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May 28, 2005


What is AOL using to test their software, blind monkeys?  We thought all the blind monkeys were employed by LucasArts Gaming?  Maybe they found new blind monkeys? Shudder... is AOL actually blinding monkeys to do their testing?  So many questions, so few answers...

What the alleged monkeys failed to find was a "bug" in the new Netscrape 8 (retro software slightly more functional than most you can find for Atari emulators) that fucks over Internet Explorer (standard software for business and financial transactions) and it's ability to render XML (new technology for transforming data between applications - file format of the future).

AOL administered their usual scrimpy dollop of user compassion, saying "This issue affects a very small number of users who visit sites that require that advanced technology"... well DUH!  It's fer sure that users of advanced technology sure the fuck aren't using AOL.

Thanks again to Kevin and Andy for running the Evil Genius' Party  last night. Love looking up old friends in the gallery of rogues and the MINION ribbons have gotten so many complements...   

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