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November 30, 2003

Last day for me

A lot of questions for me. Will be late answering them. 

Are you thankful for all the brave turkeys who give their lives every year so we can stuff our faces with their hot, dead flesh?" - Necropete and Harry the Possesive Ghost –

I did not eat the turkey bird this thanks day.  I ate at Mr. Wongs. I think his beef is not turkey.


Raul, glowing fish are bad, unless they live DEEP in the ocean. But I am happy you like fish sticks. My favourite fish are catfish, due to their oxymoronic name. Ever tried fish pie? - Morelen Ilfirin

No, I have not. I have not eating the cat fish either.


Well Raul, you have managed to dodge my sexual questions for quite awhile now. Even my friends can't take it. However, you have! I congratulate you with 1000 rolls of sushi and 28 boxes of Viagra. If you're lonely, holler for one of the Mr. E's girls, and get jiggy! Take care man. - William The Sushi Man

Thank you William.


Raul, O Raul , How your magnificence astounds me, how I want you in the evening, and in the morning.. I try to use the cold water, but it does not stop my ardent lust for you. I have errected an altar in your honour, rain down your favors upon me.  - Miss Spanky

I am a little worried. I do not rain. I hope you are not upset.


"Hi Raul. How are you? How was your Thanksgiving? Mine sucked because my aunt took me shopping and she spent at leased 3 hours in Big Lots. It was awful!

~C~" - Jenniffer

My Thanks was fine.  Thank you.


Raul, what do you think of the middle finger? Do you think it should exist, since so many people use it to flip off other people? Or do you just think they would reassign it to the ring finger or some other finger? - Me

I would have trouble without all of my fingers. They are important to me. I am not sure about resigning the fingers. I hope this was not an important question.


Salutations Raul

You make me very happy. You are an amusing boy. You are a good boy. You make me happy if you answer me. I can relate to you because my fingers also hurt what do you do to make them feel better? If you were stuck on that island with that thing what would that thing be?-" - Ambassador Stacie of the Third Elk.9

I would probably be stuck with something sticky because that is how it happens mostly. Like some of the melted cheese, or like the tar on a hot road.  Is that helpful?


You are my hero! You answered my post! You have influenced my life so I put the knife away and decided to watch tv instead and I have taken up a hobby...kite flying! Do you like kites? - Nadia O'Rorrdian

I do. I like TV too.


Raul if my mother is a cow and your my father then how much does a pound of my fecies weight? Am i disguisting or are the people who throw things at me lying? - chorbalan

Yes, I think the answer is that you are disgusting. It that what you want to be?


Even if you do not wish a permanent place I hope you can appear more often. Again Id like to say how much I appreciate your humor. - Paul DeAmicis

Thank you, I think. My humor is good I think. I am happy today.


Raul, you know we love you. You know that, don't you, Raul? WE LOVE YOU. Now you know.  - Majin

Thank you Majin. You can stop now. It is getting a little scary.


hey Raul i would like to get to know this Nalani, but why did she try to thrown into jail? this worries.   - Nick

Nick, Nalani is a interesting person, but I think she is very young. Probably good not to find her.


Raul, what do you think about all day when you're taking care of the Corgis and the Orchids? - Nick Ryan

I think about the corgis and the orchids. Otherwise I do the wrong things to the corgis and the wrong things to the orchids. That takes much to fix.


Raul, are you a smoke screen for the Mr's?  I mean, are you really one of the Mr. Es in disguise as an attempt to vent frustrations or just change things up out of the norm? - Nick Ryan

I do not think I understand the smoke question. The Mr’s E use disguises sometimes. Are you wondering about that? I do not know Norm.


Raul, do you miss your family?   - Jonesy

No, they are fine.


Raul, until the next "drinking holiday," enjoy your vacation from us. - Jonesy

Thank you.


Raul--I'll miss you while you're away! Not that I don't love the Misters. Thank you for filling in and doing such a good job with the hard typing! So, what do you do when the Misters come back and you don't have to answer questions anymore? - Jea –

I do chores and I get more sleep. Tonight I am missing my sleep. 


"Hey, Raul, I live in australia and I think this site is the best, especially when you write.

Do you view the corgis and orchids in an unhealthy way...? If you get my meaning? Or do you get a perverse pleasure out of being anothers slave?" - Omoikane

I am indentured, not a slave. I think there was Australia indentureds too.


Hey Raul.......it's me, Sedrom.......i think since this isn't your site, you have been working for too long.......i respect you and what you are doing for everyone.......and, do you get paid to do this?, if not, you should.......and, if it's o.k., i would like to give a shout-out to my best friend (SpiDer), My favorite lil Chica(Georgette), and my little brother(MiKe).......thanx man.......and a shout-out to you, (Raul)........and do you ever get tired of replying to stupid shiot like the pie questions?......i would......well.....Buh~Bye!!!!!!! - SedroMordes –

Thank you Sedro.


everyday things get to be a little different.  Its not rude to be outspoken nor is it outspoken to be rude.  Anti saying lol is cool. LOL.  Dance with the antelope and eat with the chicken tacos. - Robert Wayne Kirkpatrick II

Robert, have you been up too late too?


Farewell Raul, I will miss you, but have a fealing that we will all be seing you again come christmas time. Hope no one frightened you too much, and I didn't send that stupid question about your finger that was someone else posing as me. But anyways, what is your favorite flavor of Top Ramen? - Nalani

Nalani, I do like the shrimp flavor Top Ramen. I do have chicken too.


"Raul, why is it that most men are such unobservant moronic assholes, but the ones that aren't are seen by girls as just friends? 

Maybe I should just do what you do and work for the Mr.'s E. 

Too smart for my own good, and I still don't have all the answers.  *sigh*" - -*******

The Mr’s are not looking at the new hires.



I think that is not a question for me. But you are silly.


my cats are lesbians, and i was wondering if that is a sign from the almighty one that i should become a lesbian.  i was also wondering, were there lesbian dinosaurs? - vampyrfeary


i wonder how often the apple does fall from the tree? - vampyrfeary -

what is the greatest movie, song, and cartoon of all time? - vampyrfeary -

I am not very smart about the lesbians. You probably want to ask someone else about the dinosaurs too. I do like the cartoons with funny dogs in them. Dogs talk slower and are easier to understand.


Ash is too stupid for his own good. If you check the archives Nick Jones was the first to discover the secret, but he's in the middle of the list. And I'm a he.   - Argo Elle

I think this is something you need to figure out for yourselves.


Rual why do you work for the Misters E why not work for your self? - Evil Monkey Child

What would I do?  This job is fine.


Can you find me a girlfriend?  - Robert W Kirkpatrick II  

It does not seem a hard thing to find.  Are you young like Nalani?


Hello Precious. This is my first time visiting your grand site, but there seems to be no homepage... Is this just a site about a certain presence by the calling of "Raul" offering wisdom to the masses? If so I must partake in this wonderful game of meriment! How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? Why do people feel the need to elect leaders whom they know are ignorant mama's boys trying to rob the nation of its riches and culture? Is there a god? Who is the mastermind who invented cotton candy? It's amazing and decious all at the same time! And will J-Lo and Ben really stay together? Thank you. - Dark Temptress –

Like most questions, I am not the right answering one. I think that the tootsie pop is a candy that may take longer for some people. People have leaders that they think are like them. I think the god question is not mine. I ate cotton candy when I was at the beach but did not get his name. That is my real trying because you are my last question so I try harder.


The Mr's arrived home. I am done. Thank you for your questions. Now I will unload the car and relax before making the pitchers of beverages. 


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