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April 27, 2014

We're still reading your mail...

Even if we don't jam it all into buckets of drooling notes, we got tired of that don'tchaknow, we do still open and peruse the mail we get. Not gonna make the way to get mail to us any easier to find, it's actually pretty simple, but for those who make it, there is occasionally a reply of sorts. Like for the next couple of days.

Here's an example:

I once punched a midget simply because he was being short with me.

Larry Yoakum III, Writer
Author of The Arachnid Anthology, Tales of Things That Should Not Be..., and The Y-Files: Larry Yoakum III

So often on the internet you see these kinds of "un questions" where the guy just wants to push his product by jamming it into the signature that is longer than the comment. Unfortunately there is no way for him to actually link to said product, so you just have to guess if this guy and his work actually exist.  There's no way to tell.


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