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October 24, 2005

Apple Obsessions...

Here's the problem with trying to be cool.  Wearing sunglasses at night you have a tendency to walk into things.

Cases in point: Latest two iPods.

First the Nano, sure it's damn cute, and 1000 songs is probably fine for some folks.  But they rushed it to market and missed some design or production quality problems that are haunting them now.  Actually, according to this morning's news, claimants are saying Apple didn't miss them, they just decided to ship anyway. Can't foul up Steve's stage time.  Unfortunately there's talk of a class action on this one.

Now the video iPod.  They got such great press on the whole "thin as a pencil" story from the iNonotm, that they decided to go slimmer here too. Not that there were lots of complaints about the size, but making it a whole new thinner size would generate more sales in replacing now-incompatible accessories too.

But then we have the unexpected and unwanted upshot: given new thin look, they apparently scrimped on the battery.  The viPod gets about three hours 'till it's a useless brick in your pocket.  OK, useless counter-top tile. Even the Playstation Portable lasts longer, and it was already getting hammered for it's short battery life.

Hey Steve, here's an idea.  Don't make it thinner and give us about, oh, triple the use time?  Wait a second, we've got it, you'll sell that as a feature in your next version eh?  Heh, sounds like you didn't learn your battery lessons with the first iPod class action suit.

  Again, to be clear, we're Apple fans.  We just hate stupidity like this wherever we find it.  

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