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February 22, 2006

OK, so mostly we don't listen...

To the random stuff people throw down in The Shouts.  Yeah, everyone "tries" to be all gonzo and shit, original by being scatological, 90% of the time it ends up like they're not taking the right daily dosage.  There's very little creativity really.  Sorry, you knew it, we know it, it's out there.

But every now and then, a good note.

Today we were browsing recent posts and found this one from a long-time poster:

So, I just went to http://www.googlefight.com and typed in "evil.com" vs. "good.com" and you guys got your asses kicked by good.com. I think you better find a way to fix that. Anyways, http://www.googlefight.com good site, check it out. - Chris Canuck

Well, we're shocked.  We didn't give anyone permission to link to us, in fact we pretty much said you couldn't.  Of course, nobody listens and some get out there - it's the way of the web.  But we're happy to be under the radar as it were, just talking at those who "get it" as well.

But on the topic of googlefight.  Pretty funny stuff.  Chris says check it out.


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