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August 25, 2005

Too much vacation...

You really have to wonder what's going on in that rat trap of a mind.

Freshly back from loafing off during one of this country's most strife-ridden periods in decades, president moron totally misread his approval rating yesterday and made the statement We will stay, we will fight and we will win. 

Great.  Now for the rest of us, those who haven't clocked over 330 days of vacation in the last five years, can you please stop dosing yourself with whatever narcotic you're imbibing for a few days so you can at least touch down in our reality for a bit? Really, this is a fucking scary and decrepit place you've created for us.

What ever happened to "Mission Accomplished" boy?  He at least sounded hopeful of getting the fuck out of this quagmire.

So long as I am president, we will stay, we will fight and we will win the war on terrorism.  Oh Joy. We'll have to remind someone that he said Iraq was about freedom not terrorism.  That was after it was proven it was about terrorism not weapons of mass destruction. And better still, that everyone would be fine if we could just get Saddam.

Next up, It's about getting some respect, not terrorism. Ten more soldier boys got respect this week, closing in on 1900.  And what are we getting out of this?  Oh yeah, stable oil prices...

  The questions were fun, but there's just so much going on out there and it's not all about us.  Well, OK, it is all about us. But that doesn't mean we have to like it.  

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