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April 27, 2005

Easy Evil Searching...

We often get asked "Why don't you guys have a search engine?"  Well, there are a couple of answers.

First, we're too damn lazy - there's plenty of other stuff to be done around here and we can only ignore so much of it at one time.

Second, Google does a fine job for us.

Looking for a topic we've covered in the past?  Try this (pssst: it works with any web site...)

Go to Google.com and in the search box type your search string and then the word site, a colon, and then the web site, like this:

bush site:www.evil.com

Endless fun. Kind of works with MSN search too, but limited results. We expect you'll be referencing us in your business reports and term papers much more often now.


By the way.

You don't have permission to reuse any materials on this site.  This is done for our own enjoyment, we don't advertise, subscribe or provide our information to search engines, or do anything to suggest we want anyone reading this.  You weren't invited, your friend wasn't invited, you're here because you ignored the big "go away!" sign on the door.


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