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June 16, 2020

Wake up product...
Remember that Facebook thing about for them "you're the product?"

Well you're the product in the Covid-19 age.

Think about what has changed really. Do we have a vaccine? No, are numbers still rising? Yup, not everywhere, but certainly in some disturbing areas. Who wants you back out in the consumerverse? That 1% for whom this is starting to get annoying to their bottom line. Are they going out into the great mall of the consumerverse?  Nope! They sit quite happy in their McMansions on acres of land and home swimming pools and tennis courts. They're fat and happy. And pushing you back into your office, the mall, and theatres... well your eventual fate comes under the category of "acceptable losses."

Learn to moo.

So it's still all up to us. You want facts, advice, instructions?

Go to Who.

We're certainly not gonna give you much help. Except that washing your hands thing. Keep that up.

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