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June 23, 2013

Gadgets in flight...

The news about the FAA thinking about letting more gadgets be used during takeoff and landing has us happy and sad.

We're happy because we think light gadgets like Kindles and iPads are not any more harmful than a hardback best seller. 

We're sad because we don't want to be hit by someone's unsecured laptop if there's an airpocket or similar turbulence.

This probably comes down to weight.

And speaking of that, so should that single seat passenger thing. Come down to weight we mean. If you're morbidly obese enough that you ooze over the armrests into our seat, you should have to buy a second seat, maybe a third.  We're not singling you out, yeah we know it's a glandular problem Burger King, but you are intruding on the rights of others not to have to use you as a flotation device during the flight.

Anyway, yeah, e-readers, mp3 players, all good.

Cell phones - no fucking way.  We're not afraid of the electrical interference, we're afraid of the violence created by loud-talking self-absorbed passengers.

Keeping the peace, it's what we're about.


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