any music on it at all.  You should be able to return the CD, pay them for the plastic (probably a buck, or two if you're generous) and get a new copy. 
  5. SONY

SONY is probably the biggest reason.  They don't respect you, why should you respect them?


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