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September 22, 2013

So there's this BRIC thing...

Stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China. Basically new audiences for American movies. We'd say more, but you have the internet to look it up.

Anyway, so apparently India is trying to exert it's BRICishness on the Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine.  (Again, internet thing - look it up).

They don't like that there's smoking in it. They want anti-smoking notices in the film when smoking is going on.

This is the same nation where their favorite romantic movies don't even have the couple kiss or hug, much less anything real.

So, two things. Fuck BRIC, it's art and you don't get special art because you're still living in your socially-retarded past. 

(Retarded is a fine word by the way when it's modifying something that is moving backwards or has stopped moving forwards. Don't use it to describe kids who have a disability.  So now you know.)

And this is one thing that makes us happy to be in America this morning.

And people say we're never positive.  Fuck them too.

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