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December 1, 2003

Back and tired

Dead tired from the drive. Raul updated so late last night that we're mostly going to link to the archives for those of you who didn't get your fresh drivel yesterday. Here's what you missed.

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One of the truly scary things you can do these days is take a road trip. You know those alien invasion movies where the hero says something like "Yeah, but is humanity really worth saving?"  Well, you find yourself  doing that a lot. And yeah, it has a lot to do with fat stupid slobbery pasty-white kids trying to look urban and talk street. And maybe even more to do with their fat grinning fish-eyed parents who paid for their 13-year-olds baggy pants, tattoos and piercings and aren't involved enough to slap them around when they do crazy stupid shit.

Hmmm. Guess we did have enough energy to have done an update today...


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