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March 7, 2013

So this statistic...

Starts off hopeful, then goes tits up.

(We love that phrase.  Thanks England!)

In the last four decades the share of American households with guns has declined.

From round 50% in the 70's to around 34% now!

Wow, that's great! Progress, right?  No longer feeling like we're frontier cowboys awaiting "injun" attack.

However, the remaining homes have picked up the slack.  A smaller number of people are buying a larger number of guns.

...which means the manufacturers themselves have the same incentives as Wayne LaPierre, which is to cater to the most extreme gun obsessive acquirers, because that is where their market, and those interest people whose views are the most outside the mainstream. And that makes them politically toxic if they step forward...

Oh. Fuck. So now we have a smaller number of obsessive owners for whom the gun manufacturers and their lobby must support, or "die", even while the majority of us are saying "we've kind of outgrown you."

Paranoia kind of strikes both halves now.


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