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October 28, 2005

No! Please take your time...

W's candidate for The Supremes goes down in flames. Wow, didn't see that coming even in the land of White is Black and Up is Down. Yeah, sometimes ya gotta go outside your small circle of friends to find a real qualified candidate to hold a lifelong position of setting and judging legal precedent for the nation. Funny about that.

So what does Georgie respond?  "I'll do my best to get another nominee real soon." No, not an actual quote, but we edited out the ramblings and unfinished or disjoint phrases to save time - a service we provide at no additional cost - but the essence of his discourse is intact.

No George, No.  Learn your lesson.  Take your time.  Talk to people, preferably those not currently under legal scrutiny themselves, and get some damn advice that isn't quoting bible scripture as criteria for the post. Don't mind us, we'll wait patiently.

  COV TODAY BABY!  If you know what that means and are participating wait for E.C news update. 

(Yes, wait right here on this page.  Don't move.  We'll be back for you.  Promise.)


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