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February 17, 20134

Remember Rand Paul?

No, we didn't think so.

Anyway, he's one of the GOP goons who is denying the Conservative war on women. And pointing at Bill Clinton as an example of a democrat who was "predatory" in his own behavior around women, specifically that nasty bit of work Monica Lewinsky back in the 20th century.

Now we know that Big Pimpin' Bill does love the ladies. But there's absolutely no evidence he tried to restrict their voting rights, control over their own reproductive systems, or denied them reasonable health-care because most men don't need breast exams. (By the way Paul, have you had one lately?  We're just concerned for you.)

No, Bill was stalked by Monica, eventually giving in to her oral arguments and then introduced her to the pleasure of a good cigar.  Unlike notorious "wide stance" republicans who apparently don't enjoy cigars.

One last note: Piling on pundits keep talking about wide-eyed little Monica as the innocent intern, ignoring the fact that she was 22 at the time and manipulated by former Bush administration jobber Linda Tripp who taped Monica's jilted crying and convinced her not to dry clean the blue dress she had dribbled Clinton's semen onto.

It's really too bad we don't have a tape recording of that conversation.

Anyway, back to Rand Paul. You can forget about him again. He's irrelevant.


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