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December 21, 2012

News Clowns...

We think it's time for a rebranding.  Look at this moron interview Hoyer, the Minority whip.  Hoyer hands this dumbfuck his head when he tries to make fun of Nancy Pelosi's staying in DC as the holidays approach. Video is at the bottom of the page.

The news guy can't do real news, has to go for a laugh every couple of minutes, and does so awfully. And he's not the only one, just a convenient example.

Is it that the news has become so bad that the news clowns can't get through it without trying to find something funny to say?  And has no one told them that they just can't do comedy without having enough intelligence to understand the situation?

So bad he can't screw up enough by himself, they have to bring another moron in mid-interview. He gets yanked before he can wet himself.

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