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December 4, 2012

Heard about BRIC?

It stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China. Economies with a growing middle class. 

You probably don't care, unless you like movies, television and music.

You see, it doesn't make sense to produce entertainment for the US any more.  Thanks to our shrinking middle class, we're not a great target for content. All the entertainment industry is looking to distribution in BRIC economies to make a profit.  The US is an afterthought.

Want evidence?  The recent Red Dawn remake had been on the shelf for a few years, nobody really thought it would do well in the theatres, too expensive to distribute.  When someone made a case for releasing it, they decided that China was a big target for distribution.  The problem?  After the fall of the Soviet Union, the remake focused on China as the villain.  That wouldn't do.  So they digitally removed all the Chinese markings on tanks and planes, etc. and made the bad guys North Koreans. 

So, in a decade or so, when it gets remade again, think we can expect the villains to be Americans invading Brazil?


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