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September 3, 2005

"Man made disaster"

Katrina survivor Hank Hamilton is quoted as saying "This is a man-made disaster, it didn't have to turn out this way."

Yup. If we had a thinking government they would have been mobilizing before the catastrophe.  Hell, there were predictions of New Orleans being under 10 feet of water days before the event.  But no. We've got prez W who helos into the disaster days after for a few touching photos and some lame quotes about how "We will rebuild the great city of New Orleans" and "This recovery will take years." Fuck the city, people are dying of simple dehydration right now.

Yes, this could have been avoided.  Around five years ago by our counting.

  Yeah, we lied yesterday, but then it's our prerogative.  We just got so fucking annoyed by the pictures of W hugging crying survivors and making "DUH!" comments about how his efforts to date have been "not acceptable."  Hey, don't hug them you moron, give them a drink of water and some bread!   

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