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May 17, 2004

Music Czars at it Again...

Only the morally bankrupt money addicted music industry could be afraid of Xingtones. The same guys who want to put teens behind bars for trading album tracks they couldn't buy anyway are now "afraid of losing the profits they're making on cell phone ringtones" and might take action against a small company that allows users to make their own. The obscene gall here is dual, that their $3 a toke ring tone business is their domain alone, and that sampling 30 seconds or so of a song, from an overpriced album we bought, for reuse on our device is somehow cutting into their profit line.

So, what else, we advise you to run over to xingtone.com and buy the little $15 utility right now. We're really looking forward to never hearing "la cucaracha" in line at Starbucks again.

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