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November 1, 2004

That's Two...

Second anniversary of the re-launch of E.C has come and gone.  As is now long-standing tradition, we made a subtle change to an all-encompassing aspect of the site. So far, no comments.  No, it's not as big a change as last year's, but it's already happened so you don't get to guess what it will be.

Oh yeah, remember that due to the expected rush of new votes this year's election has been split into two days.  Kerry/Edwards voters are scheduled to cast their votes Tuesday.  Bush/Cheney supporters vote on Wednesday. This is kind of a late change so make sure all your friends cast their votes on the right day to assure a good accounting!

  Actually, it's kind of silly, and we really hadn't planned on saying anything about the site change until we realized it was done on the anniversary and all.  Don't be too disappointed if you can't figure it out.  It's nothing that a brand new or casual user would notice.  

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