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February 13, 2004

Little Old Lady Land...

It is so fucking annoying. A few years back it sure looked like the US was finally maturing. Now it's like every little old lady "that offends me and has done me psychological harm" selfish, parochial, thin-skinned, judgmental, brain-damaged complaint gets administrative strokes and legal credibility. Fuck that shit, can't people put crap in perspective any more? If you're fragile enough that a word or image on TV screws up your life, it probably isn't the TV's fault Gomer. A couple of recent thoughts:

Wish we could understand how things got so messed-up. It's like a bad science fiction novel, like if Orwell wrote Little Women.  Back in the day folks left Europe to escape religious and social persecution and restriction. We took 200 years to invent a whole new batch of it for ourselves, and now Europe sits back and laughs at us with every dopey incredulous thing we take seriously. Fuck that's embarrassing, can we sue someone over it?



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