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May 16, 2004

Smore Schouts!

OK, you've been good so we're going to do a little experiment.  We haven't updated the shouts for a while.  We still haven't finished but we're going to... how to say this... let you watch.  So follow the link below and you can see the current state of the newest Shouts page, the partially finished structure, the unanswered questions and the yet to be established title and subtitle! 

And before you ask, no this isn't all that are waiting.  There are... let's see... 1500 more recent shouts waiting for a page of their own.  Yes, yours are still probably in that big steaming pile waiting for us to finish off the current steaming pile.  So don't write about how you haven't seen yours yet, you're just holding up someone else's reply!

Who knows, if you refresh the page while you read you may notice new answers filtering in.  That means our evil answer elves are hard at work, snipping out fresh html for all you boys and girls.


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