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January 21, 2013

Selling guns to kids...

Not unlike cigarette companies trying to figure out where to get new customers as their products kill the current ones, gun companies are busy marketing they joys of gun ownership to kids.  Junior Shooters as it is ironically named, is a gun industry fronted magazine that shoots for readers around 15 years of age.

Of course, in most civilized states it is illegal for minors to buy their own guns, but of course that's not been a problem for kids whose parents believe the "gubment is plannin' to cum and take their guns and freedums."

And of course, where you have insane parents, you'll find insane kids.

In school, solving their problems with firepower.

Fucking nuts.

Junior Shooter's editor Andy Fink: "They’re a tool, not any different than a car or a baseball bat.  It’s no different than a junior shooting a .22 or a shotgun. The difference is in the perception of the viewer"

Yes, if the viewer is insane it looks perfectly normal.


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