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June 16, 2006

A Week of Literacy

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth

by Chris Ware

Sounds like a crappy kid story, you know, like those small hardback Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys things your grandma bought for you when you were done with that first Harry Potter book?

Not hardly.

We're finishing off the week of literacy with an original.  A work of stark reality, real life - both imaginary and woefully true to the human condition. An original graphic representation; Chris Ware is a graphic design machine, unlike anyone this side of Frank Lloyd Wright or maybe Tutankhamen's architectural advisor. This is simply amazing stuff.

We chose the Jimmy Corrigan book because it's the most popular.  But browse Ware's work and choose something.  Give yourself a bit of time, don't go with gut reaction - get into how he's using the page, shapes, and repetition.  Take the story as a whole, let it take form over the sum of the pages.  Any page could be dissected, devolved or analyzed, coaxed into giving up it's secrets. But... the sum of the pages... yes, that's where the real truth lies. 

And truth can indeed lie.


A week of "book" recommendations from evil.com. We're going to recommend seven things to read. Obviously things we like and admire. And maybe, even, something to get you thinking.
Because there's nothing more evil than thinking. Right?


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