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April 15, 2014

We're still reading your mail...

Even if we don't jam it all into buckets of drooling notes, we got tired of that don'tchaknow, we do still open and peruse the mail we get. Not gonna make the way to get mail to us any easier to find, it's actually pretty simple, but for those who make it, there is occasionally a reply of sorts. Like for the next couple of days.

Here's an example:

Greetings, O Evil Ones,

Many years ago, before I learned the dangers of putting one's real name on the Internet, I sent you some drivel for your shouting pages. Would you be willing to remove my name, or replace it with a moniker of your own concoction? While I stand by my statement - I teach high school and combat illiteracy daily - I am trying to manage what my students can see when they inevitably search my name on Google.

Said drivel is on the "More shouting in the corner page" (http://www.evil.com/insane2.htm) near the bottom. It reads:

I try to avoid all of the white people running around blasting their rap music and trying to look like 'thugz.' It's really too bad they haven't found a cure for ebonic plague. - Not Billy

I continue to read and be amused by your site. Thank you for years of entertainment!

Thank you in advance,
Not Billy

Of course. Not a problem.

Yeah, we really did change his name.

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