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Simple instructions: Use the left frame to choose a date, which will display in the right frame.  Scroll as necessary. Don't want the link to open in a frame?  Right-Click it and choose Open in New Window. Complaints? Heh. You're not paying attention, are you? 

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About the browser:

One of our design tenets for Evil.Com is that it be accessible on any browser, anywhere.  To that purpose we avoid heavy content (graphics, video) and complex HTML or other web languages. However, we recognize that there are some times when the experience gets a bit cumbersome. The archive is a perfect example of this, with years of daily posts it's hard to just "page through." While we're not above having you work to get what you want on the site, we actually wanted this for ourselves as well. 

So, there you go, it's done. We've still kept the implementation fairly simple, reusing a copy of the Archive main page. Of course, you can still get into "frame hell" if you try to use links that reference sections of the site. But maybe you like that.

The browse experience is a bit tougher on monitors less than 1024x768, frames get a bit smaller and you get into scrollbar mania. But then again, you really need to go out and buy some better equipment. Still, the standard archive still works great on smaller monitors, even down to most phone web browsers.

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