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July 19, 2013

Thirty Days of Humanity...

Cards Against Humanity that is.  It's our absolute favorite game, and we wanted to give you a taste, something to get you to go buy your own copy, because these guys really deserve your money, and you deserve more laughs at the expense of humanity.

So this is how it works.

It's played with black and white cards.  Everyone at the table (no real limit to the number of players) has a hand of five white cards.  These have everyday sayings on them like "Shaft" or "Catastrophic urethral trauma" or "The grey nutrient broth that sustains Mitt Romney."  One person per turn pulls a black card off the stack and reads it aloud.  These cards say things like "A successful job interview begins with a firm handshake and ends with __________." Everyone else chooses their best choice from their white cards to fill in the blank.  The white cards are shuffled and read one by one.  Lots of laughs here. The person who pulled and read the black card chooses their favorite answer and the person who submitted it wins a point. Then everyone who played a white card draws a new white card and comments on what an appropriate/sick choice that was and the winner of the point pulls a black card and begins another round.  You play to a set number of points or until you run out of booze.

So we're gonna simulate 30 hands of CAH for you.  You can play by yourself or with friends.  Each day we'll show you the black card and five possible responses.  The next day we'll tell you what won from the prior day, and show you a new set of cards.  Keep score, drink, have fun.  Cheat if you must.  And then go buy the whole set because that's even more fun. 

Starts tomorrow!



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